: Computer Security News

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  1. Microsoft Security Essentials goes bonkers just as support ends
  2. US court orders Microsoft to release data stored offshore
  3. It’s Insanely Easy to Hack Hospital Equipment
  4. Zero-day Flash bug under active attack in Windows threatens OS X, Linux too
  5. 'Triple handshake' bug another big problem for TLS/SSL
  6. AOL confirms security breach from spam attack
  7. Cyber-criminals interested in Microsoft Azure too
  8. How to beat hackers exploiting the latest IE zero-day bug
  9. Automating Malware Analysis with Cuckoo Sandbox
  10. Google Chrome protection for Heartbleed-hacked sites called “completely broken”
  11. White House to world: we don't hoard vulnerabilities
  12. Computer Security Will Never Be the Same
  13. A Week in Security (April 20 – 26)
  14. Adobe Update Nixes Flash Player Zero Day
  15. U.S. Homeland Security recommends not using IE until Microsoft releases patch
  16. How I used Heartbleed to steal a site’s private crypto key
  17. How Big Data fights back against APTs and malware
  18. Android apps found to be mining Bitcoins
  19. Hardly detected malware hides as PDF in ZIP, executes through shortcut
  20. Verizon Wireless sells out customers with creepy new tactic
  21. Microsoft releases Security Advisory 2963983
  22. WinPatrol v30.9.2014
  23. Mozilla to strengthen SSL certificate verification in Firefox
  24. Panda Malware Hits iOS Jailbroken Devices
  25. How to selectively delete browser history
  26. Netgear Patch Said to Leave Backdoor Problem in Router
  27. Inside the ‘DarkMarket’ Prototype, a Silk Road the FBI Can Never Seize
  28. Heartbleed Prompts Joint Vendor Effort to Boost OpenSSL, Security
  29. Attackers have Their Sights Set on the Cloud
  30. Windows XP is a much greater risk than Heartbleed
  31. Free Scanning Tool Promises To Find Heartbleed On Any Device
  32. Russian 'anti-terrorism' laws will ban Skype, Facebook, Gmail if companies ...
  33. Android Heartbleed Alert: 150 Million Apps Still Vulnerable
  34. Mystery attack drops avalanche of malicious messages on Twitter
  35. “The Smart Girl’s Guide To Privacy”— A Review
  36. Bots Attack US Mainly During Dinnertime
  37. iPhones and Macs get fix for extremely critical “triple handshake” crypto bug
  38. SMS spam rises in UK as 'accident compensation' scammers get busy
  39. China leads in DNS Attacks
  40. Lack of cyber risk insurance could lead to “global financial shock”
  41. Even the Most Secure Cloud Storage May Not Be So Secure, Study Finds
  42. P2P Zeus Performs Critical Update
  43. Major Security Flaws Threaten Satellite Communications
  44. Most But Not All Sites Have Fixed Heartbleed Flaw
  45. New Google technology can decipher CAPTCHA
  46. 10 years of Mac OS X malware
  47. Heartbleed Attack Targeted Enterprise VPN
  48. Facebook Webinject Leads to iBanking Mobile Bot
  49. 4 tips to protect your child’s internet safety
  50. Google Chromebook passwords could soon just be the wave of an Android
  51. Don't share your location with your friends on WhatsApp
  52. Heartbleed bust, Fingerprint fakery, WhatsApp privacy SNAFU - 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]
  53. Hacking predictions gone wild from the ‘internet of things’
  54. Cybercriminals' Phishing Methods
  55. Heartbleed Bug Sends Bandwidth Costs Skyrocketing
  56. False Positives Sink Scores in Antivirus Test
  57. 3 Million Customer Credit, Debit Cards Stolen in Michaels, Aaron Brothers Breaches
