Grand Theft Auto – Whats next?

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Ever since I got GTA III back in 2005, I have been an avid player of GTA, and I always looked forward to my purchase of the next one. But now, with GTA V in the offing, and what I considered to be the flop that was GTA IV, I have lost interest in the series.

GTA III was one of those games that when you got it, it was all you could think about, and could not wait to get back on it. All that eye-candy, the freedom to make choices, do your own thing, to be able to play in 3D made it all the more exiting and different from other games. After completing the game, I did not hesitate to pick it back up and play it again.

Once I had played GTA III, I went and got myself a copy of GTA Vice City. Upon installing it, having waited for what seemed like an eternity, I thought, ‘how can this possibly be any better than GTA III’? As soon as I loaded it, I never looked at GTA III again. Most people probably could not see the difference between them – same graphics, same cars, same crime-based game play – but it was different. There were bikes, helicopters, real music on the radio stations, a more enticing storyline, and most of all, the sun-soaked setting of Miami – Vice City. I must have played Vice City for well over two hundred hours, enjoying every moment racing about the two islands in an ’80s paradise.

Then came the big one; GTA San Andreas. Better graphics, planes, all manner of new cars, towable trailers, a HUGE map consisting of three cities divided by countryside, a proper, believable storyline, and many more new features. What I liked was the diversity, and the fun factor. The lack of realism. Which, inevitably, brings me onto my problem with GTA IV.

While most of the time improved graphics are better, and most people ask for a more realistic type of approach to a game, I believe it takes the fun out of GTA. It takes away the whole purpose of playing a game like GTA – it needs to be unrealistic, or it is just like going outside. Lots of people may really like GTA IV and I am not saying it’s a bad game, but it’s too intense, you really have to concentrate while playing it. The handling of the cars is hard, you cant just have a bit of a shootout whilst eating your lunch because you will park your car up a tree, and then get shot by the hundreds of police that seem to spawn everywhere, endlessly. On San Andreas, you could play about having a cop chase on about four star wanted level, then steal a chopper and fly away to rid your wanted level. On GTA IV they have made the cops realistic, meaning that they hardly ever give up, and let you go.

So what do I hope for in GTA V? Well, something I would love would be the return of the GTA San Andreas style graphics, and physics engine. If not, then at least a change in the physics, to make them a little less realistic, and more fun. How about a San Andreas Stories? Like Liberty City and Vice City Stories?

Will I be getting GTA V? Probably not.

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