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Reinstalling Stronghold 2

This is a discussion on Reinstalling Stronghold 2 within the PC Gaming Support forums, part of the Tech Support Forum category. I switched computers awhile ago, and I was meaning to fix a certain problem on my own. However, I lack

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I switched computers awhile ago, and I was meaning to fix a certain problem on my own. However, I lack the knowledge to solve it without help, so I wanted to ask you guys a question. But first, a breakdown.

After uninstalling the game from my previous computer, I successfully installed the PC game Stronghold 2 on my current computer. However, when I try to play it, it says that I'm missing the GDPFile.dll. It also said that reinstalling the game might solve the problem. So I did. Unfortunately, the same error popped up, no matter how many times I removed Stronghold 2 from my computer and installed it again.

Now for the question: What should I do? Should I give up and buy another copy? Or is there an easier (and cheaper) solution?
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Hello and welcome to TSF!

Your new computer runs XP Service Pack 3 or a newer Operating System?

Make sure your anti-virus is not preventing the installer from working (turning it off will usually help) and make sure the file is actually installed by simply searching your computer for the file in question. You may need to install it then download a patch.
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Hey JellyGigglerMan and welcome to TSF!

Is this being installed from a disc?

If so, check that the disc isn't scratched. If the disc is scratched you can first try copying the contents of the disc to your desktop or wherever; then try installing. If the copying of the files to your desktop fails you know there is a problem with the disc.

In such an event you could use this to get the damaged content from the disc.

Failing the above, or as an alternative you could lightly polish the damaged area with toothpaste. Be careful as over polishing can ruin the disc, don't apply too much pressure and do so lightly.

If you don't want to polish yourself ask your local game store or DVD rental place to polish the disc for you, if it is damaged that is.

Good luck,

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