My Personal Apps – Android

You always see those “top 10 most recommended applications” articles around the web and at times some may be useful. I’ll be going through my personal selection of applications I have installed … read more →

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A PowerColor PCS+ Radeon HD 7970 Review

Today, I’ll be doing a review of one of AMD’s newest flagship graphics card, the Radeon HD 7970. AMD was extremely kind and sent us a new PowerColor PCS+ HD 7970 for … read more →

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apple ban1

Apple escapes the US ban

Back in June, Samsung won a lawsuit against their major rival, Apple, claiming that older devices such as the iPad 1, iPad 2, and the iPhone 4S were infringing on Samsung US … read more →

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Securing Mobile Devices on Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

With a myriad of mobile devices being used on a variety of new platforms (Android, Windows 8, iOS 6, etc.) – IT Professionals are beginning to raise concerns on how to manage … read more →

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Leap Motion

Leap Motion, as the company claims, is “a tiny device with a huge idea”. This could well be the next generation of human-computer interaction. Essentially, it’s a motion sensing device which is … read more →

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TSF Hardware Team’s Recommended Builds – 2013

Please note that this is no longer the newest version of the TSF Build Guide. The newest 2014 edition can be found here! The following builds, however, are still functional, high quality, … read more →

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Xbox stays the champion!

Microsoft reported early this month that they had sold 140,000 Xbox 360s during the month of June. Being the best-selling video game console in the United States, the Xbox 360 has hit … read more →

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Things you should do when you get your PC

Here are some essential tips and tricks that you should perform as soon as you start up your new custom built PC, or your OEM computer. 1. Create a Windows 7 Recovery … read more →

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Windows “Blue” removing the blues from consumers

In what seems to becoming a trend, Microsoft has heard the masses and released the preview version of their new upcoming upgrade to the Windows 8 platform, known as Windows 8.1. This … read more →

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The Galaxy Line Continues! A Samsung Galaxy S4 Review

Some months ago I wrote a full review on my personal Galaxy S III, which I still use as my main phone today, and with over 10 million SIII units sold you … read more →

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