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BSOD Debugging – A Beginner’s Guide

By on March 18, 2014

Introduction I hope this guide will give enough understanding of a BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) to be able to learn more advanced topics related to debugging. Before you even consider reading … read more →

Say Goodbye to Windows XP: 2001 – 2014

By on March 12, 2014

Windows XP, one of the most widely used, and well known operating systems to ever be created. In 2001 Microsoft released the fifth edition of Windows and little did they know it … read more →

Is Your PC Running Slow…?

By on March 2, 2014

Version control – v2.0 – dated November 2010 Version control – v2.1 – dated April 2012 – updated SysInternals link Version control – v2.2 – dated March 2014 – general updates, links … read more →

Microsoft Confirm Windows 8 Release Date

By on July 19, 2012

Microsoft have revealed that Windows 8 will be released on the 26th of October. The declaration was made at the firm’s annual sales meeting and was published on its blog shortly after. The firm … read more →

Is Linux Really an OS?

By on July 10, 2012

When someone decides that they want to try out a Linux Distribution and maybe decide to tell their family and friends that they are trying out this amazing free operating system for … read more →

Adding a Calendar to the Clock in Xfce

By on June 18, 2012

In this tutorial I will show you how to change the standard clock with no calendar function in an Xfce desktop environment to a more functional clock with a calendar that most … read more →

How to Perform a System Restore To Factory Settings

By on April 1, 2012

This tutorial will guide you on how to do a system restore on your Windows computer. Below make sure you read and follow only the tutorial that matches your computer. If an … read more →

Which Mobile Operating System is Right for You?

By on March 18, 2012

When choosing a mobile device, whether it’s a tablet, smartphone, or even an MP3 Player, you want to make sure the device is right for you. The operating system is the main … read more →

Ultra light PCs – Cotton Candy and Rasberry Pi

By on March 1, 2012

It’s been an interesting week for enthusiasts who prefer ultra-compact PCs. FXI Technologies Inc, have recently announced the launch of the Cotton Candy ultra-compact PC. Cotton Candy is a PC the size of a … read more →

Linux and Manual Partitioning

By on February 27, 2012

Introduction This is a general tutorial to Linux installation and partitioning and is meant as a guide only. In this guide I will show you how to install and partition a Linux … read more →

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