: Computer Security News

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  1. MVPS Host File - May Update
  2. Skype Beta Plugs IP Resolver Privacy Leak
  3. The dangers of downloading software from unofficial sites
  4. 13 steps to turn on Twitter’s 2-step authentication
  5. US urged to permit self-defense retaliation on hackers
  6. Think your Skype messages get end-to-end encryption? Think again
  7. Researchers find critical vulnerabilities in popular game engines
  8. How safe are our routers
  9. The future of passwords: how sharing with your friends can beef up your security....
  10. Congress asks Google if and how it's protecting privacy with Glass
  11. Info-stealing Dorkbot worm spreading on Facebook
  12. One step forward, two steps back.
  13. Mozilla postpones by-default cookie blocking in Firefox
  14. Google security: You (still) are the weakest link
  15. Speed Up PC Performance by Replacing Microsoft's Built-In Antivirus
  16. Microsoft: Invulnerable software is not possible
  17. Internet Explorer 10 blocks more malware than Chrome or Firefox, test finds
  18. Adobe unleases critical patches for ColdFusion, Reader and Flash
  19. Mozilla pushes out new Firefox and Thunderbird: 8 security advisories, 3 critical fix
  20. May Patch Tuesday critical for users of Internet Explorer and web-based services
  21. Microsoft warns of new Trojan hijacking Facebook accounts
  22. Hackers breached Washington state court with Adobe ColdFusion flaw
  23. An unholy alliance - Fake Anti-Virus, meet Bogus Support Call!
  24. Advance Notification Service for the May 2013 Security Bulletin Release
  25. Stealthy malware spreading among popular Web servers
  26. Windows 7 patch KB 2670838 fries Firefox fonts
  27. Microsoft releases fix-it for Internet Explorer 8 vulnerability
  28. Malwarebytes adds antivirus scanning to cloud backup software
  29. How hackable is your password? McAfee offers password tips.
  30. PSA: Call of Duty: Ghosts “beta invite” imposter websites on the prowl
  31. Microsoft confirms exploit in Internet Explorer 8
  32. Complexity of Windows 8 OS makes it vulnerable to attack
  33. Who has your back? Which companies protect your data from the Government.
  34. Antivirus is ailing: Here are 5 firms ready to replace it
  35. Should Information Security Professionals be Licensed to Practice?
  36. Mozilla moves to stop spyware company from spoofing Firefox
  37. Beware of encryption companies bearing gifts!
  38. Printers, routers used as bots in DDoS attacks
  39. Hacking suspect arrested for 'biggest cyberattack in history'
  40. Would you let a spammer give you a root canal? Sure you would!
  41. Alert: Skype account hijack technique may affect all users
  42. Hackers target shared Web hosting servers for use in mass phishing attacks
  43. Microsoft re-releases botched patch as KB 2840149, but problems remain
  44. The Redkit malware exploit gang has a message for security blogger Brian Krebs
  45. Exploding the urban myths about how to stay safe online
  46. Man Convicted of Hacking Despite Not Hacking
  47. 5 hot security defenses that don't deliver
  48. KB2839011 Released to Address Security Bulletin Update Issue
  49. Our Internet privacy is at risk -- but not dead (yet)
  50. Virus Protection Guide
  51. New Windows 8 Blue Leak Confirms Additional Features
  52. Why You Don’t Need to Run Manual Antivirus Scans (And When You Do)
  53. Steve Gibson's Fingerprint service detects SSL man in the middle spying
  54. WinPatrol 28 Responds to User Feedback
  55. Anatomy of a phish - how to spot a Man-in-the-Middle attack, and other security tips
  56. Just how much malware is on free porn sites?
  57. Guide to SSL Certificates
  58. Chrome Download Warnings Target Malicious Binaries
  59. Microsoft Account Gets More Secure
  60. Malwarebytes. False positive Trojan.Downloader.
  61. How to enable Family Safety features in Windows 8
  62. Brute Force Attacks Build WordPress Botnet
  63. SQL injection flaws easy to find and exploit, Veracode report finds
