Cross Platform Development with Win Phone 8

June 21, 2012 at 2:05 pm by

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Microsoft’s new and upcoming Windows Phone 8 smartphone software will be built on the same core as its PC partner, Windows 8. On wednesday Microsoft revealed more information about their new mobile platform upgrade, and it can mean good things for App developers. Because the software shares a core with Windows 8, Apps that are developed for the Windows Phone 8 platform will function on both mobile devices, and Windows 8 computers and tablets. This will create a large network of possibilities for many App developers and surely create a stir among the mobile user base.

The phones that will be running Windows Phone 8 will be manufactured by mobile phone makers Nokia, Samsung, HTC and Huawei and will posess many new features including Skype calling, a voice-command interface similar to Siri from Apple, and a new customizable start screen which will resemble Windows 8’s new ‘Metro’ look.
Other features include NFC (near field communication) to offer a wallet service similar to Apple’s Passbook, Havoc physics engine, and built-in maps for navigation services.

With the announcement of the Surface earlier this week, this move from Microsoft surely gives them a foothold in the quickly-growing mobile market. Although Windows Phones never really took off, it was limited severely by a small app-base. With the cross-platform app development system they are implementing here, as well as many gaming middleware support, the app market for the Windows Phones will surely grow considerably, and make the phones a lot more viable in the long-term.

Whether Microsoft’s new handsets will capture a larger market segment than before remains to be seen. Afterall, they are up against the Android and Apple giants that has been up and running for several years.

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