ChromeOS Reaches the Desktop Phase

ChromeOS, Google’s first attempt at a rival operating system against Microsoft’s Windows and and Apple’s OS X. The ChomeOS is a light weight, Linux based, operating system that does one thing: it … read more →

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A Silver Plated Hard Drive?

As a new year dawns, so does new technology. Seagate, a world leader in hard drive manufacturing, has just announced what they have in store for us at the 2014 CES stage, … read more →

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Perceptual Computing

The first true touchscreen was unveiled in 1974, and the resistive touchscreen was patented in 1977 and is still in use today, although capacitive touchscreens have now taken over. It’s been close … read more →

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Have the power of the light in your hand! – A Wicked Laser’s EVO Laser Review

Over the past week I have been reviewing a Wicked Lasers EVO Laser rated at a minimum of 50mWs. Provided by Wicked Lasers themselves, the EVO laser is the world’s first customizable … read more →

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Phonebloks – The Phone Worth Keeping

Phonebloks is a Thunderclap project, started by Dutch Engineer David Hakken, that might just be the next big thing in the mobile industry. A phone only lasts a couple of years before … read more →

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Pictures so clear they’re real life – A HP Color LaserJet Pro Review

On a CNet Top 5 “Outdated technology” episode, earlier this year, the broadcaster stated that on his top 5 list of soon-to-be-outdated technology, the home printer will become a thing of the … read more →

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How to Update your Graphics Driver for Maximum Performance

Graphics driver software is responsible for the performance of the graphics card (GPU) installed in your PC. As is apparent from its name, a graphics card works to enhance the gaming and … read more →

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New Version of USB on the Way

With USB connectors being the standard on almost every PC, flash drive, mobile device, etc., the group behind the USB connector stated on Wednesday that the newest USB Type-C connector is scheduled … read more →

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Google wants to take control of your Living Room

The time has come when Google is rumored to be creating an Android platform television set-top box. With competitors such as Microsoft, Sony, Samsung and Apple, Google has a tough road ahead. … read more →

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Don’t Be Fooled by HDMI Cables

I have seen it time and time again where people are spending $9.99, $99.99, or $499.99 on what salespeople call “high quality” HDMI cables. Remember who you’re buying from, salespeople, people who … read more →

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