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  1. Apple Patches 'Darwin Nuke,' Other Security Flaws With New OS Releases
  2. Microsoft partners with Interpol, industry to disrupt global malware attack affecting
  3. Watermarks used to track data through Dark Web to Russia, Nigeria
  4. Firefox helps you cover your assets with latest Tracking Protection feature
  5. Older Versions of OS X Remain Vulnerable to Rootpipe ‘Hidden Backdoor API’
  6. What a lot of patches! 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]
  7. National Power Grid suffers frequent cyberattacks, says report
  8. hreatpost News Wrap, April 10, 2015
  9. NHS data security: lessons to be learned
  10. Lost in the clouds: Your private data has been indexed by Google
  11. Vulnerability in common hotel routers threatens guest devices
  12. Don’t Be Fodder for China’s ‘Great Cannon’
  13. Botnet activity inside organisations predicts likelihood of future data breach
  14. Beware: “Halifax Classic” Phishing Mail
  15. UK users still don't trust fancy new Internet top-level domains, study finds
  16. TorLocker victims can decrypt most files without paying ransom
  17. A history lesson brought to you by the Nuclear exploit kit
  18. White Lodging Services confirms second payment card breach
  19. Your identity has already been stolen, ‘Catch Me If You Can’ subject warns US citizen
  20. AlienSpy: Taking Remote Access Trojans to the next level
  21. 7 security mistakes people make with their mobile device
  22. In a mock cyberattack, Deloitte teaches the whole business how to respond
  23. Cloud computing brings changes for IT security workers
  24. Hackers hide malware in fake game pages hosted on Steam
  25. FBI warns WordPress users of ISIS threat: Patch and update now
  26. Chrome extension collects browsing data, uses it for marketing
  27. Apple fixes loads of security holes in OS X, iOS, Apple TV, Safari
  28. Court might force US to reveal details of secret wireless kill switch
  29. What happens to data after a breach?
  30. A MILLION Chrome users' data was sent to ONE dodgy IP address
  31. Home Security 2015: The Internet Of Things (IoT) Brings Innovation AND Danger
  32. New crypto-ransomware "quarantines" files, downloads info-stealer
  33. Malvertising from Google advertisements via possibly compromised reseller
  34. FAA hit by cyberattack, finds no damage
  35. HITRUST to Launch First Comprehensive Study of Targeted Cyber Threats Impacting ...
  36. DARPA's plan to make software security "the domain of machines"
  37. Week in review: Security tips for DevOps, and how security pros deal with cybercrime
  38. Update for Windows 7 and 8.1 silently installs Windows 10 downloader
  39. An update on Microsoft’s approach to Do Not Track
  40. Monday review - the hot 22 stories of the week
  41. Google Lets SMTP Certificate Expire
  42. Dell System Detect Vulnerability now classified as a PUP
  43. Mozilla Adds Opportunistic Encryption for HTTP in Firefox 37
  44. Big Blue securo-bods warn of dire Dyre Wolf AMONG WOLVES
  45. Microsoft Windows Defender
  46. Energy companies around the world infected by newly discovered malware
  47. $60 DIY car hacking device is an inexpensive and easy way to hack cars
  48. Google cracks down on browser ad injectors after shocking study
  49. 22 Million PUA detected last month. STOP!
  50. Admin rights to blame for 97 percent of critical Microsoft flaws - Report
  51. Microsoft releases mystery Windows patch KB 3035583
  52. Smart home hacking is easier than you think
  53. Is it safe to use public Wi-Fi networks?
  54. Hackers set up Pirate Bay clone to distribute banking trojan
  55. VMware Updates Products to Address Java Vulnerabilities
  56. US teen pleads guilty to $100 million gaming hack
  57. Many password strength meters are downright WEAK, researchers say
  58. Hacker exploits YouTube by deleting videos with one click
  59. "Do Not Track" to be disabled by default in future Microsoft web browsers
  60. The Dyre Wolf Campaign: Stealing Millions and Hungry for More
  61. Facebook 'tracks all visitors, breaching EU law'
  62. NewPosThings Has New PoS Things
  63. ‘Revolution’ Crimeware & EMV Replay Attacks
  64. TrueCrypt Audit Phase II completed: 4 vulnerabilities identified
  65. New Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit version is out
  66. 30 Percent of Companies Would Negotiate Data Ransom With Cybercriminals: Survey