  64. Bing serves up more malicious sites than Google, report says
  65. KB2839011 Released to Address Security Bulletin Update Issue
  66. Microsoft tells all Windows 7 users to uninstall security patch, after some PCs fail
  67. Gaming Company Certificates Stolen and Used to Attack Activists, Others
  68. Serious Vulnerabilities Found in Popular Home Wireless Routers
  69. Adobe Product Security Incident Response Team (PSIRT) Blog
  70. Windows XP support ends a year from … now!
  71. The 5 biggest online privacy threats of 2013
  72. Sneaky malware hides behind mouse movement, experts say
  73. What Spear Phishing Attacks Are and Why They’re Taking Down Big Corporations
  74. Skype Malware Stealing Victims' Processing Power to Mine Bitcoins
  75. Is security really dead? Perhaps it's your lack of depth
  76. Advance Notification Service for the April 2013 Security Bulletin Release
  77. Interpol should lead global cybercrime fight, says director
  78. Microsoft to patch IE10 Pwn2Own bugs next week, says security expert
  79. Who Wrote the Flashback OS X Worm?
  80. Ransomware boosts credibility by reading victims' browsers
  81. Firefox 20 arrives - new version, some security improvements, no known vices
  82. Honeypot Stings Attackers With Counterattacks
  83. Researchers find new point-of-sale malware called BlackPOS
  84. HTG Explains: Why Windows Has the Most Viruses
  85. Has Anyone Seen a Missing Scroll Bar? Phony Flash Update Redirects to Malware
  86. What Firefox’s new privacy settings mean for you
  87. Spammers Finding Favor with Google Translate
  88. Massive DDoS attack against anti-spam provider impacts millions of internet users
  89. Microsoft's new security patching routine raises concerns
  90. Outdated Java weak spots are widespread, Websense says
  91. How I became a password cracker
  92. Practicing safe DNS with Google
  93. Microsoft details global police data requests
  94. How whitehats stopped the DDoS attack that knocked Spamhaus offline
  95. Privacy 101: Skype Leaks Your Location
  96. Facebook plugs Timeline privacy hole
  97. Microsoft: Hackers obtained high-profile Xbox Live accounts
  98. Google fully implements security feature on DNS lookups
  99. Rootkit coders beware: Malwarebytes is in hot pursuit
  100. Microsoft to push Windows 7 Service Pack 1 to users starting March 19
  101. Security reporter tells Ars about hacked 911 call that sent SWAT team to his house
  102. Reckless IT pros are missing security holes in non-Microsoft software
  103. Has HTTPS finally been cracked? Five researchers deal SSL/TLS a biggish blow...
  104. 3G and 4G USB modems are a security threat, researcher says
  105. Kaspersky Lab Software Vulnerable To Attack
  106. Malware Discovery Forces National Vulnerability Database Offline
  107. Google pays $7 million to settle 38-state WiFi investigation
  108. Credit Reports Sold for Cheap in the Underweb
  109. Critical Updates for Windows, Adobe Flash, Air
  110. Java's security problems unlikely to be resolved soon, researchers say
  111. Is two-factor the savior for secure logins?
  112. 4 Internet privacy laws you should know about
  113. Tomorrow Microsoft makes your Windows 8 PC less secure than it is today
  114. How I ditched the security risks and lived without Java, Reader, and Flash
  115. Microsoft to open new cybercrime center in Redmond
  116. Researchers win $100,000 for Chrome hack that leaves Windows vulnerable
  117. Advance Notification Service for March 2013 Security Bulletin Release
  118. Are you leaking too much of your real life online?
  119. Hackers Steal WinPatrol Data Already Available
  120. Tracking company Mixpanel knows who you are…yes, you specifically
  121. Oracle releases emergency fix for Java zero-day exploit
  122. Five more holes reported in Java
  123. Microsoft pushes another botched automatic update
  124. Evernote.Security Notice: Service-wide Password Reset
  125. Avast's all-new antivirus lineup packs in new features, a redesigned interface
