: Computer Security News

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  1. Bug in Bash shell creates big security hole on anything with *nix in it
  2. Microsoft launches bug bounty program for Online Services
  3. Apple yanks iOS 8 update after series of snafus
  4. Who’s Behind the Bogus $49.95 Charges?
  5. Malware can still bypass Google Chrome’s extension installation protection
  6. Are You a Home Depot Victim?
  7. Viator(dot)com Data Compromise: Are You Affected?
  8. Digital Currency Tech Chief Pleads Guilty in Fraud
  9. ‘Flash EK’ skips landing page, goes Flash all the way
  10. Google stops malicious advertising campaign that could have reached millions
  11. Your location info is too revealing: data boffins
  12. Kaspersky Lab’s Technologies to Protect the New Generation of ZyXEL’s UTM Firewalls
  13. China Blocks Privacy-Loving Search Engine DuckDuckGo
  14. Meet the Master Boot Record
  15. Home Depot ignored security warnings for years, employees say
  16. Apple to authorities: No iPhone user data, even with a warrant
  17. 10 security holes that cybercrooks dream about - 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]
  18. Where your personal data goes when you're not looking
  19. Report: Facebook Messenger app is loaded with spyware
  20. New Research Refines Security Vulnerability Metrics
  21. 8 Security Tips for a Safe iOS 8 Upgrade
  22. Avira Vulnerability Puts Users' Online Backup Data At Risk
  23. Spying and storing: Assange says 'Google works like NSA'
  24. TrueCrypt may live on after all as CipherShed
  25. Someone else has been using my computer so I should let the man on the phone...
  26. Credit card data theft hit at least three retailers, lasted 18 months
  27. Large malvertising campaign under way involving DoubleClick and Zedo
  28. Addressing Mobile Device Management Security Concerns
  29. Malicious activity observed in new Top-level domains
  30. Fear not: Kindle flaw that opened your Amazon account to attackers appears fixed
  31. 'Tiny banker' malware targets US financial institutions
  32. Android Browser flaw a “privacy disaster” for half of Android users
  33. eBay XSS vulnerability used iPhones as bait, redirected users to phishing page [VIDEO
