: Computer Security News

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  1. Anonymous claims Vatican website shutdown
  2. Google search domains to get HTTPS by default
  3. Panda Security website defaced by Anonymous hackers
  4. Vodafone protects smartphone communications with 'Secure SIM'
  5. Google patches 14 Chrome bugs, pays record $47K in bounties and bonuses
  6. Hackers steal Michael Jackson back catalogue from Sony
  7. Is Google actually evil?
  8. Anonymous supporters tricked into installing Zeus Trojan
  9. Internet voting systems too insecure, researcher warns
  10. Remote access malware growing problem for smartphones
  11. Security experts debate over how to ensure secure software
  12. National Security Agency creates security design based on Android
  13. Verizon claims most data breaches undiscovered for months or years
  14. New Mac malware exploits Java bugs, steals passwords
  15. Wikileaks releases millions of Stratfor emails
  16. CA SiteMinder tied in to data loss prevention tools
  17. Group files FTC complaint against Google for privacy changes
  18. Colorado woman must turn over computer hard drive
  19. Hacker steals one million user logins from YouPorn website
  20. pcAnywhere exploit code published on Pastebin by security researcher
  21. Gatekeeper: Apple's answer to validity checks on OS X
  22. Mozilla demands authorities revoke corporate SSL authority
  23. Internet Doomsday March 8 - The truth about DNSChanger viruses
  24. DDoS attackers target Russian election webcams
  25. Anonymous threatens root Internet servers
  26. Apple to Ban Apps that Harvest Personal Data
  27. Waledac malware returns after two years with password-stealing capabilities
  28. Adobe patches seven vulnerabilities in new zero-day Flash bug
  29. Book publishers shut down ebook-sharing operation
  30. KPN apologises for downing 2 million email accounts
  31. Software vendors fail to stem tide of security flaws, report shows
  32. Spear-phishing attackers target US holidays
  33. New Internet Explorer 9 Edition Targets Child Safety
  34. Mozilla patches critical Firefox bug
  35. Microsoft to issue more critical patches next week for Win7 than XP
  36. Valve says Steam hackers may have grabbed credit card details
  37. Entire Cryptome whistleblowing site hacked by Blackhole exploit kit
  38. TicketWeb security breached by fake Adobe scammers
  39. 'Do Not Track' Tool Promises Page Loads Up to Four Times Faster
  40. Criminals open 'factory outlet' to sell stolen Facebook and Twitter logins
  41. Citadel banking virus adopts open source development
  42. Google Chrome will no longer check for revoked SSL certificates
  43. Spammers pretend to be popular developers to distribute rogue Android apps
  44. Hacktivism Trumps Money as Motivation for Denial of Service Attacks
  45. Denial-of-service attacks are on the rise, anti-DDoS vendors report
  46. Symantec expects Anonymous to publish more stolen source code
  47. Adobe sets IE as next target in Flash security work
  48. Apple Pulls Ripoff Apps From its Walled Garden
  49. PHP 5.3.10 fixes critical remote code execution vulnerability
  50. DNSChanger has infected half of Fortune 500 firms
  51. Microsoft researchers discover malicious cookie scheme
  52. Bogus Facebook accounts always female, new study finds
  53. New Ice IX banking Trojan enables fraudsters to hijack phone calls
  54. Was Your Email Account Hacked? PwnedList Can Tell You
  55. Hackers infect WordPress 3.2.1 blogs to distribute TDSS rootkit
  56. Kelihos botnet cranks back up after Microsoft attack
  57. 105 people busted in massive identity theft crackdown by US taxmen
  58. Trojan found breaking Yahoo CAPTCHA security in minutes
  59. Feds say Megaupload user content could be deleted this week
  60. Google, Microsoft and Facebook battle phishing with new specification
  61. Facebook scammers use Amazon cloud to redirect victims
  62. Symantec claims largest ever Android malware find
  63. Angry Facebook sues firm for alleged 'likejacking' scam
  64. The top-10 web security threats you should avoid
  65. European Parliament says its website victim of DDOS attack
  66. Threatened by Anonymous, Symantec tells users to pull pcAnywhere's plug
  67. New Zealand judge bails two of Megaupload accused
  68. Apple malware became more sophisticated in 2011
  69. O2 caught sending mobile phone numbers to websites
  70. Google patches several serious Chrome bugs
  71. Google ups ante for Chrome hack at revamped Pwn2Own
  72. 'Gameover' malware is next-gen Zeus trojan
  73. Hackers crack DreamHost customer database
  74. WPS vulnerability for most wifi routers
  75. Apple approves fake iPhone app for App Store
  76. Hacker releases 100,000 Facebook log-in credentials
  77. Lucky escape after Zeus Trojan leaves $13 million untouched
  78. OpenSSL patch fixes DoS vulnerability introduced by last patch
  79. EU to enforce 24-hour data breach disclosure
  80. Beware of fake Megaupload “comeback” phishing scams
  81. SOPA opponents vow to continue the fight
  82. Microsoft SharePoint users ignore security measures, says survey