  58. Smartphone Theft in the U.S. Nearly Doubled Last Year
  59. Heartbleed maliciously exploited to hack network with multifactor authentication
  60. Microsoft Security Essentials error stutters Windows XP systems
  61. Tips for creating a strong password
  62. WordPress plugin vulnerability puts mobile visitors at risk
  63. Phishers Bypass Steam Guard Protection
  64. AV-Comparatives Real-World Protection Test March 2014
  65. Samsung Galaxy S5 fingerprint reader hacked - it's the iPhone 5s all over again!
  66. The Woops of WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) raises its ugly head again
  67. Xbox One Secure Login Hacked By 5-Year-Old
  68. Heartbleed shrinks Tor by an eighth
  69. Critical Java Updates Released and Available for Download
  70. Privacy fears over FBI facial recognition database
  71. Vicious Heartbleed bug bites millions of Android phones, other devices
  72. Apple ID Phish Goes Horribly Wrong
  73. Heartbleed claims British mums and Canadian tax payers as victims
  74. TrueCrypt audit finds “no evidence of backdoors” or malicious code
  75. Server makers rushing out Heartbleed patches
  76. Fake Driver Downloads Offered to Windows XP Users
  77. In 2014, privacy is dead in an increasingly Orwellian world
  78. Google Chrome Bug Could Allow Websites To Snoop On Conversations
  79. Pro tip: Use Malwarebytes to check app privacy
  80. “I am responsible”: Heartbleed developer breaks silence
  81. Microsoft Services unaffected by OpenSSL "Heartbleed" vulnerability
  82. The Heartbleed Hit List: The Passwords You Need to Change Right Now
  83. Google Chrome now remembers the passwords your bank doesn’t want it to
  84. The state of remote access security
  85. How a website flaw turned 22,000 visitors into a botnet of DDoS zombies
  86. 6 ways the Internet of Things will transform enterprise security
  87. Scamming still works better than mobile malware
  88. Bits from Bill
  89. MSRT April 2014 – Ramdo
  90. Security baselines for Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2012 R2 and Internet Explorer 11
  91. 'Heartbleed' bug undoes Web encryption, reveals Yahoo passwords
  92. Adobe, Microsoft Push Critical Fixes
  93. Scam Virus Shield app top paid app in Play Store
  94. Dear readers, please change your Ars account passwords ASAP
  95. Hackers Lurking in Vents and Soda Machines
  96. 18 million email addresses and passwords stolen in Germany
  97. CryptoDefense: The story of insecure ransomware keys and self-serving bloggers
  98. XPocalypse Now: Security experts size up the cyberthreats
  99. Video Scam “girl KILLED herself after her DAD saw her doing THIS!”
  100. Public WiFi users regularly access sensitive info
  101. Left swipe! That hot Tinder babe is a malware-flinging ROBOT
  102. Hackers Gone Phishin' for EA Games Users' Apple IDs
  103. How much is a security bug report worth to Facebook? About $2,100
  104. Microsoft reveals final Windows XP and Office 2003 security patches
  105. Experian in hot seat after exposing millions of social security numbers [Updated]
  106. CryptoDefense developers "forget" decryption key on victims' computer
  107. Sality Malware Now Features DNS Changer
  108. Microsoft plugs Xbox One security hole discovered by five-year-old
  109. Microsoft to fix zero-day flaw that meant just previewing an Outlook email ....
  110. See global cyberthreats mapped in real time
  111. Banks are warned about ATM hacks
  112. One third of phishing attacks target financial institutions
  113. Adware: A new approach
  114. Advance Notification Service for the April 2014 Security Bulletin Release
  115. Windows 8.1 Update 1 is a Mandatory Update for Future Security Update Offerings
  116. Yahoo encrypts data centres and plans to add Messenger
  117. 24 million routers expose ISPs to DNS-based DDoS attacks
  118. Researchers disclose vulnerabilities in Oracle Java Cloud Service
  119. The Next Leap Forward in Cyber Defense: Taking Action to Help Defeat Adversaries
  120. Hacked passwords can enable remote unlocking, tracking of Tesla cars
  121. Good Porn, Better Malware?
