Two Great IT Solutions for Small Businesses

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Whether your company has an IT budget or not, look no more, here are two great IT solutions from Microsoft that are useful and affordable.

I have been working with Small Business companies for quite some time now. Always trying to research on what’s affordable and recommendable, something that would definitely work out and will give Return on Investment (ROI).

Two Microsoft Products that I would highly recommend for Small Businesses – SBS 2011 and Office 365

If your company has an IT budget set aside and planning to have your first server, you can’t go wrong with SBS 2011. It is packed with all of these goodies – Exchange, SQL, SharePoint, Remote Web Access (RWA) and let’s not forget Hyper-V (Premium Add-On). I think that the release of SBS Essentials is so great for Companies with less than 25 employees. For up to 75 employees have a look at the SBS 2011 Standard. Buy only the CALS for SBS 2011 and that would cover Exchange licensing as well. Remote Web Access is one of the neat features; access your files anytime and anywhere. Exchange Server is definitely useful if you’re planning to host your own email including mobile computing. SQL – if you have any databases that requires SQL to run. Hyper V (Premium Add-On) – for multiple Operating Systems to run all at the same time and not having to invest and buy the actual server – Hardware, Operating system and all the licensing needed.

Office 365 – A very affordable Cloud Solution designed for Small Business without any use of pricey Servers and Microsoft Programs/Apps installed if your company has a very low IT budget. This is a combined technology of Exchange Server features, Microsoft Office 2010, Sharepoint and Lync Online. You don’t need a designated computer to work on any Microsoft Programs (Word, Outlook, Excel, Powerpoint) installed; Office 365 has all of that covered for you. All it needs is a working internet; travel anywhere and you can virtually access your files, emails, contacts, calendars virtually anytime from any computers or Smart Phones (IPhone, Ipad, Androids Blackberry). Office 365 is also highly secured with 128-bit SSL/TS. The price – starting at $6 per User per Month.

What else can you ask for? Two great IT solutions to choose from. Now find out which one suits your IT needs.

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