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Requirements to run Starcraft II medium,high,ultra ?

This is a discussion on Requirements to run Starcraft II medium,high,ultra ? within the PC Gaming Support forums, part of the Tech Support Forum category. Hello , this is my first post here , and this may have been answered. Ok so I downloaded the

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Hello ,
this is my first post here , and this may have been answered.

Ok so I downloaded the demo and I can run it on my new computer I bought (90$ , not new , but a huge upgrade to what I had) and to my surprise I run it at EVERYTHING LOW , UNIT PORTRAITS DISABLED , with some lag 1v1 . THe thing is , and mentioned, the quality is horrible . Having low income being in school and all , I would buy 8g of ram(like 60$?) and a 512mb video card(Like 100$?) .
How will that allow me to run ? Medium , high or Ultra ? What do I need for ultra no lag ?

Comp specs:
Pentium (R)4 CPU 3.40Ghz
Microsoft Windows Xp
896MB of RAM
Onboard Video Card
720p Monitor

Thank You ! :)
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Hello and welcome to TSF,
Your computer is unfortunately not enough to run SC2 optimally on Ultra settings, as you have probably figured out yourself. As you stated, the RAM and Video card will need a significant upgrade. However, assuming this is a prebuilt system, the internal components needed to run advanced hardware may be lacking. For example, your motherboard that has less than a gig of RAM will most probably not support 8GB of RAM that you want. This would involve replacing your motherboard, about $150 for a decent mATX. You can get a good video card such as the ATI Radeon 4000 or 5000 series, in which the lower end ones sell for about $40-$50. ATI cards are really good for budget builds. Yeah, I said build. Considering that all your parts need a significant upgrade, the hardware that came with your original prebuilt will more than likely not support it. Your current processor is pretty good, but if you are going to build a new one from scratch you can get a new i3 for about $80. A good gaming computer that will run SC2 at high-ultra settings will cost about $300-400. If you are interested, you can request a moderator with higher authority than me to move this thread to the hardware section so that the TSF hardware team can get you good parts for your price range, and assistance on how to build the PC itself. Also, SC2 is purely a game where gameplay matters more than the graphics. As long as the game runs at a smooth framerate even though it looks bad, it shouldn't affect the core fun of it. A lot of pros actually play at low settings on purpose to avoid the eyecandy and distraction. I know that you said you lag in 1v1, but what is the performance in the single player campaign? I'm pretty sure the demo comes with a couple missions. If the framerate is smooth in single player, than your 1v1 lag is most probably network orientated, which we can talk about if that is the case.
Good Luck!

EDIT: Here's a link for Blizzard's official system requirements: StarCraft II System Requirements - Battle.net Support

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Hey ! Thanks for the reply

Everything is laggy . Single player as well .

About the RAM , it has two 512mb ram cards in it , dunno why it says 896mb in the control panel .

Id be happy with medium settings and no lag , do you think 4 or 8 gb of ram + a video card could do this ? Budjet like 200$

Thanks 2x !
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My System

your whole PC needs changing
adding RAM to an old PC won't do
you have a Pentium 4 and probably you have an AGP slot in your motherboard
stop wasting your money on upgrades, it won't do you good at all
if you have 200$ wait until it's 400 to 450$ and you can build a PC that'll run SC2 on medium high settings

!!Please do not PM me about Tech Support!!
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My System

I agree with RockmasteR. P4 is old news and just not sufficent enough to play modern games. At the very least you should get a dual-core processor 3-4 gigs of ram and a decent PCI-E graphics card being power by a reliable power supply.

Revo Uninstaller
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