Email Solution, Think….and Move Smart!

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The emerging Cloud Solutions is one of the top picks from a variety of companies that are suitable for Small, Medium and Large Businesses.

How would you determine which one is the right email solution for your company? Are you concerned about 24/7 reliability and down time? Do you have your own IT Staff to maintain the Mail Server(s)? Do your employees travel all the time and need to access their emails from virtually anywhere? Do your employees need a full Mobility solution as well?

You may sign up for a basic Web and unlimited Email package; this is the most reasonable package for Small Businesses with less than 25 Employees. You may also consider an Email Cloud solution that won’t hurt the company budget. If you have employees that travel and you want to give them the convenience of accessing their business files through their Mobile Devices, Laptops or PCs through a web browser, a cloud solution will be best.

A few small businesses that I know of are still using POP3 email protocol and the Webmail which is still popular; there’s nothing wrong with that, they do whatever they can to save money.

Some Internet and Phone Providers offer a very reasonable package for Phone, Email & Internet which you may enquire about by contacting your Local Provider.

Medium to Large Companies may either consider a Hosted Email or Host their own Email if they have an adequate IT Budget and sufficient IT Staff. I know that some large Corporations with over 1,000 employees are using Hosted Email, for example, Gmail; hard to believe but it is very true, mainly because they don’t have their own IT Staff to manage the Mail Servers 24/7.

Have you decided which email solution is right for your business?
Make sure to think…… and move smart.

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