  83. Anonymous retaliates for Megaupload shutdown
  84. Wikipedia anti-SOPA blackout bypass trick roils backers
  85. Gang pulls off $5.2 million bank job via remote access
  86. NSA releases security-enhanced version of Android
  87. Oracle 'thrown in towel' on database patching, researcher claims
  88. Non-U.S. customers kept in dark as Zappos cleans up after data breach
  89. Facebook chat phishing attack impersonates Facebook security team
  90. Copper thieves battled with new anti-theft telecoms cable
  91. Google Search changes rile privacy advocates
  92. Laptop users offered simple full-disk encryption upgrade
  93. PHP fixes hash collision DoS vulnerability in PHP 5.3.9
  94. Police arrest ATM skimmer after $1.5 million stolen
  95. Privacy campaigners slam shopper tracking tech
  96. Google Chrome finally gets malware download protection
  97. SpyEye bank Trojan picks up new fraud hiding tricks
  98. Invisible DoS attack devised by white hat hacker
  99. Facebook login details stolen by Ramnit worm
  100. Symantec fears leak of Norton AntiVirus source code
  101. Mozilla re-releases Firefox 9, backs out fix causing crashes
  102. Hackers could crash Windows 7 with Safari browser code exploit
  103. IBM, HP, Microsoft lead patching laggards, says bug buyer
  104. Flash Player SMS scam charges victims for free Adobe software
  105. Adobe patches Reader and Acrobat vulnerabilities
  106. New ransom Trojan cons victims with 'trial' version
  107. FTC compensates 320,000 victims of fake antivirus scams
  108. Microsoft reviewing Windows Phone messaging bug reports
  109. Google pays out $6,000 in bounties in Chrome 16 update
  110. Carrier IQ moves to allay fears of its tracking software
  111. Windows Phone bug disables messaging system
  112. Google removes 22 more malicious Android apps from its Market
  113. 'Duqu' zero-day Windows flaw patched this week
  114. New zero-day vulnerabilities discovered in Flash Player
  115. Microsoft to patch 20 vulnerabilities just in time for X'mas
  116. Google's Schmidt likens Carrier IQ to a keylogger
  117. Symantec confirms Adobe Reader exploits targeted defence companies
  118. Adobe Reader zero-day hackers could target US defence contractors
  119. Second-hand USB drives riddled with malware, Sophos finds
  120. Google security expert demonstrates web browser history theft
  121. RSA security lapse in turning DEP on to protect Windows XP led to March hack
  122. 8 companies hit with lawsuit over Carrier IQ software
  123. Da Vinci Code inspires secure USB drive
  124. Conficker worm linked to Stuxnet, respected US expert claims
  125. Skype security flaw exposes user identity and filesharing habits
  126. Duqu hackers wipe all servers going back to 2009
  127. Millions of printers open to devastating hack attack, researchers say
  128. Hackers launch millions of Java exploits, says Microsoft
  129. Android Trojan charges users for spam text messages
  130. Ministry of Defence admits losing 188 laptops
  131. 45 Gbps DDoS attack was largest of the year
  132. Enterprises struggle to update browser plug-ins
  133. US police use radio encryption to stop iPhone eavesdropping
  134. Google hardens HTTPS encrypted traffic against future attacks
  135. Mobile malware exaggerated by "charlatan" vendors, says Google engineer
  136. The worst passwords of 2011
  137. Police take down 2,000 .co.uk domains selling counterfeit goods
  138. Enterprise security threatened by mobile and virtualisation
  139. Windows Phone privacy issues investigated by regulators
  140. Google, Yahoo and Facebook oppose Stop Online Piracy Act
  141. Mac OS X sandboxing flaw reported by CoreLabs Research
  142. Watch out for scam emails at work this season
  143. FBI called in to investigate hack at US university
  144. F-Secure spots malware signed with real code certificate
  145. SSL certificates under fire as hacking incidents pile up
  146. Energy giant EDF used Trojans to spy on Greenpeace
  147. Duqu malware detected with open source toolkit
  148. Cycling star Landis sentenced for alleged Trojan attack
  149. Hackers target business accounts at banks
  150. Firewalls fail to stem tide of DDoS attacks, survey finds
  151. Hackers poison Brazilian ISP DNS to infect users with banking Trojan
  152. Microsoft patch release snuffs out major worm potential
  153. Firefox 8 download available for early birds
  154. Drug cartel release Anonymous hacker group member
  155. German authorities accuse Facebook of tracking deleted users
  156. Secunia to coordinate vulnerability disclosures for researchers
  157. Hackers harvest Facebook private data with social bots
  158. Anonymous will launch drugs cartel online assault
  159. HTTPS Vulnerable To Crypto Attack
  160. Duqu spreads using zero-day Word exploit, researchers warn
  161. Zeus gang mastermind gets jail for £3 million online raid
  162. Facebook denies file-sharing vulnerability, then quietly fixes it
  163. Researchers defeat CAPTCHA on popular websites
  164. 5 things you need to know about Android phones