  67. Obama Approves Sanctions on Cyber-Attackers
  68. SEO Scams and Semi-Scams
  69. Microsoft pushing Skype as an ‘optional’ Windows Update KB2876229
  70. Mixing Mutex: The New Malware Medley?
  71. Dangerous memory of your graphics adapter
  72. Default Setting in Windows 7, 8.1 Could Allow Privilege Escalation, Sandbox Escape
  73. Researchers identify malware threat to virtual currencies
  74. Half of Android devices open to silent hijack
  75. Huge spam operation on Twitter uncovered
  76. This router hack is injecting ads and porn into random websites
  77. One in three top Alexa websites is risky
  78. Europol chief warns on computer encryption
  79. Google Chrome and Gentoo Linux More Vulnerable than Internet Explorer in 2014
  80. Instagram API Bug Could Allow Malicious File Downloads
  81. Dark Web vendors offer up “thousands” of Uber logins starting at $1 each
  82. Researchers figured out how to hack computers using heat
  83. Dell support tool put PCs at risk of malware infection
  84. Microsoft blacklists latest rogue SSL certificates, Mozilla mulls sanctions for issue
  85. Leave Facebook if you value your privacy, says EU
  86. Half of enterprises have no budget at all for mobile security, survey finds
  87. The programs with the most security vulnerabilities in 2014 were not the ones...
  88. Android apps track your location every three minutes, says Carnegie Mellon study
  89. "Probably tired and shagged out after a long squawk" - 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]
