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  1. 8 Free Privacy Programs Worth Your Year-End Donations
  2. Hackers damage German factory
  3. Top 10 cyber security stories of 2014
  4. Webcam security – how to lock down the cameras in your home
  5. Save a Password Securely to Use with PowerShell
  6. Dennis Labs Test Brings Joy to Antivirus Vendors
  7. Google, Microsoft throw weight in fight against Marriott Wi-Fi blocking request
  8. Santa’s fake Christmas offers infect PCs with banking Trojan
  9. Fake Assassins Creed App Targets Russian Players
  10. Lizard Squad hackers force Xbox Live, PSN network outages
  11. Last Minute Cybersecurity Predictions for 2015
  12. Security Hole In Skype Allows Users To Surreptitiously Connect To Other Users
  13. Rackspace knocked offline by huge DDoS attack
  14. NVIDIA Network Hacked and Compromised, Employee Details May Have Been Exposed
  15. Why you should delete cookies before signing in to Google or Facebook
  16. Security Plus checks links in Firefox on Virustotal without leaving the page
  17. Apple issues first automatic bug update for Macs
  18. Alleged Counterfeiter “Willy Clock” Arrested
  19. Top Facebook scams and malware attacks
  20. A Week in Security (Dec 14 – 20)
  21. Cluster of Tor servers taken down in unexplained outage
  22. Optimize Shopping Privacy, Online and Off
  23. Norton-approved jeans could keep your pockets as safe as your PC
  24. Business interrupted: Telstra reveals Australia's security breach impact
  25. Sony Hackers Used Widely Available Malware, Cybersecurity Experts Say
  26. German researchers discover a flaw that could let anyone listen to your cell calls.
  27. Yes, ICANN keep your data safe...oops, sorry, no I can't - 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]
  28. Google Hangouts: Too smart for privacy?
  29. Working Without Wires: Setting Up a Secure Business Network
  30. Happy holidays, thanks, and a request from us to you
  31. Gmail Now Protects Your Inbox From Malevolent Extensions
  32. CryptoLocker Copycat Hits Australians via Emails
  33. Staples: 6-Month Breach, 1.16 Million Cards
  34. Predictions for 2014
  35. 10 Ways to Generate a Random Password from the Command Line
  36. Who do you trust?
  37. How Cybercriminals Dodge Email Authentication
  38. Cybercrime Trends & Predictions for 2015
  39. 12 Million Home Routers Vulnerable to Takeover
  40. Tell Antivirus Researchers What Matters To You
  41. Critical Git bug allows malicious code execution on client machines
  42. Microsoft takes action against tech support scammers
  43. The four Mac security options everyone should know
  44. Make your browsing 14x safer for the holidays!
  45. Viber calls out ESET for flagging them, ESET responds with a digital uppercut [Update
  46. Phone Breaker App Hacks iCloud Accounts, Leaks All Your Data
  47. Global internet authority ICANN has been hacked
  48. Some web application modal dialog boxes don't work correctly in Internet Explorer 11
  49. Your Browser is (not) Locked
  50. Blur is a PC Mag Editors’ Choice!
  51. Trawling for Phish
  52. Nation-backed malware targets diplomats’ iPhones, Androids, and PCs
  53. Spam Laced With Malicious Links Jumps: Symantec
  54. Feds used Adobe Flash to identify Tor users visiting child porn sites
  55. Android Apps Hide Windows Malware
  56. Malware spreads over hundreds of thousands of WordPress websites
  57. Hackers Invoke 9/11 in New Chilling Sony Threat
  58. TorrentLocker exposed: Investigation and analysis
  59. Fake browser warning your uncle might fall for delivers malicious trojan
  60. Microsoft update blunders going out of control
  61. Hackers promise “Christmas present” Sony Pictures won’t like
  62. Microsoft takes slow, cautious path to protecting IE against POODLE
  63. UK spy agency makes an Android app—but it won’t spy on you
  64. Iran hacked the Sands Hotel earlier this year, causing over $40 million in damage
  65. Google’s reCAPTCHA (Mostly) Does Away With Those Annoying CAPTCHAs
  66. Office Updates
  67. Facebook Password Change Email Leads to Asprox Malware
  68. Apple Blocks Dangerous Flash Player 16 on OS X
  69. CloudFlare SSL Certificate Used for Phishing Scam
  70. Dec 14 ‘Poodle’ Bug Returns, Bites Big Bank Sites
  71. Windows 7 users urged to uninstall broken update that wreaks havoc on software
  72. Office 2010 ActiveX Disabled - December Update KB2553154
  73. Wire transfer spam spreads Upatre
  74. Protection for Windows 8.1: 24 Security Packages Put to the Test
  75. Norton Antivirus Logo Used in Phishing Scam
  76. December 2014 update for Windows Root Certificate Program in Windows
  77. Yahoo Security Team to Reveal Vulnerabilities 90 Days After Finding Them
  78. Synaptics builds a fingerprint reader right into its trackpads [Updated]
  79. Windows Silverlight Issue Impacting TWCTV.com
  80. How the NSA Hacks Cellphone Networks Worldwide
  81. Home Wi-Fi security's just as good as '90s PC security! Wait, what?
  82. 'Destover' Malware Now Digitally Signed by Sony Certificates (Updated)