  34. Middle-School Dropout Codes Clever Chat Program That Foils NSA Spying
  35. Apple adds two-step verification for iCloud
  36. U.S. targeted by coercive mobile ransomware impersonating the FBI
  37. Visual Basic Malware Continues Resurgence
  38. Your configuration files are showing
  39. Do You Trust Your Antivirus?
  40. OneDrive for Business (KB2889866) Update - September 2014
  41. LinkedIn Feature Exposes Email Addresses
  42. Adobe Security Bulletin
  43. Microsoft Security Bulletin MS14-055 - Important
  44. Twitter Vulnerability Allows Hacker to Delete Credit Cards from Any Twitter Account
  45. The FBI Just Finished Its Insane New Facial Recognition System
  46. Skilled hacker plays Doom on printer interface
  47. Apple Watch under scrutiny for privacy by Connecticut attorney general
  48. Run Trend Micro’s Anti-Threat Toolkit as a second opinion scanner
  49. Mobile Threat Monday: Watch Out! This Suspicious Android App WIll Cost You $365...
  50. Download at your own risk: Bitcoin miners bundled with game repacks
  51. Researcher creates exploit for compromising scammers' computers
  52. Microsoft patch fixed IE flaw used against U.S. military
  53. Vulnerability in popular Joomla e-commerce extension puts online shops at risk
  54. Researchers find malicious extensions in Chrome Web Store
  55. Sprint, Windstream traffic routing errors hijacked other ISPs
  56. iLock Photographs Intruders Who Try To Access Your Android Phone
  57. Your brain is the most powerful defense against Internet threats
  58. Firefox sneaks out an "inbetweener" update, with security improvements...
  59. Tasty Spam: Phishing Isn't Just About Your Money
  60. New ransomware sets unlock password on compromised Android handhelds
  61. Yahoo's NSA challenge documents shed light on secret process
  62. Tabnabbing: A New Type of Phishing Attack
  63. Cybercriminals Target Steam Users with New Trojan
  64. Apple Pay's security is impressive - but that won't stop the hackers trying
  65. What would you do if you lost access to your Gmail account?
  66. A Twitch of Fate: Gamers Shamelessly Wiped Clean
  67. Dropbox Got Up to 249 National Security Requests in First Half of 2014
  68. Week in security: Home Depot speaks, Gmail and Android ‘leak’
  69. Former Home Depot Managers Depict 'C-Level' Security Before the Hack
  70. Phishers pose as Cloudhashing to steal your Bitcoins
  71. Risk Meets Reward: Windows Phone 8.1 Security Overview
  72. UK Says Data Stored on Microsoft Servers Is Secure
  73. Devastating 'Heartbleed' flaw was unknown before disclosure, study finds
  74. Spend Bitcoins using Apple Pay? *NOW* you've got me interested! [PODCAST]
  75. UK users receive most phishing spam, email analysis suggests
  76. Salesforce warns customers of malware attack
  77. Hackers launch Apple ID phishing campaign playing on iCloud security worries
  78. Instagram, Grindr, and more popular Android apps put user privacy at risk, researcher
  79. Adobe fixes critical flaws in Flash Player, delays Reader and Acrobat updates
  80. Comcast Wi-Fi serving self-promotional ads via JavaScript injection
  81. Webmin hole allows attackers to wipe servers clean
  82. Enemies no more, McAfee and Symantec agree to SHARE threat data
  83. Fraudsters Pose as Police, Ask for Money to Solve Outstanding Warrant Issue
  84. Five million Gmail addresses and passwords dumped online
  85. The game is not yet over for Gameover Zeus botnet
  86. Windows XP security
  87. ‘Dyre’ malware goes after Salesforce users
  88. September 2014 updates for Internet Explorer
  89. Ransomware rising, even on Android
  90. The Security Implications of Wearables, Part 2
  91. Solving the tyranny of HTTP 403 responses to directory browsing in ASP.NET
  92. Traffic Networks Company Patches Sensor Vulnerabilities
  93. Neverquest Trojan Adds New Targets, Capabilities
  94. Why is Google sending insecure browsers back in time?
  95. Meet the Russian-made tool that grabs nude selfies from iCloud accounts
  96. Where you AT?: Indicators of lateral movement using at.exe on Windows 7 systems
  97. Barclays brings finger-vein biometrics to Internet banking
  98. Ransomware going strong, despite takedown of Gameover Zeus
  99. Popular Photo Sharing Website Likes.com Vulnerable To Multiple Critical Flaws
  100. Prenotification Security Advisory for Adobe Reader and Acrobat
  101. CryptoLocker took heavy toll on UK users, decryption figures show
  102. Mozilla 1024-Bit Cert Deprecation Leaves 107,000 Sites Untrusted
  103. Mac Security Products Put to the Test
  104. Have I been Hacked by Nokia? Weird MS Account Issue
  105. iCloud Accounts of Celebrities Hacked - Industry Reactions
  106. LinkedIn beefs up account security with session management, detailed alerts
  107. Dread Pirate Sunk By Leaky CAPTCHA
  108. Facebook is rolling out a "privacy checkup" pop-up
  109. NSA and FBI Ask Tech Brokers for Access to ISP Data on Customers
  110. Cyberespionage group starts using new Mac OS X backdoor program
  111. Researchers compile list of Android apps that allow MitM attacks
  112. Microsoft to Patch Critical Internet Explorer Vulnerability Next Week
  113. 5 things you should know about email unsubscribe links before you click
  114. “YouTube Account Manager has sent you a Message…”