  126. Your SmartPhone Stores Every Keystroke You Ever Typed
  127. Google's Vint Cerf talks identifiers vs. pseudonyms online
  128. Why the loss of online privacy will kill free speech
  129. Targeted malware attack piggybacks on Nvidia digital signature
  130. Adobe issues another patch for Flash vulnerabilities
  131. 9 top threats to cloud computing security
  132. Researcher unearths two new Java zero-day bugs
  133. ISPs Now Monitoring for Copyright Infringement
  134. Firefox 22 to begin blocking third-party cookies by default
  135. Add Microsoft to list of hacked companies
  136. Spear Phishing Campaigns Use Fake Mandiant APT1 Report as Lure
  137. Tumblr, Twitter and Pinterest users warned after Zendesk support site hack
  138. Fascinating video tracks a real Chinese hacker in action
  139. Malware getting smarter, says McAfee
  140. Adobe releases emergency patches for Reader and Acrobat
  141. Oracle releases five new Java fixes
  142. Mozilla toughens up on CA certificate abuse
  143. The 4 most likely reasons you were hacked
  144. Adobe to release emergency patches for Reader, Acrobat
  145. Safe PDFs are almost here: Adobe to release Reader, Acrobat zero-day patch this week
  146. Security: The beauty of ... malware reverse engineering
  147. The 10 weirdest, wildest, most shocking security exploits ever
  148. Microsoft warns of looming retirement for Windows 7 RTM
  149. Don't open that PDF: There's an Adobe Reader zero-day on the loose.
  150. Malware injected into legitimate JavaScript code on legitimate websites
  151. Adobe investigates PDF Reader zero-day vulnerability reports
  152. New Version of Kelihos Botnet Appears
  153. Another Critical Adobe Update, Includes Flash Player, AIR and Shockwave
  154. Valentine's Day themed scams spreading worldwide: Bitdefender
  155. Serious data breaches take months to spot, analysis finds
  156. Advance Notification Service for the February 2013 Security Bulletin
  157. Internet Explorer flaws fixed by Microsoft Patch Tuesday updates
  158. Banking malware returns to basics, researchers say
  159. Oracle to release yet more patches for Java
  160. AVG finds 11 year-old creating malware to steal game passwords
  161. Adobe releases emergency Flash fixes for two zero-day bugs
  162. Apple, Oracle restore Java on OS X
  163. Twitter hacked; 250,000 users must reset their passwords
  164. Internet Explorer 10 Blocker Toolkit
  165. Data encryption adds twist to ransomware
  166. Mozilla takes drastic step to automatically block virtually all plug-ins in Firefox
  167. Critical flaw hits latest VLC media player software
  168. Ticketmaster dumps CAPTCHAs to beat touting systems
  169. Combofix infected
  170. Web server hackers install rogue Apache modules and SSH backdoors, researchers say
  171. Sony fined $396,000 in U.K, for 2011 PlayStation hack
  172. Groups raise questions about privacy on Skype
  173. Android malware cases to hit one million in 2013
  174. A close look at how Oracle installs deceptive software with Java updates
  175. 'Virut' botnet dealt blow as registrar sinkholes domains
  176. Spam levels plummet as industry takes aim at botnets
  177. Microsoft takes urgent step today to patch stubborn Internet Explorer flaw
  178. Oracle pushes out Java patches as zero-day vulnerabilities exposed
  179. Yahoo email patch ineffective, security researchers say
  180. Microsoft to issue emergency IE patch before next Patch Tuesday
  181. PDF app Foxit Reader vulnerable to critical remote code execution flaw
  182. Yet another 0-day Java vulnerability
  183. Botnets for hire likely attacked U.S. banks
  184. Google finds unauthorized certificate for google.com domain, scrambles to protect use
  185. Ruby on Rails security updates address SQL injection flaw
  186. BitLocker, PGP and TrueCrypt encryption weakened by new attack tool
  187. UPDATE on Internet Explorer issue
  188. IMPORTANT! New vulnerability in Internet Explorer v6-v8