  83. Botched KB 3004394 triggers error messages, but no response from Microsoft
  84. Microsoft, Adobe Push Critical Security Fixes
  85. Nation-backed malware targets diplomats’ iPhones, Androids, and PCs
  86. Cyber attacks now longer than ever
  87. Hackers exploit cloud to host C&C servers
  88. Security group plans for a future without passwords
  89. Introducing Auto-Password Changing with LastPass
  90. 40 Reasons Why You DON’T Need An Antivirus
  91. VMware Patches XSS, Certificate Validation Issues
  92. Windows Update Still Failing to Work Properly on Windows 8.1
  93. Meaner POODLE bug that bypasses TLS crypto bites 10 percent of websites
  94. Microsoft Releases Critical IE Security Update on Patch Tuesday
  95. Adobe Security Bulletin
  96. Facebook Scammers Lure with “Samsung 4k Ultra HD Curved TV” Giveaway Bait
  97. Beware this online shopping scam: Fake order confirmations
  98. PayPal, prison and ransomware - 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]
  99. Xbox Live service down again due to a new DDoS attack by the Lizard Squad
  100. Antivirus software powerless against Sony hackers
  101. SSCC 176 - My goodness, it seems there's been another breach [PODCAST]
  102. “Tyranny of the Police” Email Delivers Upatre Trojan
  103. New Neverquest Trojan Variant Targets North America
  104. NSA spy program targets mobile networks worldwide
  105. Sites certified as secure often more vulnerable to hacking, scientists find
  106. Health insurance online threats revealed
  107. Sophos: Innovation in security software is ‘a constant game of cat and mouse’
  108. Global Internet Freedom On The Decline In 2014
  109. Hackers reportedly sent threatening emails to Sony employees
  110. Getting Hacked Is in Your Future
  111. The Windows 7 and 8 vulnerability you need to know about
  112. Critical networks in US, 15 other nations, completely owned, possibly by Iran
  113. Squashed bug opened EVERY PayPal account to hijacking
  114. NSA Auroragold program used to stay one step ahead of cellphone network encryption
  115. Protecting your child's digital identity
  116. Advance Notification Service for the December 2014 Security Bulletin Release
  117. Ghostery releases Privacy Browser for Android
  118. Supreme Court quotes rap as it mulls Facebook free-speech case
  119. Google kills CAPTCHAs: Are we human or are we spammer?
  120. Make your Microsoft account more secure
  121. iPhone encryption stops FBI, but not this 7-year-old
  122. Twitter rolls out new anti-trolling tools, promises quicker abuse investigation
  123. Cheapest tablets pose biggest security risks for enterprises
  124. Be Wary of ‘Order Confirmation’ Emails
  125. FBI warns of 'destructive' malware following Sony hack
  126. StealthGenie spyware seller fined $500,000 in landmark conviction
  127. Phishing scam that penetrated Wall Street just might work against you, too
  128. 2014: The year everyone's security took a hit
  129. Cybersecurity concept for unmanned systems
  130. The Week in Privacy
  131. Weather Channel forecast: Bleak, with prolonged XSS
  132. Tens of thousands web servers backdoored via pirated CMS themes and plug-ins
  133. An inside look: gathering and analyzing the SIR data
  134. Uber’s Android app is Literally Malware?
  135. Hackers used data exfiltration based on video steganography
  136. Twitter will now Track EVERY App You have Installed on Your Smartphone
  137. Cybercriminals are increasingly targeting web-connecting Devices including Home ...
  138. PSA: Tech Support Scams Pop-Ups on the Rise
  139. If the government confiscates your spyware, where does it end up? 60 Sec Security ...