  115. Hackers exploit critical vulnerability in popular WordPress theme component
  116. Data: Nearly All U.S. Home Depot Stores Hit
  117. DecryptCryptoLocker helps almost 3,000 victims
  118. Popular Twitter Hashtag Used to Point to Malicious Sites
  119. Advance Notification Service for the September 2014 Security Bulletin Release
  120. Updated Vawtrak Banking Malware Strain Expands Target List
  121. Best Security Apps for Windows XP Revealed After New Tests
  122. IP Reputation and Spam Prevention: Working with Email Providers
  123. Industry Vulnerability Disclosures Trending Up
  124. Latest Firefox version adds protection against rogue SSL certificates
  125. AVG splashes $220 million on mobile services firm Location Labs
  126. Rigged industrial software site points to watering hole attack
  127. Mac Antivirus Test Reveals Winners, Losers
  128. ShadowServer Scans Confirm Scale of Netis Threat
  129. Android security mystery – ‘fake’ cellphone towers found in U.S.
  130. New BlackPOS variant masquerades as AV service
  131. 160,000 new malware samples appear each day
  132. Cybercrime: Top experts to form international crook-hunting force
  133. Bored College Student Sends Millions of Spam Texts
  134. What Jennifer Lawrence can teach you about cloud security
  135. Why hackers may be stealing your credit card numbers for years
  136. Hi-tech cars are security risk, warn researchers
  137. Offline attack shows Wi-Fi routers still vulnerable
  138. LogRhythm Launches Threat Intelligence Ecosystem
  139. How dare you use my camera! 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]
  140. What Are Hackers Thinking?
  141. Emerging standards, and questions, about the Internet of Things
  142. Topics from Cybersecurity Bootcamp #1 – Cyber Hygiene
  143. Fraudulent Netflix site wants to leave you high and dry
  144. 5 passwords you should never use.
  145. Convincing YouTube look-alike fires RIG Exploit Kit
  146. New malvertising campaign hit visitors of several high-profile sites
  147. 97,000 Bugzilla email addresses and passwords exposed in another Mozilla leak
  148. Facebook wants you to know that Messenger is not spying on you
  149. What Happens When a Tech Support Scammer Cold Calls Emsisoft?
  150. Your email belongs to you, not us
  151. Do you know your kids’ passwords?
  152. Cybercriminals Attempt to Revive Srizbi Spam Botnet
  153. Heartbleed is the gift that keeps on giving as servers remain unpatched
  154. Has the flawed password system finally had its day?
  155. Online dating scammer targeted elderly victims out of $1.1million
  156. What went wrong with Microsoft's August updates?
  157. Leaked Windows 9 Preview Lure Leads to Adware and Phishing
  158. Crypto-Malware Steals Email Addresses and Passwords, Spreads Itself
  159. Surveillance fears over systems which ‘follow’ cellphone users
  160. How Microsoft is shaping the future of cybersecurity
  161. New malvertising campaign hit visitors of several high-profile sites
  162. Security Bulletin MS14-045 rereleased
  163. Sub-domain on SourceForge redirects to Flash Pack Exploit Kit
  164. Side-Channel Android Weakness Likely on Other Platforms
  165. Tech Support scammers rip big brand security software with fake warnings
  166. Phishers Hook Facebook Users via SMS
  167. Online fraud – POS malware has now hit 1,000 U.S. firms
  168. Secret app hacked to reveal anonymous user identities
  169. NSA built “Google-like” interface to scan 850+ billion metadata records
  170. GlassWire helps you monitor your computer’s Internet activity
  171. Vulnerability Summary
  172. Create stronger passwords and protect them
  173. Point-of-sale malware has now infected over 1,000 companies in US
  174. InfoSec Insanity: Sharing the crazy for the betterment of online security
  175. FlashPack Exploit Kit Shared Through Social Media Buttons Add-On
  176. Charter Communications internet outage Credit: DownDetector
  177. Is massive DNS hack responsible for Charter Internet outage?
  178. Stiffed by Synolocker ransomware crims? Try F-Secure's python tool
  179. Secret Service: Over 1,000 Business Infected With "Backoff" Point-of-sale Malware
  180. Researchers find it’s terrifyingly easy to hack traffic lights
  181. US universities at greater risk for security breaches than retail and healthcare
  182. Security spending gets boost from mobile, social and cloud, says Gartner
  183. "You're under arrest for possession of an insecure phone" - 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]
