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My first ever bought headphones were a Professional Studio headset that was offered by Shure, an 80 year old United States company that made a large impact in professional studios. I purchased those nearly two and a half years ago.

I used the headset for a few months, but because of its low level of comfort, I found myself using it less and less. With a birthday that was coming up, I decided to look around to see what I could find as a replacement and it was when I first saw them on a YouTube video that my attention was drawn to a German company that was new to me.

The video happened to be of a computer build guide that the YouTuber put together and the final part of the video showcased recommended accessories like keyboards, mice, and headphones. Sitting on the table was a pair of German made headphones that looked so interesting, I bought them the next day.

I didn’t bother reading any additional reviews or looking up any research of the company, I put all of my trust into the fact that they were handmade in Germany and not some low quality Chinese product.

That story is one and a half years old and to this day, I still use the Beyerdynamic Custom One Pros as my daily headphones. When I use the term “daily” I truly mean daily as they are used when I play a computer game, listen to music, watch videos, or basically do any task on my computer. The German car manufacturer, BMW, calls their cars “The Ultimate Driving Machine”; so Beyerdynamic should call these headphones “The Ultimate Sound Machine”.

With that said, constant usage over nearly a two-year period has put slight wear on the unit, but they still function like a dream. However, as time progresses, things advance and develop and the Custom One Pros are no exception.

Welcome to my review of the new and improved Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro Plus headset. Throughout this review, I will be discussing the design, functionality, and my final thoughts. I would like to thank Beyerdynamic for providing me with this device.

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It was the photo above that was printed on the original Custom One Pro box that made be envision an erotic and magnificent design. The picture is so iconic, it remains on the new box.

When comparing the Plus and the Original we see a nearly identical design. The headband spans across a large array of head sizes and uses a strong metal frame that allows outward motion, but keeps the ear cups tight to your head.

The ear cups, while circular, allow your ears to fit well inside them. Moreover, both ear cups include bass adjustment sliders that can either decrease or increase the amount of bass in each ear cup, I found that I liked the maximum setting.

Still the same, you can add your own custom flavor to the Custom One Pros by installing custom side plates on the ear cups. Previously, Beyerdynamic only offered these custom plates in their store and they were a hefty price for just a small customizable plate. The new Plus edition now includes every plate so you can swap them out depending on your mood. You can be like myself and stick with the stock look or go wild with 16 different design plates that offer 256 different combinations. Likewise, you can also swap out the color of the headband just as you could previously. The headset is also available in both White and Black designs.

A new design feature of the Custom One Pro Plus is a built-in remote microphone on the cable. Certainly helpful for those who are going mobile with these headphones, but I didn’t find myself using it that much.

Previously, if you were to use an amplifier with this headset, you could connect the included gold plated 6.35mm adapter. On this new unit, Beyerdynamic includes a secondary cable that is dedicated for the 6.35mm jack. Lastly, for some reason, Beyerdynamic chose to shorten the length of the cable and while the shorter length didn’t affect my usage, it may be a slight issue for those who have to plug in farther away.


For a little over a month now I’ve retired my old Custom One Pros and have been using the new and improved version since then.

The overall sound quality of the new Custom One Pro Plus hasn’t changed all that much. Still handcrafted in German, the headset uses the best components available to create some of the best sounding drivers a headset can have. The company even states that you can always receive replacement parts, even after years have passed. Gaming, videos, and music all sound perfect and I wouldn’t want to use any other headset for everyday usage.

When it comes to the bass, I found that it wasn’t as strong as the previous version. Don’t get me wrong, this headset can still perform very well when needed, especially in the bass department, but the bass just isn’t as strong as it was in the previous generation.

Noise cancelation is one of the best I’ve ever experienced. With the headphones in place on your head, ambient noise is minimal and when sound begins to play you can barely hear people sitting in the same room. The best part of all this is, while the sound is incredible for you, the person next to you will hear absolutely nothing. It’s the perfect combination of comfort for you, minimal disturbance for everybody else.

I’ve saved the best for last and it’s the new and improved padding that covers the headband and ear cups. While it doesn’t list it online, I am sure that the material used is genuine leather and it feels incredible. It’s some of the softest and smoothest headphone material I’ve ever used. I can wear these headphones for hours upon hours without any discomfort. If you’re searching for a headset that provides some of the best comfort, you can stop your search now.

My Final Thoughts

Beyerdynamic’s changes are an improvement and they’ve taken an excellent headset and made it even better. The Custom One Pro Plus has taken over the role as my new daily headset and I can’t see myself switching any time soon. To make the deal even better, Beyerdynamic has lowered the price of the headset to a reasonable $229. You can take my word for it that you will not be disappointed with his headset.

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