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Hi there,
I hope someone may have an idea as to what may be causing the below issue.
Our business has a CCTV DVR that we have been using via Internet Explorer successfully for over 12 months now.
However, since updating to IE9 on a few of our Windows 7 machines the images will no longer show, we can log into the DVR and all of the interface shows correctly it is just the camera images that will not show.
We have had success on only one PC using IE9, the difference being is that this PC uses Vista business and has an ATI graphic card (all the others that will not work have Nvidia cards including one Vista Ultimate machine)
As a test I formatted one of the Windows 7 machines and reinstalled Windows 7, then drivers etc before installing IE8.
I then logged into our DVR successfully and all the camera images streamed ok, after this I updated to IE9. When logging into the DVR now with IE9, again no images stream. The Activex is installed correctly and running or I would assume so as all the interface loads and comms commands work (retreiving settings, copying footage from the HDD etc).
When we first got this DVR we did have this same problem and after speaking to technical support they got me to run dxdiag which shown that Direct Draw was not available, they advised me to update the display drivers on the PC which cured the issue (direct draw then shown enabled and images streamed).
Although I would have thought display drivers would not be the issue as IE8 works ok updating them was one of the first things I did after the issue first appeared on IE9.
I have been in contact with manufacturer and they have said they will look into it but I just thought I would ask here incase any of you knowledgable folk may know what could cause this.
I realise this may not even be something to ask here also, it may be better answered on the Nvidia forums I just dont know.
The manufacturer has an online demo of the same DVR on their website so if any of you would like to see exactly what I am talking about you can visit this link: Untitled Document
Just to recap and give you a bit more info on each PC here are the operating systems and graphic cards installed, all drivers have been updated:
Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit - Nvidia Gefore 6200
Windows Vista Ultimate 32-bit Nvidia Gefore 6200
Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit - Nvidia Geforce 8800GTS 512MB
Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit - Nvidia Gefore 8800GTS 320MB
Windows Vista Business - ATI Radeon 4600 (Only Working Computer)

Thanks for any help and if there is any more info needed just ask
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I would look at Active X as the cause, first. When you open the camera in IE, is there a red X in the box where the image displays or is it just blank?

Unfortunately, I haven't seen IE9 yet so I can't give you exact steps. But, generally speaking, or using IE8 as an example, try this. Check your browser Addons (usually under Tools>>Enable/Disable Browser Add Ons). See if the Active X control installed for your camera is listed and Enabled. If not, try setting it to Enable or else you will have to change a couple security settings to allow the control to install. I will bet with 90% certainty that's the problem.
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