View the Big Screen – A Simplebeamer G70UP Projector Review

We have Amazon, HBO, Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, cable TV, and a plethora of other different ways of getting video content. Yet when a new movie is released, many of us rush to … read more →

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Capture the world – A MPOW MLens V1 Review

Here at Tech Support Forum, one of our livelier discussion threads is the Photo Gallery found in the ‘Photgrapher’s Corner‘ under the Home Support section in the forum. On a daily occurrence, … read more →

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Professional, Experienced, Elite – A Turtle Beach Elite Pro Review

I recently watched a video online that showcased a $1000 ten-year-old Intel CPU that only costs $25 today. The question to be answered in the video was whether or not this CPU … read more →

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How to install TeamViewer 11 in Windows 7, 8, and 10

Do friends and family ask you to sort out problems on their machines, or do you need access to colleagues’ computers? Do you wish you could do it from the comfort of … read more →

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A portable desk speaker? – An iClever Wireless Speaker Review

I’m fairly happy when a new speaker makes its way to my front door as there is typically something unique about them. Whether that unique aspect be the design, the claims of … read more →

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Cleverly Wireless – An iClever Wireless Bluetooth Headphone Review

When thinking about the future, we tend to fantasize about how everything is well polished and automated. However, one futuristic aspect that goes without saying is how everything will be wireless. Wires … read more →

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Over the Cloud – A BlackVue DR650S-2CH and Power Magic Battery Pack Review

In recent times, car prices have doubled and cars that were once in the price range of many consumers are now only available to consumers in the form of cool desktop wallpapers. … read more →

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Near Perfection – A Grado iGe Earbuds Review

With Pandora recently announcing that they will be revamping their Pandora One subscription, I felt it was time to upgrade my free edition of Pandora to the paid version. Now, being a … read more →

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A Brief Overview of Google I/O 2016

On October 4, Google took to the stage for millions of watchers to announce some new and upcoming changes to their brand. Known for their superior search engine and Android operating system, … read more →

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Small in Size, Big on Memory – A Samsung Portable SSD T3 500GB

Back in the 1980s, if you wanted to share some computer files with a friend or transfer files to a secondary machine, it was common to use a floppy drive which stored … read more →

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