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  1. Interactive exploit kit redirection technique
  2. Fake Cloud Storage Mails Lead to Canadian Pharmacy Sites
  3. Simplocker Ransomware on Your Android? New App Fights Back
  4. This Tool Boosts Your Privacy by Opening Your Wi-Fi to Strangers
  5. Play Store Update Changes Permissions, And Not For The Better
  6. Update for OneDrive and Office.com shared links
  7. At least 32,000 servers broadcast admin passwords in the clear, advisory warns
  8. Bank not liable for customer's $440,000 cybertheft
  9. Hackers use YouTube to sell stolen credit card numbers, group says
  10. AT&T reveals social security data leak, offers free credit monitoring
  11. "Human error" contributes to nearly all cyber incidents, study finds
  12. Hostile state-sponsored hackers breached government network
  13. Microsoft Warns of Denial-of-Service Bug in Malware Protection Engine
  14. Code Spaces goes titsup FOREVER after attacker NUKES its Amazon-hosted data
  15. 6 Advanced Tips for Securing the Applications on Your PC With EMET
  16. Hacker nets over $600k by compromising NAS systems to mine Dogecoin
  17. There's a new banking Trojan in town
  18. Better messaging means security can grow with IoT
  19. Ransomware with a happy ending
  20. When Vulnerabilities are Exploited: the Timing of First Known Exploits for Remote ...
  21. Microsoft releases Security Advisory 2974294
  22. Personal Privacy vs. Business Security
  23. The Smartification of the Home, Part 1
  24. People demand better privacy but don't take basic steps to protect themselves
  25. Would you allow cybercriminals onto your computer for money?
  26. Advanced Exploit Techniques Attacking the IE Script Engine
  27. Microsoft strips some Windows 7 users of IE11 patch privileges
  28. Listen to the results of our Internet spy project
  29. Cyber Boot Camp and tomorrow’s cyber security professionals
  30. Hacker claims PayPal loophole generates FREE MONEY
  31. Why online tracking is getting creepier
  32. Mobile security risks and challenges
  33. Scans Quantify Vulnerable OpenSSL Servers
  34. 59 vulns in IE, teenager versus Turing, and Twitter gets wormed - 60 Sec Security
  35. Microsoft Updates OneDrive in Windows 8.1
  36. Phishing Domain Poses as Twitter Verification Site
  37. Tasty Spam: Cruise Scams Nab Victims Itching For A Getaway
  38. Israel develops wireless-malware-injection-by-smartmobe tool
  39. Watch Out For Fake Versions of World Cup 2014 Apps
  40. Facebook Adopts Behavioral Ads While Giving Users Insight And Control Over Ads ...
  41. Feedly, Evernote And Others Become Latest Victims Of DDoS Attacks
  42. The life and untimely demise of TrueCrypt
  43. Introducing Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit
  44. Malware uses Windows security feature to block security software
  45. See what your apps & extensions have been up to
  46. Prank URL Shortening Service is Good Security Basics Reminder
  47. Zeus Trojan alternative created from scratch hits the underground market
  48. Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool (MSRT)