  90. Hotel Networks Vulnerable to Wi-Fi Flaw
  91. Single-use Yahoo Passwords – Good or Bad?
  92. Why Your Windows PC Isn’t Genuine (and Exactly How That Limits You)
  93. The state of open source security
  94. Security best practices for users is your first line of defense
  95. Windows Defender's malware protection still leaves much to be desired after...
  96. NSA Doesn’t Need to Spy on Your Calls to Learn Your Secrets
  97. 13-Year-Old Weakness in RC4 Encryption Breaks SSL/TLS
  98. Microsoft at RSA conference USA 2015, April 20-24
  99. Tax Fraud Advice, Straight from the Scammers
  100. Android hijacking bug may allow attackers to install password-stealers
  101. Despite privacy policy, RadioShack customer data up for sale in auction
  102. Adult site Xtube compromised, serving exploits
  103. India strikes down controversial "Section 66A" social media policing law
  104. EU: Don’t use Facebook if you want to keep the NSA away from your data
  105. Where Did VirusBarrier iOS Go?
  106. New malware program PoSeidon targets point-of-sale systems
  107. Week in review: Security risks of networked medical devices, mobile apps...
  108. Scheduled Tasks
  109. Hilton Honors Flaw Exposed All Accounts
  110. Security Think Tank: Enhanced cyber security requires change in attitude
  111. Patched Adobe Flex vulnerability remains threat to web domains
  112. Important Notice About Your Twitch Account
  113. Threat Spotlight: PoSeidon, A Deep Dive Into Point of Sale Malware
  114. Want to hide your metadata? You probably can't
  115. Everything is insecure and will be forever says Cisco CTO
  116. Trumping cybercriminals during tax season: Tips on how to stay safe
  117. Yoast Google Analytics Plugin Patches XSS Vulnerability
  118. Signature antivirus' dirty little secret
  119. Home devices threaten enterprise data security, warn researchers
  120. Hacking BIOS Chips Isn’t Just the NSA’s Domain Anymore
  121. Nuclear Exploit Kit Adds Code for Leveraging Newly Patched Flash Player Flaw
  122. Is Yahoo’s On-Demand Password a Bad Move?
  123. Apple: Those security holes we fixed last week? You're going to need to repatch
  124. Fake job seeker's emails deliver ransomware and info-stealer
  125. All four major browsers take a stomping at Pwn2Own hacking competition
  126. Our VPN Service Takes Your Privacy Seriously
  127. A Clever Way to Tell Which of Your Emails Are Being Tracked
  128. China reveals existence of cyber warfare hacking teams
  129. OpenSSL Patch to Plug Severe Security Holes
  130. Watch out for these 9 information security threats
  131. At least 700,000 routers that ISPs gave to their customers are vulnerable to hacking
  132. Security flaw in WordPress plugin Google Analytics by Yoast exposed
  133. Opera acquires VPN firm SurfEasy to boost browsing security
  134. Double FREAK! A cryptographic bug that was found because of the FREAK bug
  135. The NSA Is Going to Love These USB-C Charging Cables
  136. There are known vulnerabilities in Server 2003 that won’t be fixed
  137. The new MacBook's single port comes with a major security risk
  138. The UK’s 10 most infamous data breaches
  139. Experts: Don’t blame the victims of youth ‘selfies’
  140. Premera cyberattack could have exposed information for 11 million customers
  141. Patch Tuesday: Windows 8.1 and VMware VDI Hit with LogonUI Error
  142. Microsoft Blacklists Fake Windows Live SSL Certificate
  143. Scammers Are Using a Fake Version of AdwCleaner to Trick People
  144. Microsoft releases EMET 5.2
  145. Bogus SSL certificate for Windows Live could allow man-in-the-middle hacks
  146. D-Link Patches Two Remotely Exploitable Bugs in Firmware
  147. Exploit kits in 2015: What can we expect?
  148. Apple Pay: Bridging Online and Big Box Fraud
  149. Can the NSA Break Microsoft's BitLocker?
  150. How to tell if you have the latest Java and Adobe versions Adobe
  151. Yahoo puts email encryption plugin source code up for review
  152. Apple Watch worries security advocates
  153. Raising the Stakes: When Software Attacks Hardware
  154. EquationDrug: Sophisticated, stealthy data theft for over a decade
  155. 2,400 unsafe apps on user phones in large firms
  156. A cyber war staged in central London
  157. If you hammer your RAM, won't that break it? 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]
  158. Bypassing ASLR with CVE-2015-0071: An Out-of-Bounds Read Vulnerability
  159. Obama administration seeks more power to tackle botnets
  160. Critical hole in popular WordPress SEO plugin allows SQLi, site hijacking
  161. Tripwire Announces Capture the Flag Cyber Security Competition
  162. Women in Federal cybersecurity – How did they get their start?
  163. New anti-terrorism unit will tackle extremist content on the web
  164. Facebook Worm Lures with Promise of Smut Content, Delivered via Box Cloud Storage
  165. Cyber crooks take advantage of ad bidding networks to deliver ransomware
  166. Hey Siri, How Come Strangers Are Listening To My Private Messages?
  167. The human cost of phone hacking
