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The latest threats from the hacker group are now directed at Mexican drug gangs, following the kidnapping of an alleged member of Anonymous. With a clever sense of timing (and marketing) the group say they will expose the details of people associated with the drug cartels on November 5th if their kidnapped colleague is not released.

This is what I have been talking about in my previous blogs on Anonymous. The actions of this group are now taking on a really serious edge. The Mexican cartels are known to have killed people who have criticised them in blog posts. These guys don’t mess about and they don’t wait for the due process of law. They make their own laws.

This posturing by Anonymous could easily end up with an unknown number of deaths. Let’s face it, these gangs are unlikely to be worried about a DDoD (distributed denial of service) attack or the defacement of a website – they’ll just load up and go looking for trouble.

For those who support Anonymous and their tactics, perhaps it’s time to think again. Is the hacker group becoming too swollen with pride? Have they bitten off more than they can chew? Or is this a genuine attempt to make some kind of mark against the Mexican drug cartels? If Anonymous is successful, what kind of retribution can be expected? How many deaths could result?

I sincerely hope that Anonymous pull back from this one – in my view they have overstepped the mark this time.

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