  122. United States’ Malware Infection Rate More than Doubles in the First Half of 2013
  123. Twitter photo tagging: how and why to opt-out
  124. Don’t be an April Fool: avoid credit card scams
  125. Comparative analysis of browser security
  126. LinkedIn email addresses exposed by plug-in software
  127. Panic! No malware required!
  128. Why Privacy Is Actually Thriving Online
  129. How Fandango and Credit Karma exposed millions of smartphone users’ data
  130. Simple steps to prevent data theft
  131. How Dropbox Knows When You’re Sharing Copyrighted Stuff (Without Actually Looking ...
  132. Cyber Terrorists Hold SurveyGizmo to Ransom
  133. Cost of Advanced Evasion Techniques in recent data breaches
  134. Surprise, surprise: my online metadata actually reveals where I’ve been
  135. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware 2.0
  136. Google Glass partnership: what it means for privacy
  137. Six clicks: How hackers use employees to break through security walls
  138. Journalists increasingly under fire from hackers, Google researchers show
  139. Security Questions Are Insecure: How to Protect Your Accounts
  140. Microsoft changes privacy policy to ban accessing users' email
  141. Angry Birds Shares Your Data Far and Wide
  142. Hosting company describes security scare aimed at Bitcoin accounts
  143. Data-stealing Snoopy drone unveiled at Black Hat
  144. Hackonomics: Stolen Twitter accounts ‘more valuable’ than credit cards
  145. 'Coinkrypt' malware mines Litecoin, Dogecoin on Android
  146. Full Disclosure security mailing list reborn under new management
  147. Cyber security expert: Internet of things is 'scary as hell'
  148. Meet the Facebook Privacy Dinosaur (a.k.a. @PrivacyDino)
  149. A 'Crisis' in Online Ads: One-Third of Traffic Is Bogus
  150. Three Things You Should Know About the Syrian Electronic Army
  151. ATM malware, controlled by a text message, spews cash
  152. Tumblr users can now setup two-factor authentication on their accounts
  153. ATM operators eye Linux as alternative to Windows XP
  154. Security black market as mature as any other free market: Juniper
  155. Malicious apps can hose Android phones, erase data, researchers warn
  156. Is it Really Possible for Most Enthusiasts to Hack Wi-Fi Networks?
  157. CoinThief Trojan Is Pilfering Mac Users' Bitcoins
  158. Security Showdown 2014
  159. A thin lifeline for XP users: New Malwarebytes suite will support the OS
  160. Cisco's security supremo on the Internet of Everything
  161. N.S.A. Breached Chinese Servers Seen as Security Threat
  162. Windows 7 anti-malware products compared
  163. Microsoft Releases Security Advisory 2953095
  164. Malwarebytes 2.0
  165. Android bugs leave every smartphone and tablet vulnerable to privilege escalation
  166. 10 years of Mac OS X malware
  167. Avast Warns of 'Data Breach Crisis' as XP Support Ends
  168. Yahoo, Google and Apple also claim right to read user emails
  169. Master of Mavericks: How to secure your Mac using Apple’s latest update
  170. Memory scan
  171. Google encrypts ALL Gmail to keep snoopers out
  172. California DMV compromised, credit cards breached
  173. Worried about the government? Internet giants also dip their hands in the cookie jar
  174. Microsoft charges the FBI $50 for a copy of your private data, claim 'Redmond hackers
  175. Hackers turning to Tor network to hide evolved malware, warns Kaspersky Lab
  176. The Hidden Cost Of Cyber Crime
  177. Windows Leaker Arrested After Microsoft Looked into His Hotmail Account
  178. Microsoft Security Bulletin MS14-016 - Important
  179. Most ATMs will remain on Windows XP after Microsoft pulls plug on OS support
  180. Tor warns of malicious Tor browser offered on the App Store
  181. Online tool for browsing and analyzing web-based malware
  182. Cloak 'anti-social' app helps you avoid your friends
  183. The 10 Riskiest Mobile App Types
  184. Steer Clear of the Latest Twitter Spamrun
  185. Proprietary firmware poses a security threat, Ubuntu founder says
  186. Hackers gonna hack -- but you're more secure than you think