  49. Powerful worm on Twitter unleashes torrent of out-of-control tweets
  50. Is Antivirus Software Ineffective?
  51. Organised cybercrime groups are now as powerful as nations
  52. Is your PC infected by gameover zeus?
  53. June 2014 Internet Explorer Updates
  54. Google to flag 'right to be forgotten' censored search results
  55. Boob Tube BOFFINS finger Red Button, trigger TELLY MAYHEM
  56. Hacktivism Kids with operator’s manual alert bank officials: “We hacked your ATM”
  57. RIG Exploit Kit Pushing Cryptowall Ransomware
  58. Windows 8.1 patches won't install without April update
  59. Security updates available for Adobe Flash Player
  60. You should know about this malware exploit before buying a Smart TV
  61. Is Anonymous Dead, or Just Preparing to Rise Again?
  62. Why OpenSSL Being Patched Again Is Good News
  63. Ransomware On Apple's iCloud: How the Attack Worked
  64. Creator of world's largest torrent client signs anti-piracy deal with MPAA
  65. What are the legal obligations to encrypt personal data?
  66. Privacy International urges firms to expose government spying
  67. Hacktivism We “will be paying no ransom,” vows town hit by Cryptowall ransom malware
  68. Drawing “signature” on screen could replace passwords, study finds
  69. Quickly Secure Your Computer With Microsoft’s Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit
  70. Redmond is patching Windows 8 but NOT Windows 7, say security bods
  71. They’re ba-ack: Browser-sniffing ghosts return to haunt Chrome, IE, Firefox
  72. Facebook app now listens and records audio when you post updates from your phone
  73. Phish or legit - Can you tell the difference?
  74. Regional Threat Assessments: New Interactive Capabilities
  75. Botnets coming soon to a smart home or automated building near you
  76. Coordinated malware eradication nears launch
  77. They Hack Because They Can
  78. Comcast to Start Encrypting Email Traffic with Gmail in the Coming Weeks
  79. Still reeling from Heartbleed, OpenSSL suffers from crypto bypass flaw
  80. Advance Notification Service for the June 2014 Security Bulletin Release
  81. Android malware: how to keep your device safe from filecoders (and everything else)
  82. ISPs urged to quarantine infected computers
  83. US Military Launches $2M Hacking Contest
  84. Security incident on forum.eset.com
  85. Critical bug in GnuTLS crypto library could allow malicious code execution
  86. Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit Partners with FBI to Fight Zeus Malware
