: Resolved HJT Threads

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  22. Google Virus
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  24. Virus has survived all my attempts to kill it
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  33. infected files
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  36. need help
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  41. annoying commercials
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  48. Vista Total Security 2011
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  51. redirect virus
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  55. google site gets redirected
  56. Possibly infected..
  57. [SOLVED] WindowsDiagnostic Side Effect + Help For Others With WD
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  63. Iexplorer.exe
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  65. Search Engines Prop
  66. HTTP FakeAv Redirect
  67. If this is the wrong place for this, please guide me to the correct spot.
  68. Google Re-direct Virus.
  69. In need of help with Trojan/Virus. Fake "microsoft frontpage" is the location.
  70. 944plc32
  71. Not sure if I have something bad or not
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  85. Browser Hijacking
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  87. Malware
  88. [SOLVED] Random Web Pages Refuse to Load
  89. (windows 7) win32/Heur viruses
  90. Advice
  91. Had a virus think i got rid of it but still having some problems
  92. spyware/malware in grandaughter pc
  93. Blue Screen, also a Google Redirect Problem
  94. [SOLVED] Jacked up beyond belief
  95. Which one is the best free anti virus software to download?
  96. Help removing MBR Rootkit please
  97. Virus: XP Home Security 2011
  98. Trojan/virus?
  99. Getting Data Execution Error in Windows and CPU at 100%
  100. Persistant audio Virus
  101. Is there a Trojan on this site ?
  102. help please
  103. Help with resistant trojan
  104. Problem with a hacker
  105. System Tool/Warlordfmike
  106. Infection with Malware/Virus/etc.
  107. Redirect Virus
  108. [SOLVED] Avanquest
  109. Trojans found causing repeated BSOD
  110. Hijackthis logfile, please help
  111. Freezing and locking up
  112. System Tool virus
  113. virus masquerading as antivirus
  114. IE is keeps redirecting my searches.
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  116. Diagnose possible problem?
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  122. Google Redirect Virus.
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  128. Google Redirect with my logs
  129. I hope this is right!
  130. Number of processes on Task manager just keeps growing
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  132. Random Audio Ads (with Google Redirect/Jump)
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  134. Epic failure
  135. trojan and hijack problems
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  138. Number of processes on Task manager just keeps growing
  139. Virus on Laptop
  140. Virus causing havoc
  141. Possible Virus/Trojan?
  142. a quick question
  143. computer fast most of the time, then slow strange
  144. Pc seems to access the net all the time.
  145. Password(s) being stolen
  146. [SOLVED] Dazed and confused. Infected or not?
  147. I think my computer is badly infected; help please!
  148. Virus svchost and ADS
  149. I need help for a Worm:Win32/Rebhip.A virus
  150. Need help with Malware infected PC
  151. xp bad image error
  152. Hyjacked Comcast Email
  153. Virus attacked my YM. Please help.
  154. Google Redirect Trojan
  155. Webmonitoring problems?
  156. Laptop running slow/anti-virus software unable to run
  157. [SOLVED] MSE request
  158. Antivirus System failing
  159. Multiple Bad Image Errors
  160. Google links get redirected.
  161. Virus and Malware Removal
  162. Help !!!!!
  163. Internet Not Working.. High Suspsicion that This is Connected to Antivira Virus
  164. That darn Google Redirect Virus 2011
  165. Disabled Wi-Fi
  166. virus on Toshiba laptop
  167. Credit Card Fraud- maybe trojan?
  168. Passwords changing
  169. Virus de-activated firewall and internet connection
  170. Antivira AV virus - Help appreciated
  171. Unknown rootkit? Restore points, Defender, Updates all disabled
  172. I have a Problem from a Trojan virus
  173. Keylogger
  174. [SOLVED] Download problem after installing Win 7 SP1
  175. PLEASE HELP....antivira Av and Spybot
  176. csrss.exe has encoutered a problem (etc); Browsers proxy settings altered
  177. browser redirect malware - unable to remove
  178. [SOLVED] Numerous Issues, repeated failed boots & BSOD while running GMER
  179. My computer has trojans randomly for no reason
  180. Google Redirect Virus... Yet Again..
  181. Removed various trojans but google searches still being redirected
  182. Dll Bad Image Errors
  183. Browser redirect (scour.com) issues.
  184. Search Engine Redirets
  185. Cannot Access Internet/NIS will not launch
  186. registry errors
  187. Hotmail Sending Spam Links to Contacts
  188. Please help !
  189. STOP 0x00000024 error and zmkkpebciviax9.sys
  190. Google redirects and slow computer
  191. Laptop shuts off and runs slow
  192. [SOLVED] Yet Another Antivira Av Virus :(
  193. virus popup
  194. Got Sloppy
  195. unknown .sys file zmkkpebciviax9.sys
  196. Having some trouble
  197. Google Redirect Virus
  198. Gmail and WoW Account Hacked
  199. Google and other search engine result redirect.
  200. Virus Help Please
  201. Generally sluggish, some startup issues.
  202. Task Scheduler virus/trojan
  203. Antimalware Doctor
  204. Need Help to fix virus on computer
  205. i have a virus infection can you help remove it
  206. Mostly Internet related Errors across all browsers
  207. [SOLVED] Redirect and JIT Debugger Virus
  208. Virus/Malware help
  209. system cleanup, not so urgent.....
  210. Anti Vira AV/Smart Internet Protection 2011; computer is basically nonfunctional
  211. Google Redirect
  212. Userinit-Bad Image
  213. Browser Redirecting
  214. Google Search Redirect Problem
  215. Redirecting and virus problems
  216. Monstermarketplace redirect!
  217. web browsers don't work
  218. possible virus and browsers redirect
  219. svchost memory hog & browser redirects
  220. Casino Action Uninstall
  221. What could be wrong with my laptop?
  222. Virus Help
  223. Infected with a virus recently
  224. System Tool Infection - please help
  225. Blank screen after windows 7 splash screen
  226. Browser redirect
  227. [SOLVED] Possible Malware/virus not detected by security
  228. Antivirus.net keeps coming back.
  229. something downloading from my computer.
  230. After closing previous thread my problems continue
  231. Trojan attack, removed it but still unsure
  232. [SOLVED] Avira Pop Ups - A0070431.exe and A0070432.exe
  233. Help!!!!! Antivira AV.. Losing my mind!!!
  234. Search Engine Redirect/Audio/Wireless Zero Con/Restore Problemsfig/Freezing of PC/
  235. redirect, cannot install some windows patches
  236. google redirect!
  237. Bad Image error
  238. What type of virus do I have?
  239. HTML:FakeWarn-A[Trj]
  240. Need help removing rootkit
  241. Error - Bad Image
  242. TSF Security Team please read.....
  243. Infected with whitesmoke, can't get dds.scr to run
  244. Not able to GMER the system
  245. help removing Firefox browser redirects
  246. Online banking and email virus. It's there, Mcafee and windows tools cant get @ it!
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  248. Redirecting Problem
  249. rootkit problem
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