  187. Prominent security mailing list Full Disclosure shuts down indefinitely
  188. Facebook security chief: We're not encrypting everything between our data centers...
  189. NSA reportedly recording all phone calls in a foreign country
  190. Malware Used To Attack Over 500,000 Computers Daily After 25,000 UNIX Servers...
  191. Fake Video About Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 Hides Malware
  192. Acxiom: the data collection company you’ve never heard of
  193. Beware of This Dangerously Convincing Google Docs Phishing Scam
  194. Safe Updates & Discounts For Windows XP
  195. Chrome OS security holes found, patched
  196. Firefox 28!
  197. New victims inducted into botnet preying on websites running ColdFusion
  198. US Army red faced after phishing test sets off Defense Department email storm
  199. Tips for protecting against sextortion
  200. Three Things to Take Away from CanSecWest, Pwn2Own
  201. Antivirus protection and how to avoid viruses
  202. Beware this big iOS flaw -- and it's not alone
  203. Target Knew About Credit Card Hack For 12 Days Before Reacting
  204. Anatomy of a Bitcoin phish - don't be too quick before you click!
  205. Is Snowden reshaping global privacy?
  206. The US is an 'enemy of the internet'
  207. Scam emails tell people they have cancer to trick them into installing ...
  208. Mark Zuckerberg calls Obama to complain about NSA
  209. Phishing page hosted on Google: A true dog-bites-man scam
  210. A Close Look at the NSA’s Most Powerful Internet Attack Tool
  211. Security Vendors Deny Whitelisting Government-Sanctioned Malware
  212. Is no browser safe? Security bods poke holes in Chrome, Safari, IE, Firefox...
  213. Keep Attackers Away From Your WordPress Site
  214. 200M consumer records exposed in Experian security lapse
  215. Should Microsoft allow almost half a billion PCs to become potential prey for hackers
  216. Want secure software? Listen to Marge Simpson
  217. Adobe patches a critical vulnerability in Shockwave Player
  218. Attackers trick 162,000 WordPress sites into launching DDoS attack
  219. Samsung Galaxy backdoor discovered that enables remote read/write access
  220. Critical crypto flaw in Facebook’s WhatsApp for Android exposes chats
  221. NSA's plans reportedly involve infecting millions of computers ...
  222. ​Microsoft warns of chilling fridge hacking threat as Internet of Things booms
  223. Phishers Targeting Growing Mobile User Base and Online Services
  224. Uroburos Malware Defeats Microsoft's PatchGuard
  225. Malicious Messages Foray Facebook
  226. You Are At Risk Every Time You Use A Wi-Fi Hotspot!
  227. Security updates available for Adobe Flash Player
  228. Adobe, Microsoft Push Security Updates
  229. Can this $70 dongle stem the epidemic of password breaches?
  230. Pinterest publishes its first transparency report
  231. Only One More
  232. Twitter fixes 'rare' bug that made protected accounts readable...
  233. Malware peddlers are trying out different exploit kits
  234. Email and web scams: How to help protect yourself
  235. 'Perfect' ransomware is the scariest threat to your PC
  236. The Story Behind the Microsoft Security Development Cycle
  237. How cybercriminals ‘market’ email attacks – and why LinkedIn lures are today’s prize
  238. Avoid tech support phone scams
  239. How Thieves Steal Your Bitcoins
  240. Malware designed to take over cameras and record audio enters Google Play
  241. Bits from Bill ...March Madness for Windows XP
  242. Antivirus Users Want Low Impact, Good Detection, Survey Shows
  243. New Attacks on HTTPS Traffic Reveal Plenty About Your Web Surfing
  244. Half of all exploits target Java
  245. Courier Scams – don’t give away your bank card
  246. Symantec discovered Android Malware Toolkit named Dendroid
  247. Web ads eclipse porn as leading source of mobile malware
  248. Pre-installed malware found on new Android phones
  249. ‘Secure’ web browsing can leak private data to employers and ISPs, researchers warn
  250. An “Important Flash Update”? Not Exactly…