  87. WinPatrol v31.0.2014
  88. Governments disrupt botnet “Gameover ZeuS” and ransomware “Cryptolocker”
  89. Google boosts Chrome encryption amid email warning
  90. Press H To Hack: Hacking in Videogames
  91. Week in review: Apple devices hijacked in blackmail scheme, inside the malware war ..
  92. Phishing campaign touts Heartbleed removal tool
  93. 12,000 Europeans ask Google to forget them
  94. “Hacking” cars on the road wirelessly is easy, claims expert
  95. A Week in Security (May 25 – 31)
  96. Global police operation disrupts aggressive Cryptolocker virus
  97. Malware creation breaks all records! 160,000 new samples every day
  98. Is Facebook coming for your kids?
  99. FitzRoy, Oleg Pliss, Spotify and TrueCrypt - 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]
  100. Boffins: How to generate crypto-keys using a smartphone – and quantum physics
  101. Truecrypt move to Switzerland, attempting a fork
  102. Your devices Heartbleeding - again
  103. NSA facial recognition program collects 'millions' of photos from the Web
  104. What inspired you to start hacking?
  105. USPS Spam Campaign Drops Botnet Malware
  106. Hackers put security tool that finds payment card data into their arsenal
  107. Is Your Antivirus Tracking You? You’d Be Surprised At What It Sends
  108. New attack methods can 'brick' systems, defeat Secure Boot, researchers say
  109. Fraud Index Report Reveals Global Patterns of Fraudulent Transactions
  110. Thieves Planted Malware to Hack ATMs
  111. TrueCrypt's abrupt demise 'puzzling, bizarre'
  112. Hackers pose as hacks: Iranian crew uses Facebook to spy on US defence bods – report
  113. Get smart about mobile phone safety
  114. Check Out Kaspersky's Real-Time Data on Cyber Attacks
  115. Google launches hacker game to train bug 'mercenaries'
  116. Cybercriminals are “winning” arms race, PwC report claims
  117. Six things security pros keep getting wrong
  118. Root backdoor found in surveillance gear used by law enforcement
  119. SAP NetWeaver flaw spews user tables
  120. HackerOne Bug Bounty Platform Lands Top Microsoft Security Expert
  121. Security in a cloud world: Go multifactor
  122. Some Antivirus Tools Wildly Effective Against Zero-Day Malware
  123. Complexity as the Enemy of Security
  124. Hacktivism “TrueCrypt is not secure,” official SourceForge page abruptly warns
  125. Meet myBulletins: an online security bulletin customization service
  126. A look at a PayPal phish in the making
  127. Watch Dogs pirates hit by scurvy Bitcoin-mining malware
  128. Unofficial XP update has Microsoft up in arms
  129. Spotify breached – but just one mystery user is hacked
  130. New online banking Trojan program combines Zeus and Carberp features
  131. Why have security on a vBulletin forum? Because it’s none of your business,...
  132. Which Countries/Regions Encountered the Most Malware in 2013?
  133. Yet another eBay flaw?
  134. iPhone owners hit by 'ransomware' hack demanding money for their phones
  135. Avast takes community forum offline after data breach
  136. Android security loophole lets apps take and upload pics without you knowing
  137. Unsafe cookies leave WordPress accounts open to hijacking, 2-factor bypass
  138. 128-bit crypto scheme allegedly cracked in two hours
  139. Is the U.S. Finally Getting Smart?
  140. Breach at eBay, bugs in Chip-and-PIN, busts for Blackshades - 60 Sec Security
  141. Inside the US government’s war on tech support scammers
  142. 'Hack-proof' drone revealed by Pentagon
  143. DDoS attacks using SNMP amplification on the rise
  144. Deal with abuse, phishing, or spam in Outlook.com
  145. Internet 'Do Not Track' system is in shatters
  146. Router attacks: Five simple tips to lock criminals out
  147. EBay Demonstrates How Not to Respond to a Huge Data Breach
  148. Browlock Redirects Via Google Image Search
  149. One of world’s more pricey trojans is veritable Swiss Army knife for Android
  150. Anti-surveillance mask foils facial recognition systems
  151. Europol Expert Says Free Anti-Malware Apps Are Useless
  152. Facebook Changes New User Default Privacy Setting To Friends Only -- Adds Privacy...
  153. Hackers lay claim to exploit that defeats iPhone anti-theft tools
  154. Popular Websites' Password Policies Leave Consumers Exposed
  155. Fake eBay Customer List is Bitcoin Bait
  156. Antivirus software can't keep up with new malware, Lastline Labs analysis finds
  157. A RAT in Bird’s clothing
  158. Warning to Android users -- Outlook.com app stores emails unencrypted
  159. Microsoft plans to patch IE zero day -- eventually
  160. Study: 97% of companies using network defenses get hacked anyway
  161. First Aid for Android: How to unlock your ransomed phone
  162. The eBay breach: answers to the questions that will inevitably be asked
  163. Chrome 35 Fixes 23 Security Flaws
  164. How Spammers Spoof Your Email Address (And How To Protect Yourself)
  165. Malware-as-a-service picks Android apart
  166. New Internet Explorer zero-day details released after Microsoft fails to patch
  167. The 3 Legs of Security That Keep You Safe Online
  168. Public utility compromised after brute-force attack, DHS says
  169. Silverlight malvertising exploits on the rise
  170. AVG on Heartbleed: It's dangerous to go alone. Take this (an AVG tool)
  171. Whispers, secrets, and the return of anonymity on the web
  172. Move over Java. Drive-by attacks exploiting Microsoft Silverlight on the rise
  173. Symantec revamps small business security suite
  174. Experian Breach Tied to NY-NJ ID Theft Ring
  175. ‘Blackshades’ Trojan Users Had It Coming
  176. Biometrics pioneer now “wary” of monster he has created
  177. Cisco's Chambers tells Obama that surveillance impacts technology sales
  178. Microsoft Comes Out Top in EFF Privacy Report
  179. As one security hole closes, another one opens! 60 Sec Security. [VIDEO]
  180. Tech companies and privacy practices: Who has your back?
  181. Malicious advertising is growing threat, warns Senate report
  182. Microsoft openly offered cloud data to the NSA
  183. Mozilla slammed over Firefox DRM scheme
  184. Microsoft MVP says Tor can't foil NSA surveillance or cyber crooks
  185. Think cybercriminals are “evil geniuses”? Wrong – and these idiots show why
  186. 22-year-old "organized crime" cybercrook convicted under racketeering law...
