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  1. Your travel records tell the government your IP, email, credit card, call center ...
  2. A Week in Security (Jul 13 – 19)
  3. Backdoors and surveillance mechanisms in iOS devices
  4. Search engine exposes hackers' passwords to solicit donations
  5. Privacy And Security Tips For Newly-Minted College Students
  6. Spam Campaign Targets New York iPhone Users
  7. Vulnerable web-based password managers, Mayhem malware, and Google's Project Zero
  8. WinPatrol v32.0.2014
  9. Internet piracy warnings alerts set for households
  10. Jul18 Cybercriminals Hitchhike on the News of MH17 Crash
  11. It's all about trust! 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]
  12. A Convicted Hacker and an Internet Icon Join Forces to Thwart NSA Spying
  13. AskMen.com compromised again
  14. 5 big security mistakes coders make
  15. “SOHOpelessly BROKEN” hacking contest aims to test home router security
  16. Government-grade malware in hacker hands
  17. Chrome Blocks uTorrent as Malicious and Harmful Software
  18. Google+ drops real name policy. What do you think? [POLL]
  19. Pushdo Trojan infects 11,000 systems in 24 hours
  20. Real-World Antivirus Protection Test: Winners and Losers
  21. Multiple Cisco home products vulnerable to exploit
  22. Almost a million fake apps are targeting your phone
  23. Content Security Policy Mitigates XSS, Breaks Websites
  24. Common Misconceptions IT Admins Have on Targeted Attacks
  25. CNET user database stolen by Russian hacking group, auctioned for $600
  26. Google's Project Zero Attacks Web Security Threats
  27. SSL Blacklist Reveals Certificates Used by Cybercriminals
  28. Advanced Evasion Techniques wreaking havoc on network security
  29. Fake Google Messenger Reads Your Texts, Records Your Calls
  30. The game isn’t over yet for Gameover malware
  31. Heuristic Scanning and Sandbox Protection: Best of Both Worlds
  32. July 2014 Security Bulletin Webcast and Q&A
  33. Microsoft in talks to buy Israeli cybersecurity startup for $200m
  34. Living By Design With Privacy By Design
  35. A Look At Repackaged Apps and its Effects in the Mobile Threat Landscape
  36. Introduction to Smart Meters
  37. Five Year Old Phishing Campaign Unveiled
  38. Beware of infected hotel PCs stealing guests’ passwords, feds warn
  39. Oracle to release 115 security patches
  40. Gmail users on iOS at risk of data interception
  41. Banking Malware Pulled From Google Play
  42. Popular password protection programs p0wnable
  43. The Worst Computer Viruses Ever!
  44. International law enforcement operation disrupts Shylock banking malware
  45. How to Teach Humans to Remember Really Complex Passwords
  46. LibreSSL ships first portable version, now up to 48% less huge!
  47. Crooks Seek Revival of ‘Gameover Zeus’ Botnet
  48. Google changing Chrome malware, phishing warnings
  49. Evolving Zeus malware used in targeted email attacks
  50. Apple Updates OSX Blacklist Following Flash Vulnerability
  51. Your favorite mobile apps leave a trail of cookie crumbs
  52. It Takes 14 Million Android Phones to Earn One Bitcoin
  53. International law enforcement operation disrupts Shylock banking malware
  54. Crypto certificates impersonating Google and Yahoo pose threat to Windows users
  55. Malwarebytes, an Antivirus Start-Up, Raises $30 Million
  56. Security Advisory 2982792 released, Certificate Trust List updated
  57. Selling a smartphone may leak private information: what you need to do
  58. Emergency phone and internet data storage law to be brought in
  59. Android Exploited to Make and End Phone Calls, Send USSD Codes
  60. Fridge hacked. Car hacked. Next up, your LIGHT BULBS
  61. New research shows rise in “deceptive downloads”
  62. Products Reaching End of Support in the Second Half of 2014
  63. Patch alert: Update browsers' Flash ASAP to block log-on theft
  64. The Ex-Google Hacker Taking on the World’s Spy Agencies
  65. Popular websites vulnerable to Rosetta Flash attack, Google security researcher warns
