: Graphic Design, Digital Imaging, and Multimedia

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  1. Cool Edit Pro Problem!
  2. Digital pen in PS CS3
  3. Bamboo pen and touch: Pen writes while hovering
  4. Subtracting one image from another?
  5. digipro graphics digital pen
  6. youtube banner logo background
  7. Microphones
  8. Making Quizzes on Camtasia 7
  9. problem
  10. Making dvd video- audio not in sync with video
  11. PHOTOSHOP: Show me how to adjust this picture to my face
  12. Shrinking Video Size.
  13. Help needed with Macromedia Flash 8
  14. Help fix eyes closed
  15. InkScape
  16. 3Gp video salvagable??
  17. PhotoImpact 12: 3D Effect
  18. [SOLVED] [req] Can someone combine these?
  19. Cinema 4D preferences (Picture Viewer) not listed
  20. Corel upgrade colour issue
  21. Nero 6---Unable to edit video files anymore
  22. Taking an indefinite recording with your camera
  23. VHS to PC via Firewire
  24. Bad Jagged lines in flash after reformat
  25. Need help with VirtualDub and/or VH Capture issues
  26. turbo cad problem
  27. Gimp and raw therapee
  28. Help needed with photoshop cs3...
  29. Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 10.0 - Problem with dragging media
  30. >>Having probs with coloring in Gimp~ PLEASE HELP ASAP!<<
  31. Dreamweaver problems
  32. [SOLVED] Can I copy Netflix DVDs?
  33. After effects plug-in problem
  34. Help Fix Closed Eyes On Photo
  35. Adding subtitle to a Movie?
  36. book scanner I could use, and bookbinding
  37. .IMG
  38. PSP Pro X Colour Management Space
  39. [SOLVED] What is Rotoscoping?
  40. HD image hosting?
  41. Opening Multi-Layered Animations in Photoshop CS3 versus Imageready
  42. Youtube walkthroughs
  43. [SOLVED] Canoscan 9950F will preview but not scan
  44. Recording Fifa Goals from EASPORTWORLD for montage
  45. [SOLVED] Photoshop Website BUtton Help?
  46. Coreldraw installation problem
  47. Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 rendering error messages
  48. Photoshop cs5 filters
  49. couple questions about GIMP
  50. Photoshop "could not complete your request because program error" issue
  51. Help needed with titles in Elements 7.0 - urgent!
  52. after effects cs4/5 x64/x32
  53. DVD video format for Video Recorder
  54. After effects Matrix
  55. Cool Edit Pro - track ending question
  56. Photoshop
  57. [SOLVED] Monitor resolution
  58. Pasting (differences) between Photoshop and Paint
  59. Need both a good photo and video editor/designer
  60. VIA CAD
  61. How can I improve this?
  62. Lost Imagemixer 3
  63. Need Help with camtasia
  64. Can an animated .gif be made to time out?
  65. Just rendered a video using SV & need advice on what could cause this....
  66. Working with different resolution video
  67. [SOLVED] JVC HDD camcorder GZ-MG555U - no functionality
  68. Is Graphic Design A Art?
  69. GIMP overly pixelated images
  70. Easy software to produce video with slides, music, and voice input?
  71. [SOLVED] Where is this logo from?
  72. avi to flv converter for linux?
  73. Question about photo editing
  74. Turn a Scan DOC to a Digital Form?
  75. Everio Mediabrowser
  76. [SOLVED] Lightroom 3.4/purple photographs (Inspiron 1545/vista)
  77. Import pictures from Camera to computer
  78. A Display problem with Vegas
  79. Blender VTMs
  80. Cutting VOB files without changing anything else
  81. Advanced Technical Sony Vegas Pro 10 Video Editing Help Needed ASAP! PLEASE!
  82. Sony Vegas need help to put a video Inside a video
  83. [SOLVED] Working in paint program
  84. Photoshop CS5 disabled GPU settings: System Info claims my cards have zero memory!
  85. [SOLVED] unreadable jpeg files
  86. Wacom Tablet Problem
  87. [SOLVED] Print screen captures
  88. Photoshop help! [Logo designs] :(
  89. Gimp closing tools problem
  90. Sony Vegas Pro 10 (x64) - Random black spots in video
  91. [SOLVED] Sony Vegas reoccuring issue
  92. Good, but free DVD copy software?
  93. Need help finding a good freeware
  94. Imagemixer 3 SE
  95. Wacom Bamboo
  96. [SOLVED] Cannot see preview video on Sony Vegas Pro 10?