  165. Duqu not created by authors of Stuxnet worm, says security company
  166. Kaspersky says fake antivirus attacks have decreased considerably
  167. New Tsunami Trojan discovered for Mac OS
  168. Anonymous threatens to expose Mexican drug cartel
  169. Researcher finds major security flaw in Facebook
  170. Kelihos botnet domain provider promises to make amends
  171. Amazon AWS attack demonstrated by researchers
  172. Kaspersky Lab detects Duqu incidents in Iran and Sudan
  173. RSA SecurID token attack hits Australian companies
  174. Interest in IPv6 booms despite puny traffic levels
  175. New hacker DOS tool overloads SSL servers with ease
  176. Spammers create their own URL shortening services
  177. DroidKungFu Android Trojan variant poses as legitimate app
  178. Naming your Wi-Fi network after an FBI surveillance van
  179. US police data officer leaked by angry hackers
  180. Tough to fully assess Duqu threat yet, say researchers
  181. Sophisticated rootkits becoming more resilient
  182. Opera denies refusing to patch critical vulnerability
  183. Adobe cops to Flash webcam spying vulnerability
  184. Symantec, McAfee differ on Duqu malware threat
  185. Massive SQL injection attack compromises 180,000 ASP.Net sites
  186. Duqu
  187. SpyEye banking malware continues to plague computers
  188. Porn prankster hijacks Sesame Street YouTube channel
  189. Microsoft Bing and Yahoo spreading malware links
  190. Microsoft fixes critical flaws in Windows and Silverlight
  191. Zeus Trojan update adds P2P takedown resistance
  192. Computer infected? Blame yourself, Microsoft report concludes
  193. German government admits using Skype spy Trojan
  194. Social network users notice growing security risks
  195. Sony blocks PSN accounts after suspected hacks
  196. Trojan keylogger infests US drone airbase
  197. Over 100 arrested in massive ID theft bust
  198. Users warned after YapBrowser returns from the dead
  199. German Hacker Club Uncovers Gov't-Sponsored In The Wild Malware
  200. Microsoft to patch 23 vulnerabilities next week
  201. Hackers show flaws in Facebook API protection
  202. Facebook deal with Websense doesn't solve security woes, say experts
  203. SpyEye online banking Trojan stealing customer text messages
  204. UK banks announce online fraud losses drop 32%
  205. Amazon encrypts data on S3 cloud storage service
  206. Zeus Trojan gang member gets jail for huge UK fraud
  207. Microsoft red faced as Security Essentials downs Google Chrome
  208. Online dating scam targets incurable romantics
  209. Microsoft fails to credit Kaspersky Lab for Kelihos botnet takedown
  210. Microsoft kills a botnet after striking domain provider
  211. Europe rubs online privacy advocates the wrong way with Data Retention Directive
  212. Facebook Timeline could help hackers steal your data, claims Sophos
  213. New Mac malware poses as PDF doc
  214. Microsoft passes Rustock botnet case on to FBI
  215. Italy gets heavy with one strike file sharing law
  216. Windows 8 to get important security tweaks
  217. Bot army being assembled and awaiting orders
  218. P2P used to steal data from US service members
  219. SpyEye Trojan stole $3.2 million from US victims
  220. HP announces Enterprise security software for businesses
  221. Remote access leaving business open to hackers
  222. Smartphone app stores should standardise security, EU Agency says
  223. Google Web History open to Firesheep hack
  224. Hack takes down Linux websites
  225. Mac security is a hostile and dangerous country
  226. DDoS cloud protection service offered to worried companies
  227. Cybercriminals trick Windows users into paying £88 in "ransomware" scam
  228. Criminal '.co.uk' domains to be shut in days, Nominet proposes
  229. Microsoft, Vodafone and the Telegraph websites taken down in DNS hack
  230. Police charge more UK Anonymous hacking suspects
  231. Apache squashes bug in open source web server
  232. Apple Mac OS X unable to revoke SSL certificates properly
  233. Nations with low malware rates have better ISPs, Microsoft research finds
  234. RSA hack linked to single phishing email, say F-Secure
  235. Twitter turns on SSL encryption security
  236. Warning after Zeus bank Trojan fused with Ramnit worm
  237. Android users hit by lethal Trojan root hack
  238. Yale university admits staff and student personal information exposed on Google
  239. Microsoft turns off advertising supercookies on MSN.com
  240. IPv6-handling flaw found in win 7
  241. McAfee launches WaveSecure for iOS devices
  242. Facebook data used to steal £35,000 from online bank accounts
  243. Adobe admits Google engineer responsible for Flash Player bug patches
  244. Super Glue website comes unstuck after Javascript attack
  245. Security researchers give BlackBerry PlayBook pass mark
  246. Official Release of SUPERAntiSpyware 5
  247. Google building Postini features into Apps
  248. Internet Explorer 9 hammers rivals in download blocking test
  249. Anonymous hackers target UK police and world leaders
  250. Most users run insecure versions of Adobe Reader