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Amongst all the publishing programs out there, it is hard to find out which one is the best, and that will provide you with a neat, professional looking result. The one program that does springs to mind for most people, is Micrsoft’s Publisher. Yes, it does everything you will ever need to do, but do people actually use all the features? Well, for those people who want to publish a business card and just a business card, there is SpringPublisher.

It is a free program, but you can pay to get a premium version, which has extra options, including better quality prints. I recently downloaded and tested the free version, and here is what I think.

First Impressions

At first glance, the interface has a very clean, to the point feel about it, with all the features placed around the window in a sensible order. When first opening the program, you have the option to create a new project, or select from a range of seven pre-made templates, all of which are interesting, but not too impressive.

One feature that I liked, is that you can change the standard of the card, from United States to international, etc. It has support for two sided documents, and you can create your own size according to what you want. The program also lets you create Postcards, Letterheads, and Flyers. One thing that I found was lacking, was the feature to set your own pre-set size for later use. Sizes have to be set manually, or use the one pre-set size they give. Also, the delete button does not work for removing layers. Instead you have to right click and select delete.

Ease Of Use

The Process of making a business card is actually surprisingly easy. You can insert images, text, and it even has some shapes that you can put onto your project. All the features are on screen all of the time, and are easily accessible. You have the option to save your project as an image, or print from the program, though with the free version, you can only save it as an 180dpi image, or print at 180dpi. For a free version, 180 dpi is quite good quality.

One of my favourite things about this program over others of the same type, is the layers feature. This is especially useful when ordering text and pictures. The only problems I have with the interface are that you don’t seem to be able to rearrange the buttons as you wish, and you can’t expand the layers box. For instance, there is lots of space on the top, next to print, and there is lots of space on the left, below page manager. I would like to move the insert box to the top, and have the Canvas Properties on the left. Then I could expand the layers box, and view all the layers at once. Though this is not a major problem, it is an inconvenience. Another thing that came to me, is that it does not prompt you to save you project, if you click on Create a new Project, or close the program. A few times I have gone to create a new project, and I have lost the one I was working on, due to a lack of a prompt, and lack of ‘Floating Windows’.

In a matter of minutes I went from a blank canvas to a interesting business card:

Overall then, this is a great program, and has some good features, even though some are a little limited. The interface is easy to use, features are accessible, and the end product is a neat, professional business card that will look the part.

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