Behind the takeover…

August 17, 2011 at 5:21 pm by

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So, Google has decided to use some of its $30b cash pile to buy part of the old Motorola Corporation – in this case Motorola Mobility. Seems to make sense, most people would say, as Google wants to be a mobile phone builder and use Android as it’s main mobile system.

Seems fairly straightforward, but I reckon there are a couple of interesting points arising from this.

Firstly, what will happen to Android? It’s open source and available to a variety of manufacturers. If Google now wants to muscle in on the manufacturing side, will they still make Android available to others?

Secondly, Motorola is awash with over 17,000 mobile related patents and all can now be accessed by Google.


With Apple suing anyone who builds a tablet that even remotely looks like an iPad, is this one way for Google to take a bite out of Apple? By using the mobile patents they will now be in a strong position.

The future looks to be very interesting indeed.

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