  168. Cortana and my privacy FAQ
  169. Microsoft Fixes Stuxnet Bug, Again
  170. MS Update 3033929 Causing Reboot Loop
  171. Security updates available for Adobe Flash Player
  172. Defending Against PoS RAM Scrapers
  173. Kaspersky claims to have found NSA's 'space station malware'
  174. UK surveillance 'lacks transparency', ISC report says
  175. Malware “TreasureHunter” innovates by using windows products IDs ...
  176. Part 1: New data on youth “nudes” show disturbing trend
  177. Certificate Reputation for website owners
  178. Twitter Now Tracking User IP Addresses
  179. The next generation of CryptoWall malware emerges
  180. Panda antivirus labels itself as malware, then borks EVERYTHING
  181. Computer-stored encryption keys are not safe from side-channel attacks
  182. Wikimedia v. NSA: Wikimedia Foundation files suit against NSA to challenge ...
  183. Rowhammer Hardware Exploit Poses Threat to DRAM Memory in Many Laptops, PCs
  184. OpenDNS trials system that quickly detects computer crime
  185. Patched Windows PC remained vulnerable to Stuxnet USB exploits since 2010
  186. March 2015 Updates
  187. ID Fraud Totals $16Bn in US for 2014
  188. Email spoofing security hole discovered in Google Admin console
  189. Yet Another Cleaner, Yet Another Stealer
  190. From the Labs: New developments in Microsoft Office malware
  191. Week in review: FREAK flaw, a new PoS malware family, and the new issue of (IN)SECURE
  192. Samba Remote Code Execution Vulnerability – CVE-2015-0240
  193. Adobe invites help with hunting vulnerabilities, but no bounty money
  194. Apple and Google prepare patches for FREAK SSL flaw
  195. We Weren't Surprised CSI:Cyber Gets InfoSec Wrong. Were You?
  196. Fake "Flash Player Pro" update delivers password-stealing Trojan
  197. Litecoin-mining code found in BitTorrent app, freeloaders hit the roof
  198. UK man arrested on suspicion of US Department of Defense hacking
  199. NCC Group to audit OpenSSL for security holes
  200. How to ensure your hot-desking colleagues keep their data secure
  201. Microsoft Security Essentials last in banking trojan detection test
  202. Malware-spreading drive-by attack relies on hacked GoDaddy accounts
  203. Abine launches Bitcoin Anywhere
  204. MRG Effitas releases latest Online Banking Browser Security report
  205. Tracking the FREAK Attack
  206. Security Advisory 3046015 released
  207. Avoid the “March Twitter Lottery”…
  208. Malicious DNS Servers Deliver Fareit
  209. Mandarin Oriental Hotels Hit in Credit Card Breach
  210. Stop the presses: HTTPS-crippling “FREAK” bug affects Windows after all
  211. New PoS malware family discovered
  212. Security threats and the retail industry
  213. Apple and Google prepare patches for FREAK SSL flaw
  214. Ransomware Hits Law Firm, Encrypts Workstation
  215. Mobile Threat Monday: Mysterious Android App Emails Your Location to Creepers
  216. Monitoring tools: user notification required
  217. Survey: Hardly Anybody Uses a Password Manager
  218. Toys “R” Us resets account passwords to counter stolen reward points
  219. Firewall: The king of network security
  220. Hackers impersonating IT staff popular tactic in data breaches, FireEye finds
  221. Insert Product Key: Y / N?
  222. Now you can easily send (free!) encrypted messages between Android, iOS
  223. In major goof, Uber stored sensitive database key on public GitHub page
  224. NSA authority to collect bulk phone data extended to June 1
  225. A Brief History of the Trusted Internet
  226. Bogus Search Engine Leads to Exploits
  227. Which operating system is the most secure? Four points to remember.
  228. The Enemy on your Phone
  229. Apple patent reveals tracking capabilities even if phone appears off
  230. TorrentLocker campaign uses email authentication to tune the operations
  231. Aggressive adware in Google Play apps
  232. WinPatrol v33.1.2015.0 Feb 26th, 2015
  233. 50,000 Uber driver names, license plate numbers exposed in a data breach
  234. Only 11 UK security firms included in global Cybersecurity 500
  235. Tasty Spam: Ebola Scam Infects Inboxes
  236. Email-Based Pharming Attack Exploits Router Flaws
  237. TalkTalk Client Data Stolen, Hackers Use It to Obtain Banking Info
  238. Most vulnerable operating systems and applications in 2014
  239. Lenovo.com hijack reportedly pulled off by hack on upstream registrar
  240. US Spymaster Warns Over Low-level Cyber Attacks
  241. Commercial spyware invades enterprises
  242. UPATRE Trojan Still Top Malware Attached to Spam
  243. Surveillance-based manipulation: How Facebook or Google could tilt elections
  244. Spam Uses Default Passwords to Hack Routers
  245. 62% of the Top 50 Download.com applications bundle toolbars and other PUPs
  246. Bank Regulator Eyes Tougher Rules to Fight Hacking
  247. $3m reward offered for alleged Gameover Zeus kingpin
  248. Security Sense: Superfish and Nasty Root Certs Are Bad, but It’s Worse than That
  249. Webnic Registrar Blamed for Hijack of Lenovo, Google Domains
  250. Ad-blocking software is 'worse than Superfish'