How to perform a Seagate’s Seatools Test

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SeaTools for DOS is an easy-to-use test that can help determine what is preventing you from accessing your data on your hard drive or help determine why the hard drive is failing.

This test will work on both desktops and notebooks and will test all hard drives (HDD) and solid state drives (SSD).

Below I will be going over the DOS edition of SeaTools; alternatively you can use SeaTools for Windows if you have access to Windows on the malfunctioning PC.

There are two methods of running SeaTools: a blank CD or a blank USB device, both of which will be explained below.

Downloading SeaTools for DOS

Step 1: Click on the SeaTools link: SeaTools | Seagate

Step 2: Once there click the Downloads tab at the top. Then select SeaTools for DOS.

Optional: Here you can also download the SeaTools for Windows to run via the Windows environment.

Step 3: When asked to accept the terms and agreements press accept.

Note: By pressing accept you are stating that you agree and fully understand the documentation.

Step 4: Press the download button and save the file to your desktop.

Creating a Bootable CD

The following section will show you how to run SeaTools from a CD. For USB instructions look further down.

Step 1: First you’ll need to download a program called IMGBurn from here: The Official ImgBurn Website

Step 2: Run the installer when asked and follow the onscreen installation guide.

Note: If asked to install any type of toolbar or any other software other than IMGBurn, untick or decline the offer.

Step 3: Returning to your desktop, launch the IMGBurn software.

Step 4: In the menu of IMGBurn select Write image file to disc.

Step 4: Select the Seagate Tools .iso file to be burned to your blank CD.

Step 5: Now we need to finish off by writing the file to the CD. Press the Write to CD button and allow the process to begin.

Creating a Bootable USB Device

The following section is for running SeaTools from a USB device. If you wish to use a CD see the section above. Be sure to use a blank USB!

Step 1: We must first open up the .iso file of the downloaded SeaTools . Download 7zip or an alternative .iso editing software.

Step 2: Once the .iso file is opened you will find a file named: SeaTools.ima

Step 3: Move the .ima file onto your desktop and rename the file to: SeaTools.img

Step 4: Download Win32 Disk Imager in order to write the .img file to the flash drive.

Step 5: Once Win32 is running select to burn the .img file and select your USB flash drive; in this case it is labeled as F.

Step 6: Press the Write button and the process will begin.

Step 7: Once finished remove the flash drive and follow the next section.

Running Seagate Tools

Step 1: Once you have finished creating your bootable device insert it into either a USB port found on the motherboard or your CD ROM.

Step 2: Reboot the PC. While it is booting repeatedly press F8 until you receive a menu on choosing a bootable device.

Step 3: Select either your USB device or CD ROM and SeaTools should appear.

Step 4: Once SeaTools is running and has found your hard drive(s) select to run the short test. Allow SeaTools to run uninterrupted until it has finished.

Step 5A: If posting on a forum be sure to provide a picture of the final result. To post a picture use a external camera such as a cell phone and upload it to the forum.

Step 5B: If you are performing a normal check for yourself; typically any red errors result in a failing hard drive and it should be replaced.

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