  140. This is your bank, please verify your details – No, you verify YOUR details!
  141. Airport raids tackle cyberthieves over ticket fraud
  142. Syrian Electronic Army returns with Thanksgiving press hack
  143. ACMA hones in on malware with internet security portal
  144. Black Friday: deal or no deal
  145. Tasty Spam: Black Friday, Cyber Monday Phishing Scams
  146. World's best threat detection pwned by HOBBIT
  147. New tool catches surveillance malware masquerading as legitimate bookmark manager
  148. DareDevil PoS Malware, Infects Ticket Machines and Electronic Kiosks
  149. Infected HTML Files Bundled in Android Apps
  150. Twitter to start snooping at which apps you have installed - here's how to opt out
  151. Keeping Your Data Safe While Shopping For The Holidays
  152. Latest Windows 10 update shows how rapid releases work in practice
  153. Bitdefender's BOX hardware protects your entire home network, not just your PC
  154. Why did it take antivirus giants YEARS to drill into super-scary Regin?
  155. Which Antivirus Products Are Best at Protecting Themselves?
  156. Secret Malware in European Union Attack Linked to U.S. and British Intelligence
  157. Now you can check which devices are accessing your Google account
  158. Hacker Lexicon: What Is End-to-End Encryption?
  159. Strength in numbers: Why layered network protection is priority
  160. Out-of-Band Flash Player Update for CVE-2014-8439
  161. Craigslist redirected to prank site via DNS hijack
  162. Sony Pictures Hacked, Every Computer in the Office showing weird image with a message
  163. Microsoft acknowledges bug in Lumia 925 and Lumia 1020 handsets, promises a fix soon
  164. PCs running Avast anti-virus left bricked after new Windows update
  165. Electronic cigarettes exploited in the wild to serve malware
  166. Research Finds 1 Percent of Online Ads Malicious
  167. Scammers used fake product listings to steal from Walmart
  168. SandWorm thrived thanks to botched MSFT patch says HP
  169. Regin, new computer spying bug, discovered by Symantec
  170. Cybercriminals Use Citadel to Compromise Password Management and Authentication ...
  171. PayPal takes 18 months to patch critical remote code execution hole
  172. "That's not a hack..." - 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]
  173. Examining 1 billion transactions for fraud
  174. NSA Chief Warns Chinese Cyberattacks Could Shut U.S. Infrastructure
  175. Computer hijacking arrests in UK and across Europe
  176. Week in Security: Grief for gamers, Unicorn spotted – and America wakes up
  177. HACKERS can DELETE SURVEILLANCE DVRS remotely – report
  178. Internet Explorer ‘Unicorn’ bug being exploited in the wild
  179. Ransom malware attacks underscore limitations of anti-virus software
  180. DerpTrolling leaks PSN, 2K, Windows Live customer logins
  181. Webcam 'creepshot' pictures viewed and shared on Reddit
  182. Hackers blamed for unusual tweets from Jeremy Clarkson, Columbian FARC rebels
  183. PUPs and Java Removal Tools, Oh My
  184. FTC Obtains Court Orders Temporarily Shutting Down Massive Tech Support Scams
  185. How to delete your old, embarrassing, now-much-easier-to-find tweets
  186. PayPal Users Hit with “Apple Store Receipt” Phishing Emails
  187. Free tool detects 'government surveillance spyware'
  188. Android Lollipop update causes problems
  189. Malware Domain Generating Algorithms are becoming more sophisticated
  190. AV-TEST Media Coverage III/2014
  191. WhatsApp starts encrypting users' messages
  192. Cyber attack hallmarks identified in cross-industry report
  193. Windows Phone Sandbox Holds Up at Mobile Pwn2Own
  194. Microsoft Security Bulletin MS14-068 - Critical