  184. Sneak attack through smartphone shared memory
  185. Facebook scams – the ‘classics’ and how to avoid them
  186. Stealing encryption keys through the power of touch
  187. Can Your Home be Hacked? Possibly.
  188. Nuclear attack, scareware back and traffic-light hack
  189. Mobile apps could be abused to make expensive phone calls
  190. 7 Scary Things Employees Can Do With Their Mobile Devices
  191. 68 percent of top free Android apps vulnerable to cyberattack, researchers claim
  192. The Price of FREE!
  193. Facebook given 4 weeks to respond to "largest privacy class action in Europe"
  194. How to protect your identity at school
  195. Bitcoin-themed phishing campaign creates quite a stir
  196. Why do I have to update my email account information?
  197. What will cybersecurity look like in 2025?
  198. Malicious app can get past Android WITHOUT PERMISSIONS
  199. What happened to the Flashback Trojan? Turns out US universities are still riddled ..
  200. Aug21 Vulnerability in In-App Payment SDKs May Lead to Phishing
  201. Data vs. Metadata
  202. Cyber Attacks From Las Vegas Spiked During Black Hat, Defcon: Imperva
  203. Many Chrome browser extensions do sneaky things
  204. Microsoft Goes From Cellar to Stellar in New Antivirus Test
  205. Block Flash contents from playing automatically in Firefox
  206. The fall of rogue antivirus software brings new methods to light
  207. Fake Evernote extension injects ads into webpages
  208. UPS Store hit with malware attack in 51 franchised locations
  209. Over 75000 jailbroken iOS devices fall prey to AdThief malware
  210. Banking security – new apps ‘know’ your touch
  211. Microsoft Releases Out-of-Band Firmware Update for Surface Pro 3
  212. Blackphone, privacy centric device
  213. Symantec to slim Norton line to single security suite
  214. August 2014 Security Bulletin Webcast and Q&A
  215. CloudBot: A Free, Malwareless Alternative To Traditional Botnets
  216. Six ways to secure your vulnerable network router
  217. Hackers steal data on 4.5 million US hospital patients
  218. Privacy: Workers “would pay” to stop snoopers
  219. Pro-Syrian Malware Increasing in Number, Complexity
  220. Ancient Stuxnet Flaw Still Being Used to Attack Millions of Windows XP PCs
  221. Microsoft Postpones IE's Java Blocking After IT Complains
  222. Average Peak Size of DDoS Attacks Spiked in Q2: VeriSign
  223. Tasty Spam: iMessage Spam Pushing Fake Designer Sites
  224. Microsoft urges customers to uninstall 'Blue Screen of Death' update
  225. Bypassing Security Defenses: DEF CON
  226. 5 ways to avoid credit card fraud
  227. More Dot-Gov Sites Found Compromised
  228. Vast majority of hackers believe they're above the law -- survey
  229. Why spammers persist despite filters and well-informed users
  230. Microsoft Pulls KB2982791 After 4 Days of Blue Screens
  231. Wearing Your Tech on Your Sleeve
  232. What is a trusted device?
  233. 7 Places to Check for Signs of a Targeted Attack in Your Network
  234. Google adds deceptive software warnings to Safe Browsing service
  235. Users told to patch critical flaw in Adobe Reader and Acrobat
  236. Two Microsoft kernel-mode driver updates are triggering BSOD error message...
  237. Easy Pickings at DEF CON Router Hacking Contest
  238. Phone scams: card fraud with that steak, Sir?
  239. The top 5 privacy failures - what's the most epic fail of all? [POLL]
  240. Gameover Zeus Botnet Rebuilds
  241. Beware of Risky Ads on Tumblr
  242. Can Your Security Software Block Exploit Attacks?
  243. Panda Security, the antivirus with greater detection capabilities than Kaspersky ...
  244. Google tightens Gmail spam filtering
  245. How to securely overwrite deleted files with a built-in Windows tool
  246. Firm Sues Bank Over $327K Cyberheist
  247. A portable router that conceals your Internet traffic
  248. FireEye and Fox-IT tool can help recover Crilock-encrypted files
  249. Adobe, Microsoft Push Critical Security Fixes
  250. Stay up-to-date for more secure web browsing