Linux Terminal Commands 101

Welcome to the Linux Terminal Command 101. A guide to some simple terminal commands that you may need/use on your terminal session. Below are some of these commands along with a few … read more →

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Advertisements in Video Games

You see advertisements everywhere and they’re becoming increasingly visible on everything we use, oftentimes we’re promised that paying for something will get us reduced or no ads at all. This creates a … read more →

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Blackberry Starts off the New Year big!

Blackberry, formally Research in Motion (RIM), has started off the New Year with some major changes to the company itself along with their product line. Lately, Blackberry has been reaching a point … read more →

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Opera 1

Right Click to send an Email

There are a lot of people that want to know how to get Send – To mail recipient as an option when they right click in a document. Here is one solution. … read more →

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New Ruling Now Blocks Unlocked Smartphones

Have you ever wondered why smartphones online can cost up to $800 whereas inside the Wireless Carrier’s store its only $199? Wireless Carriers do this as an incentive to customers, so that … read more →

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Microsoft’s possible investment in Dell

With Dell’s attempted buyout news spreading across the net, more information is coming to light. Because of the stock prices, Dell might not have enough capital to cover the possibly, as large … read more →

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Apple Dock for Windows!

What is RocketDock all about? RocketDock is a free program that allows you to have a dock just like on Apple computers. You can drag and drop programs right into the dock … read more →

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Secure phpMyAdmin

In this tutorial you will see the principles of how to secure the PHP tool, phpMyAdmin. PHP has a lot of badly coded scripts which can be abused by malicious users, but … read more →

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Dell buying themselves out?

Being the 3rd largest computer manufacturer in the world, Dell is well-known among technicians and computer enthusiasts all round. Recently they have announced their plans to buy themselves out from equity partners. … read more →

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PayPal’s Next Big Move

The global e-commerce online money transfers business, PayPal, is starting to take a huge step into the mobile market. Founded back in 1998 PayPal is a subsidiary of eBay, the world’s largest … read more →

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