  97. Problem opening Sony vegas 9.0
  98. Help with Blender
  99. Has anyone seen a screensaver like this?
  100. Problems with ImageMixer 3
  101. imagemixer3
  102. Sony Vegas 9.0 Problem
  103. Converting any movie to Quicktime duplicates the movie
  104. Corel Draw 8 - Need Help
  105. Urgent need help with speed issues Vegas Pro 9
  106. Why does a video captured from a old camcorder take so much space?
  107. [SOLVED] Need help or advice about converting mkv files to vob files.
  108. [SOLVED] Font package(s)
  109. [SOLVED] Lost its resolution
  110. [SOLVED] How can i cut scenes from a video?
  111. Helping in final render
  112. Degrading Sound Quality... a Mystery
  113. Move illustrator tool panel
  114. Help with design software/templates
  115. C4D Flag tutorial problem
  116. What Font Is This?
  117. Ppro cs5 Problem to capture DV from camcord
  118. slideshow presentation
  119. Rendering Issues
  120. Illustrator creating clipping paths in EVERY group
  121. convert 3D Max to Maya
  122. Image mixer 3 authoring
  123. Vegas
  124. adobe CS4
  125. Sony Vegas 10.0c crashes when I open a project.
  126. How to make signatures
  127. Genuine Reason To Copy BBC DVD
  128. Basic Adobe Illustrator question
  129. graphics importer?
  130. Adobe Illustrator - Photorealism
  131. Program crashes every time I use it.
  132. object counter for adobe acrobat
  133. Fraps AVI not working problem analysis needed Please
  134. [SOLVED] Adobe Premier question
  135. Archos 605 videos to PC [Moved from gadget]
  136. [SOLVED] sony vegas network rendering
  137. Not Sure Where To Ask This......
  138. Need help with Paint Shop Pro 7
  139. 3d Graphic Help Needed
  140. MKV Ripping Help
  141. Winavi 11
  142. Need help from a Flash CS5 owner
  143. [SOLVED] Sony Vegas Doesn't End My Non-Rendered Video *SERIOUS**
  144. Background removing tool
  145. Sony Vegas 9.0 Crashing
  146. Capture Card Recording Software
  147. Selective Color Adjustment Layer Issue (PSCS4)
  148. export for web and devices along edges crop tool (illustrator CS3)
  149. Blender no playback
  150. Photoshop Images lose contrast when switching monitors
  151. MS Visual Studio 2008 Professional
  152. How do i capture 24 fps clips in 29.97 cs3 timeline? [moved from Hardware]
  153. [SOLVED] DVD decoder
  154. making smaller gif
  155. how to draw perspective in CAD.
  156. Artwork Blends for Screen Printing
  157. Cinema 4d DEMO Problems
  158. Free video editing software?
  159. [SOLVED] Resize a layer in Photoshop CS3
  160. [SOLVED] Installing downloads in parts?
  161. Record an avi onto a videotape
  162. Corel x5 launching issues
  163. DPI question
  164. Vista SP2 - Sony Vegas Pro 10.0 System low on memory
  165. Photo Editing Software Suggestion...
  166. Sony Vegas font too big?
  167. [SOLVED] ani gif to mp4
  168. [SOLVED] Reverse Cropping in Adobe Acrobat
  169. adding "torn edges" effect removes color . . .