  187. DogeVault says attackers gained access to virtual machines
  188. Google, Facebook combat tech support advertising scams
  189. Online advertising poses significant security, privacy risks to users...
  190. Convicted Facebook paedophile walks free
  191. This Apple ID Phish is Multilingual
  192. Virus Bulletin review: 2 eBooks offering security guidance
  193. At Globsec 2014, Cybersecurity takes its place on the international stage
  194. New documents reveal NSA attempts to hoard Outlook.com, Skype and SkyDrive data
  195. Microsoft's .NET Framework security updates further effort to phase out RC4 ...
  196. Malware authors target Android phones
  197. Bad news for Cryptocat as it debuts Encrypted Facebook Chat
  198. Malware Protection Centre - Miuref
  199. Paypal Phishing Flood
  200. When Security Services Go Bad
  201. Linux gets fix for code-execution flaw that was undetected since 2009
  202. Average enterprise generates 10,000 security events daily
  203. Windows XP PCs No Longer Receiving Updates
  204. Ransomware on Android: Keep calm but get protected
  205. May 2014 Internet Explorer Updates
  206. “Your Photos Are being Used” Phishing Lure
  207. Teen Arrested for 30+ Swattings, Bomb Threats
  208. PC Porn Ransomware Comes to Android
  209. Windows XP die-hards can slash attack risk by dumping IE
  210. Use location services more safely
  211. Significant portion of HTTPS Web connections made by forged certificates
  212. Hackers now crave patches, and Microsoft's giving them just what they want
  213. Is Apple finally getting real about security? 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]
  214. Microsoft Blames Java and Flash Player for Windows Attacks
  215. Symantec Says “Antivirus Software Is Dead”, But What Does That Mean For You?
  216. Tick, tock: Windows 8.1 users face patch ban as Microsoft sets next week's updates
  217. 'Unknown malware' hits enterprise nets 53 times a day
  218. Microsoft Products May Be Compromising Cutting Edge Research
  219. Rush to defend against Heartbleed leads to mistakes with certificates, patches
  220. Mystery surrounds Bitly’s urgent security warning following security breach
  221. Apple will notify customers when the law demands their personal data
  222. Twitter double-locks its password security with spammer-foiling defenses
  223. Four weeks on, huge swaths of the Internet remain vulnerable to Heartbleed
  224. Kaspersky Internet Security 2014 Crowned the Best Anti-Virus in the World ...
  225. Prenotification Security Advisory for Adobe Reader and Acrobat
  226. McAfee and Trend Micro Improve in Antivirus Test
  227. Advance Notification Service for the May 2014 Security Bulletin Release
  228. Email-borne exploits: the not-so innocuous killers targeting small business
  229. Apple Not Encrypting Mail on iOS 7 is Bad, But Not a Disaster
  230. Difficulty removing Koler Trojan or other ransomware on Android?
  231. Microsoft cybersecurity report: 70 percent decline in severe security vulnerabilities
  232. More PUPs Sighted, Using Instagram as Lure
  233. Antivirus is Dead: Long Live Antivirus!
  234. Antiphishing Feature Fails in Beta Chrome Browser, Security Company Says
  235. Malware Infections Tripled in Late 2013, Microsoft Finds
  236. Sneaky Windows Folder Poisoning Attack Steals Access Rights
  237. Microsoft Calls Out Malicious Downloaders
  238. Why Browser Extensions Can Be Dangerous and How to Protect Yourself
  239. CryptoLocker Ransomware Moves to Android
  240. Dropbox stumbles over security and privacy of secret links
  241. Rootkits
  242. 5 Bitcoin Projects That Could Make Payments Far More Anonymous
  243. Don’t forget flash: memory cards can be a data loss and infection vector
  244. Data breaches 9% more costly in 2013 than year before
  245. Warning over unintentional file leak from storage sites
  246. Mobile Threat Monday: '2048' Android Fans, Beware
  247. 11 reasons encryption is (almost) dead
  248. Symantec: Antivirus is 'DEAD' – no longer 'a moneymaker'
  249. Insider Threats Are Becoming The Real Problems
  250. Everything Can Be Hacked, It’s Just a Matter of Time Until Things Get More Serious