  195. Yosemite upgrade stops Macs with aftermarket SSDs from booting
  196. Windows Phone 8.1 Hacked
  197. Microsoft Considering Public-Key Pinning for Internet Explorer
  198. Expired antimalware software is nearly as unsafe as having no protection at all
  199. Microsoft Virtual Academy courses—Office 365 security
  200. PSA: Tech Support Scams Pop-Ups on the Rise
  201. Only Half of USB Devices Have an Unpatchable Flaw, But No One Knows Which Half
  202. ISP Provides Free VPN To Protect Customer Privacy
  203. The worst password in the penitentiary - 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]
  204. Latest Avast reportedly deleting Firefox add-ons
  205. Android, Windows Phone Withstand Pwn2Own Onslaught
  206. New Variant of Dofoil Trojan Emerges with Strong Evasion Features
  207. U.S. government warns on bug in Apple's iOS software
  208. Condemnation mounts against ISP that sabotaged users’ e-mail encryption
  209. Everykey: The Wristband that Replaces Keys & Passwords
  210. Facebook updates terms and policies, introduces interactive privacy guides
  211. SMS spread dangerous Android malware
  212. Rogue .SCR File Links Circulating in Steam Chat
  213. Unused IP Addresses Are Hijacked by Spammers Through Technical Loophole
  214. OnionDuke: APT Attacks Via the Tor Network
  215. Microsoft fixes severe 19-year-old Windows bug found in everything since Windows 95
  216. Is Your Antivirus Running?
  217. Nov 14 ‘Microsoft Partner’ Claims Fuel Support Scams
  218. Default ATM passcodes still exploited by crooks
  219. Huge raid to shut down 400-plus dark net sites
  220. Home Depot Loses 53 Million User Emails – Use Blur’s Masked Emails today, Free.
  221. Americans’ privacy behaviors and attitudes in the post-Snowden era
  222. A Killer Combo: Critical Vulnerability and ‘Godmode’ Exploitation on CVE-2014-6332
  223. US Spies on Mobile Phones From the Sky: Report
  224. Tracking Activity in the Chinese Mobile Underground
  225. Middle Tenn. sheriff pays ransom for files held hostage by malware
  226. November Exchange Releases delayed until December
  227. Google's VirusTotal puts Linux malware under the spotlight
  228. Potentially catastrophic bug bites all versions of Windows. Patch now
  229. Mobile Threat Monday: The Top Four Android Threats
  230. Microsoft Security Bulletins For November 2014
  231. A Week in Security (Nov 02 – Nov 08)
  232. Release Notes | Flash Player® 15 AIR® 15
  233. Mozilla team-up with Tor to improve internet privacy
  234. All US Postal Service employees’ personal data exposed by hackers
  235. Timeline of Sandworm Attacks
  236. DarkHotel: A Sophisticated New Hacking Attack Targets High-Profile Hotel Guests
  237. Realistic looking phishing websites work 45% of the time, Google claims
  238. ‘Powerful’ Masque iOS Vulnerability Disclosed
  239. IoT Security Does Not Have to be an Oxymoron – Part 2
  240. How to Use Parental Controls on Windows 7
  241. Vulnerability Summary for the Week of November 3, 2014
  242. Security software maker AVG reportedly entertaining acquisition-driven suitors
  243. Trojan.Poweliks: A threat inside the system registry
  244. My password is...no, sorry, it's completely slipped my mind - 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]
  245. Insecam Displays Unsecured Webcams From Around The World
  246. How to Lock Down Your Internet-Enabled Houseful of Gadgets
  247. How to Reset the Windows Firewall Rules to Default
  248. Cyber-heists: Organised crime's credit card theft rampage
  249. UK Amazon Customers Targeted by Massive Malicious Email Campaign
  250. Exploit for Vulnerability in Belkin Router Integrated in Metasploit