  189. VMware patches 'critical' vulnerability
  190. Default HTTPS for popular sites add-on released for Internet Explorer
  191. Samsung promises fix for vulnerability in Android Galaxy devices
  192. Adobe to patch two-year-old Shockwave vulnerability next year
  193. Java 7 update 10 lets users restrict Java apps in browsers
  194. Android botnet sends SMS spam through Android phones
  195. Linux servers targeted by new drive-by iFrame attack
  196. European privacy watchdogs examine Microsoft's services policies
  197. Information Commissioner slams four councils over data breaches
  198. Adobe drags Google into Microsoft's Patch Tuesday
  199. Microsoft: Most PCs running pirated Windows in China have security issues
  200. IE exploit can track mouse cursor movements - even when you're not in IE
  201. Police arrest three over ransom malware attacks
  202. FBI arrests down Facebook botnet that stole $850 million
  203. Word vulnerability tops Microsoft's targets for Patch Tuesday
  204. Police-themed ransomware speaks to victims -- literally
  205. Researchers show proof-of-concept Microsoft ERP hack
  206. Ransom hackers encrypt medical centre's entire database
  207. Tor network used to command Skynet botnet
  208. Twitter fixes text account hijacking vulnerability, requires users to set PIN
  209. Eurograbber SMS Trojan steals €36 million from online banks
  210. Apple iOS vs. Google Android: It comes down to security
  211. Cheltenham Council recovers after major malware strike
  212. Microsoft Security Essentials Flunks AV-Test.org Certification Process
  213. McAfee warns consumers on 12 scams of Christmas
  214. Google Chrome shows best anti-phishing detection, test finds
  215. Microsoft joins malware and ad teams to fight click fraud
  216. When password security questions aren't secure
  217. Internet Explorer 10's 'do not track' risks upsetting users, finds poll
  218. Mobile browser vulnerability lets hackers steal cloud computing time
  219. What you don’t know about passwords might hurt you
  220. Mozilla bakes Facebook features into Firefox 17
  221. Symantec spots malware designed to corrupt databases
  222. Adobe to fix Flash Player on Patch Tuesdays
  223. Google Docs used as proxy to C&C server by new malware
  224. Three Weeks and Counting
  225. Sony Threatens Permabans for PlayStation 3 Hackers
  226. Skype disables password resets after account hijacking flaw made public
  227. Mobile users still taken in by 'Stop' text spam, survey finds
  228. Microsoft patches critical flaws in Windows 8, Windows RT
  229. Ransom malware gangs making huge profits, Symantec discovers
  230. Adobe Reader X sandbox bypassed by zero-day flaw
  231. Android malware still rising despite Google's security improvements
  232. Several hacker groups claim attacks against ImageShack, Symantec, PayPal
  233. Android SMS phishing exploit uncovered
  234. VMware warns customers: Patch now as more stolen code leaks
  235. Privacy experts criticize moves to sidestep IE10's default Do Not Track settings
  236. Researcher warns that 'zombie browsers' are skyrocketing
  237. Unprotected Apache server status pages put popular websites at risk
  238. More than 290,000 Google Play Android apps pose 'high-risk' to security, says Bit9
  239. Hacker forums used to induct new criminals, report finds
  240. New cybercrime service selling RDP system access
  241. Increasingly virulent adware threatens Android user privacy
  242. Barnes & Noble halts use of PIN pad devices after data breach
  243. Adobe patches six critical vulnerabilities in Shockwave Player
  244. Apple tries to kill its own Java on most Macs
  245. Many Android apps from Google Play security-challenged
  246. French cops cuff man over €500K Android Trojan scam
  247. Facebook adds antivirus vendors to AV Marketplace, expands malicious URLs blacklist
  248. HSBC restores websites after major DDoS assault
  249. With iOS 6, Apple tracking is back
  250. Greater Manchester Police fined £120,000 for serial data breaches