Valve Corporation’s Steam Box

Valve Corporation announced their plans to develop a type of console for their Steam games a while ago. This has now evolved to various prototypes, and Valve is expected to ship out … read more →

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Windows 8

How to use the Windows 8 Recovery Drive.

Regardless of whether a computer user is using a Recovery Drive from a USB flash drive or from an optical disc; it is important to remember that a Recovery Drive is, bit … read more →

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White House pressuring The Library of Congress to rethink Cell Phone unlock laws

Two months ago I wrote an article here about how the Library of Congress had made it illegal to unlock cell phones without the wireless carrier’s consent. An unlocked cell phone is … read more →

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Important Steps to Take When Selling an Old Computer

There comes a point in time where our old computer provides no further use to us; becomes outdated for our needs; so, we decide to sell it. Many reasons for selling include, … read more →

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Automatic Updates – Good or Bad?

Nothing much has caught my eye recently, until I saw Windows Automatic Updates causing chaos again. As a Security Analyst I usually recommend that users keep Windows Updates set to “Install Updates … read more →

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repeater 0

How to setup a Wireless Repeater

Do you have a big or old house with solid walls and have a home network with an Asymmetric digital subscriber line (ADSL) Modem/Router or Access Point/Wireless router connected to a Docsis … read more →

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MS Outlook 2010 Logo 1

How to add your Gmail account to Outlook using IMAP

From Outlook 2003 to 2010, you might want to use IMAP with your Gmail account to get your mail in MS-Outlook.  First of all, check whether IMAP is enabled or not in … read more →

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word-logo 1

How to use Document Map in MS Word 2007

Document Map is useful for long documents where you can map content of any document in Word 2007. You can jump to any part of the document on heading basis or page … read more →

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Meet a New Beautiful Web Browser – IE 10

Today, Internet Explorer 10 has arrived for Windows 7 and 8. The newly redesigned browser may not look different from its counterpart, IE 9, but it does come with a whole new … read more →

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The PSU Problem – What Power Supply to Buy.

The PSU Problem – What Power Supply to Buy. More often than not you come upon a computer problem that you can’t seem to figure out why a computer reboots that isn’t … read more →

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