  66. Google blocks bogus digital certificates that could make fake websites appear legit
  67. July 2014 Internet Explorer Updates
  68. Vulnerability in AVG security toolbar puts IE users at risk
  69. A Week in Security (Jun 29 – Jul 5)
  70. Facebook kills 'Lecpetex' botnet, which hit 250,000 computers
  71. The Hacking Team, RCS, Qatif Today, and Lawful Interception Malware
  72. Beware! FileHippo tests adware distributing download manager
  73. Inside the secret digital arms race: Facing the threat of a global cyberwar
  74. Patch Tuesday for July 2014 - 6 bulletins, 2 RCEs, 3 EoPs and get ready to reboot
  75. Securing the Internet of Everything
  76. The Rise of Thin, Mini and Insert Skimmers
  77. The Latest Version Of AVG Is Now Available To Download
  78. Is Apple slack at security on iOS? 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]
  79. Elite force of ‘cyber cops’ to be trained by Europol
  80. Experts worry governments, 'commercial pressures' will undermine online freedom
  81. Java support over for Windows XP
  82. Critical Vulnerbility and Privacy LoopHole Found in RoboForm Password Manager
  83. The scary truth about data security with wearables
  84. Five WordPress Plugins You Should Update Right Now
  85. Android May Be Broadcasting Your Location
  86. 'Spy-proof' IM launched: Aims to offer anonymity to whistleblowers
  87. Hacked Israel Defence Force Twitter account spruiks nuke leak fears
  88. Government crackdowns, surveillance could destroy the open web, Pew says
  89. Microsoft Encryption Protects User Data From NSA and Other Snoops
  90. Secret code indicates NSA tracks users of privacy tools, report says
  91. CosmicDuke will steal your login data and own your network
  92. Do you take your coffee with "Free" Wi-Fi?
  93. Remote Access Hack Compromises POS Vendor
  94. Feds unmask mystery hacker who “hamburgled” Burger King Twitter account
  95. Watch out for these 5 summer scams
  96. Advance Notification Service for the July 2014 Security Bulletin Release
  97. Could Your Smart Refrigerator be Spreading a Virus?
  98. Microsoft expands the use of encryption on Outlook, OneDrive
  99. Private crypto key stashed in Cisco VoIP manager allows network hijacking
  100. Brazilian ‘Boleto’ Bandits Bilk Billions
  101. Privacy In All Things Includes the Internet of Things
  102. Chicago SMS Spam Goes Cruising After Tax Season
  103. Advancing our encryption and transparency efforts
  104. Millions of dynamic DNS users suffer after Microsoft seizes No-IP domains
  105. New malware program hooks into networking APIs to steal banking data
  106. Active malware operation let attackers sabotage US energy industry
  107. MIT and CERN's secure webmail plan stumped by PayPal freeze
  108. Targeted Paerls Campaign Includes Old-School Word Macro Attack
  109. Mobile Threat Monday: Accept No Imitations! Fake Flashlight App Steals SMS Messages
  110. The Year Extortion Went Mainstream
  111. IT admins think antivirus is essential. The Australian Department of Defence begs...
  112. Microsoft takes on global cybercrime epidemic in tenth malware disruption
  113. Avira Free Antivirus – Up Close & Personal
  114. Google to be sued over 'snooping'
  115. WinPatrol™ Generation II
  116. U.S. Says It Spied on 89,000 Targets Last Year, But the Number Is Deceptive
  117. Scammers Continue to Hook Users with Free Facebook Hacking
  118. Serious Android crypto key theft vulnerability affects 86% of devices
  119. Flaw in PayPal’s two-factor authentication, but keep calm and carry on!
  120. New SMS worm targets Android devices
  121. Facebook tries to recover bulk user data seized by New York law enforcement
  122. Europe improving anti-cybercrime cooperation, but what about US and China?
  123. Websites Tracking Children's User Activity May Violate COPPA
  124. Are Social Media Networks The Next Cyberattack Victims?
  125. Jun27 New Banking Malware Uses Network Sniffing for Data Theft
