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IE7 and IE8 resized jpg image saving as untitled.bmp

This is a discussion on IE7 and IE8 resized jpg image saving as untitled.bmp within the Internet Explorer & Edge Forum forums, part of the Tech Support Forum category. Hi, I'm having a problem that no one so far has been able to help with on several forums where

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I'm having a problem that no one so far has been able to help with on several forums where I have requested help. It's definitely a puzzler and isn't happening on other people's IE7 or IE8 when directed to my example web page.

I am using PHP to resize a jpg image and then dynamically display it on the web page. Once resized and displayed, right-clicking on it and trying to save it brings up the 'save as...' dialog box showing the image as 'untitled.bmp'. If I save it, further checks confirm it's been saved as a bitmap image, not a jpg. As can be seen on the demo site I've created: http://www.demo.freephphostonline.com/ the issue of incorrect headers has been gone over on other forums, and different ones used. The current headers used are working fine for people who go to my demo site and right-click to save the image shown there. For me, that very same image comes up as untitled.bmp when I go to the demo page.

Googling brought up only one other forum topic in which a person described having the exact same issue - unfortunately no remedy is logged. It is not the more common IE issue of all images on any web pages being saved as untitled.bmp. I can go to any website and download images which are saved with correct filename and extension, from jpg to gif to png. I can download my own image as used on the demo website as a jpg before resizing it. One theory put forward was that information is lost from the jpg image when resized that causes IE to incorrectly identify the image type, but this cannot be right because other people have visited my demo webpage using IE7 and IE8 and been able to right-click and save the image as a jpg image. No one so far has encountered the same problem as me. So, the issue must be local. I was using IE7, but upgraded to IE8 beta 2 in the vain hope of curing the problem. No such luck, the issue continues even with IE8b2.

Has anyone any idea what may be wrong? I've tried doing an IE reset to disable add-ons and things in case they were causing issues as I read on one website. Is there anything else I can check for?

I'd really appreciate any help getting to the bottom of this.

Thank you to anyone who replies.
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Old 10-18-2008, 10:40 AM   #2
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Finally fixed this annoying fault!

Here's what you need to do:

Within Internet Explorer:

Tools > Internet Options
Go to Advanced tab
Go to Reset Internet Explorer settings section
Click on Reset... button
Tick Delete Personal Settings box
Click the Reset button
Follow instructions that appear and restart IE.

It is ESSENTIAL that you tick the box to delete personal settings, or the problem will remain!

The above steps finally cured this problem. Original images displayed simply using img src="" were saving correctly, but any image, in any format, outputting from PHP imagecreatefromjpeg () and imagejpeg() or other formats (imagegif, etc), were saving as untitled.bmp when right-clicked and 'saved as...'.

Hope this helps others!
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Followed your instructions but that did not work for me.

So far the only work-around I have found is to use fire fox
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please start you own thread thanks
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