  170. is it possible to play a game and use fraps at the same time to record audio from WMP
  171. Using Fraps
  172. 3DS Max Viewport navigation
  173. Changing tape to digital
  174. Settings for exporting avi
  175. ATI Stream + Vegas Movie Studio Platinum HD 10
  176. How to play file with EVO extension
  177. Adobe After Effects PROBLEM
  178. Image Processing Tools
  179. Image mixer 3 vers 6 not connecting
  180. Corel 10 problem
  181. [SOLVED] Small banner lines??
  182. Problem using Genius pen tablet
  183. Picture Motion Browser Cannot see Videos
  184. Video: How to flip... after filming with a cell phone in portrait mode
  185. Adobe Acrobat Pro 7
  186. Recording video from CPU using Dazzle?
  187. [SOLVED] Burning Photos To CD
  188. having major problems with Dazzle recorder, need help!
  189. Image mixer 3 se, am I doing something wrong?
  190. [SOLVED] Imagemixer won't open Video Library
  191. PaintShop Photo Pro X3 - unable to enter serial number
  192. Blu-Ray Burner Software?
  193. dvd label
  194. mp4? mp5?
  195. [SOLVED] How to unlock the monitor screen in Adobe Premier Pro CS3 ?
  196. What's wrong with IVC?
  197. unigraphics nx4
  198. Can I add/edit a movie using Win Movie maker?
  199. Need help - Sony Vegas Pro 8.0c keeps crashing - project due in 1 week
  200. [SOLVED] Video encoding
  201. Camstudio Error, "waveoutgetselectcontrol" () failed
  202. video codecs
  203. [SOLVED] How to convert music with copyright protection?
  204. Vista-Like Image-Editor on XP
  205. Promblem with new version of Gimp
  206. [SOLVED] Software that will play a .TOD file
  207. looping video tool, layers, crossfade, stabilization?
  208. photo copied from mac to stick to Vista
  209. Video to DVD converter
  210. [SOLVED] Need help with making a .gif video larger
  211. Sony Picture Motion Browser download
  212. Sony vegas pro 8 problem with text
  213. Can't open an After Effects project created with an earlier version!
  214. Overly bright video with no audio.
  215. [SOLVED] Sony Picture Motion Browser - Loss of Thumbnail Preview Pics
  216. imagemixer editing
  217. Graphics Applications Not Colorizing
  218. Help with Flash decompiler please
  219. Sony Vegas rendering error
  220. Roxio 9
  221. Hello pals, how to record on-screen activities?
  222. specific design program
  223. Graphic Tablet Installation Issues
  224. Video editing help needed
  225. Photoshop CS4 file replacement glitch
  226. Help - Terrible static sound in my recordings to post in my website
  227. Images in lightroom look VERY DARK in library?!
  228. Flash CS5: How to make an image visible on top of a fade-in/out animation/slideshow.
  229. Photoshop CS 4 crop tool not working
  230. Audio/Video synchronization
  231. PDF Map File Size
  232. Gallery/Slideshow creation for web: options?
  233. ImageMixer 3 SE doesen't work!
  234. HP Solution Center - Set Output Size
  235. Sony Vegas 8 Pro rendering problem!!! Urgent Advice Needed!!!
  236. problem with fonts changing in PDF files I'm sending out
  237. Drag and Drop problem in Photoshop
  238. Invalid Function Error When Burning direct to DVD-R
  239. HUGE problem with sony vegas 9
  240. Good , professional editng programs.
  241. How to import logo to the clip and display it during the whole clip
  242. PMB not recognizing Video Files, PLEASE HELP!!!
  243. AVI to M4V
  244. [SOLVED] P990i 3gp video problem :S:@:@:@:@
  245. Lightscribe Drive Not Recognised
  246. Autocad 2007
  247. Application for mouse user to substitute wacom pen tablet ?
  248. Movie Making Software?
  249. High Res, Low File Size
  250. Can Adobe Reader Print .JPG Files ?