  126. US promises to pass legislation granting privacy rights to European citizens
  127. Microsoft to suspend certain email security notifications
  128. Why security awareness matters
  129. Researchers expect surge of rootkits targeting 64-bit PCs
  130. Patched Code Execution Bug Affects Most Android Users
  131. Nearly 80 Percent of Flappy Bird Clones Contained Malware
  132. TimThumb plugin for WordPress - zero-day remote code execution hole disclosed, quickl
  133. Advisory: Seasonal Scam Returns
  134. Can true Private Browsing ever be achieved?
  135. Phishy Steam Guard File Steals SSFN
  136. Researchers bypass PayPal's two-factor authentication system
  137. TrueCrypt, Towelroot, Cryptowall, and spam in Canada
  138. Researchers Go Inside HackingTeam Mobile Malware, Command Infrastructure
  139. Thousands of Ottawa bureaucrats fail phishing scam test
  140. Google Glass Snoopers Can Steal Your Passcode With a Glance
  141. IE users get new protection against potent form of malware attack
  142. Fake Amazon Local Emails Deliver Malware
  143. Even encrypted Web traffic can reveal highly sensitive information
  144. Card fraud impacts 1 in 4 consumers worldwide
  145. Cybercriminals exploit trusted app and service vulnerabilities
  146. Microsoft Interflow: a new Security and Threat Information Exchange Platform
  147. Card Wash: Card Breaches at Car Washes
  148. Passwords in IE11
  149. ZeroAccess Botnet: Is It Preparing Its Next Attack?
  150. Darkness Still Lurks
  151. What's next for ransomware? Cryptowall picks up where CryptoLocker left off
  152. Password protected Zbot malware in the wild
  153. Dyreza - The Banking Trojan is Back
  154. Syrian Electronic Army targets Reuters again—but ad network provided the leak
  155. Privacy and iOS 8, USMS blunder and Cryptowall ransomware - 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]
  156. Internet firm goes out of business after DDoS extortion attack
  157. “Free” Wi-Fi from Xfinity and AT&T also frees you to be hacked
  158. Who is Tracking You Online?
  159. Is That Site Secure? Look for the .Trust Domain
  160. iOS Safer Than Android? Maybe Not
  161. Following TrueCrypt’s bombshell advisory, developer says fork is “impossible”
  162. Interactive exploit kit redirection technique
  163. Fake Cloud Storage Mails Lead to Canadian Pharmacy Sites
  164. Simplocker Ransomware on Your Android? New App Fights Back
  165. This Tool Boosts Your Privacy by Opening Your Wi-Fi to Strangers
  166. Play Store Update Changes Permissions, And Not For The Better
  167. Update for OneDrive and Office.com shared links
  168. At least 32,000 servers broadcast admin passwords in the clear, advisory warns
  169. Bank not liable for customer's $440,000 cybertheft
  170. Hackers use YouTube to sell stolen credit card numbers, group says
  171. AT&T reveals social security data leak, offers free credit monitoring
  172. "Human error" contributes to nearly all cyber incidents, study finds
  173. Hostile state-sponsored hackers breached government network
  174. Microsoft Warns of Denial-of-Service Bug in Malware Protection Engine
  175. Code Spaces goes titsup FOREVER after attacker NUKES its Amazon-hosted data
  176. 6 Advanced Tips for Securing the Applications on Your PC With EMET
  177. Hacker nets over $600k by compromising NAS systems to mine Dogecoin
  178. There's a new banking Trojan in town
  179. Better messaging means security can grow with IoT
  180. Ransomware with a happy ending
  181. When Vulnerabilities are Exploited: the Timing of First Known Exploits for Remote ...
  182. Microsoft releases Security Advisory 2974294
  183. Personal Privacy vs. Business Security
  184. The Smartification of the Home, Part 1
  185. People demand better privacy but don't take basic steps to protect themselves
  186. Would you allow cybercriminals onto your computer for money?
  187. Advanced Exploit Techniques Attacking the IE Script Engine
  188. Microsoft strips some Windows 7 users of IE11 patch privileges
  189. Listen to the results of our Internet spy project
