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building my own tv antenna

This is a discussion on building my own tv antenna within the Offline forums, part of the Tech Support Forum category. I'm mad, I'm very mad, I prefer not to pay a cable bill of 150 a month for mediacom so

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I'm mad, I'm very mad, I prefer not to pay a cable bill of 150 a month for mediacom so I use century link to stream tv sine I pay 45 a month for internet anyway
But I like the local news from va or Greenville either one, which requires either cable or an antenna, enter a new digital tv antenna I didn't know I could use the HUGE old one that was already on a pole that weighed 130 lbs with nothing more than a 75-300 ohm adapter, so I cut it down last year when we moved in, and installed one like I had in Va I don't remember what kind it was but it was sold at Roses and it was supposed to have a 120 mile range, I know better, but it picked up what I wanted to watch so it was good then I broke the little white cable and it didn't work, I twisted the wires together and it worked just not as good I paid 20 for it, it needed replaced, we went to scotlandNeck and looked in Roses, Maxway, in walmart in Ahoskie, Roanoke Rapids, Murfreesboro and didnt; find anything except a window sticker antenna, so we ordered a GE pro outdoor antenna (no model # on box) is flat assembles easy..............and I'll be damned if I ever waste another 4 dollars at walmart online and buy another one it says it picks up 70 miles, more like 70 feet. so I have googled " how to build a tv antenna" and I have decided to have a go at it , apparently I can build one that will aim in two directions at ones for about $20, using 1 1/2 inch pvc pips a lot of screws and 6 ga copper wire. If I remember this thread I'll post pictures of the progress as its gonna be a learning curve for me

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Channel Master would be a better option. Their range promises are close to real as long as you locate the unit at a proper place.

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Here's a good place to check what you might be able to pick up: Address

Keep in mind antenna ranges are based on optimal conditions. Winegard and Channel Master are the two best in my opinion.
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Yea, I looked at Channel Master I dont have the money for one of those yet

as for antenna web that site is totally useless for me, I put in my address and it says I cant watch ota tv, funny, at this moment I'm watching 9.3 try antenna fool its a site that actually works

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I did a big fancy sclameisel, 50'+ of mast made of fence rail lashed together in triplicate. Had it hinged at the base and rigged with a winch to raise/lower it. Big ChannelMaster antenna, rotator, signal boosters, the whole nine yards. Pulled in a city some 70 miles away that most people around here don't get.

Then I realized how many commercials they were running per hour, even during their news. And how many times they dropped scheduled programming for some kind of kiddie ball game.

So, Lost all interest in TV

Now I have the winch on one of my yard tractors, various sections of the mast reused for other purposes, the antenna and rotator stashed in the garage rafters, and other various and sundry bits and pieces scattered about.
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With antenna, size is everything. A Yagi is a high gain directional and allows you to choose what signal you want to 'boost' by pointing it. Can make a very effective non-directional antenna with nothing more than wire.
I have old cable company coax running around through the trees in a big triangle shape for radio reception that works very well and pulls in stations 50+ miles away. When the grand kids are here I hook it up to a television and they get pretty much all the local channels with ease.
Biggest problem I have is several stations that are physically about the same distance away, but very close in frequency and signal strength. It gets annoying when rocking with classic rock and some pop/rap fades in so you're blasting beeber.
Size and wavelength do have an effect on reception, but it's not so critical as it is with transmission.
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