  190. Cyber Boot Camp and tomorrow’s cyber security professionals
  191. Hacker claims PayPal loophole generates FREE MONEY
  192. Why online tracking is getting creepier
  193. Mobile security risks and challenges
  194. Scans Quantify Vulnerable OpenSSL Servers
  195. 59 vulns in IE, teenager versus Turing, and Twitter gets wormed - 60 Sec Security
  196. Microsoft Updates OneDrive in Windows 8.1
  197. Phishing Domain Poses as Twitter Verification Site
  198. Tasty Spam: Cruise Scams Nab Victims Itching For A Getaway
  199. Israel develops wireless-malware-injection-by-smartmobe tool
  200. Watch Out For Fake Versions of World Cup 2014 Apps
  201. Facebook Adopts Behavioral Ads While Giving Users Insight And Control Over Ads ...
  202. Feedly, Evernote And Others Become Latest Victims Of DDoS Attacks
  203. The life and untimely demise of TrueCrypt
  204. Introducing Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit
  205. Malware uses Windows security feature to block security software
  206. See what your apps & extensions have been up to
  207. Prank URL Shortening Service is Good Security Basics Reminder
  208. Zeus Trojan alternative created from scratch hits the underground market
  209. Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool (MSRT)
  210. Powerful worm on Twitter unleashes torrent of out-of-control tweets
  211. Is Antivirus Software Ineffective?
  212. Organised cybercrime groups are now as powerful as nations
  213. Is your PC infected by gameover zeus?
  214. June 2014 Internet Explorer Updates
  215. Google to flag 'right to be forgotten' censored search results
  216. Boob Tube BOFFINS finger Red Button, trigger TELLY MAYHEM
  217. Hacktivism Kids with operator’s manual alert bank officials: “We hacked your ATM”
  218. RIG Exploit Kit Pushing Cryptowall Ransomware
  219. Windows 8.1 patches won't install without April update
  220. Security updates available for Adobe Flash Player
  221. You should know about this malware exploit before buying a Smart TV
  222. Is Anonymous Dead, or Just Preparing to Rise Again?
  223. Why OpenSSL Being Patched Again Is Good News
  224. Ransomware On Apple's iCloud: How the Attack Worked
  225. Creator of world's largest torrent client signs anti-piracy deal with MPAA
  226. What are the legal obligations to encrypt personal data?
  227. Privacy International urges firms to expose government spying
  228. Hacktivism We “will be paying no ransom,” vows town hit by Cryptowall ransom malware
  229. Drawing “signature” on screen could replace passwords, study finds
  230. Quickly Secure Your Computer With Microsoft’s Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit
  231. Redmond is patching Windows 8 but NOT Windows 7, say security bods
  232. They’re ba-ack: Browser-sniffing ghosts return to haunt Chrome, IE, Firefox
  233. Facebook app now listens and records audio when you post updates from your phone
  234. Phish or legit - Can you tell the difference?
  235. Regional Threat Assessments: New Interactive Capabilities
  236. Botnets coming soon to a smart home or automated building near you
  237. Coordinated malware eradication nears launch
  238. They Hack Because They Can
  239. Comcast to Start Encrypting Email Traffic with Gmail in the Coming Weeks
  240. Still reeling from Heartbleed, OpenSSL suffers from crypto bypass flaw
  241. Advance Notification Service for the June 2014 Security Bulletin Release
  242. Android malware: how to keep your device safe from filecoders (and everything else)
  243. ISPs urged to quarantine infected computers
  244. US Military Launches $2M Hacking Contest
  245. Security incident on forum.eset.com
  246. Critical bug in GnuTLS crypto library could allow malicious code execution
  247. Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit Partners with FBI to Fight Zeus Malware
  248. WinPatrol v31.0.2014
  249. Governments disrupt botnet “Gameover ZeuS” and ransomware “Cryptolocker”
  250. Google boosts Chrome encryption amid email warning