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Win 10 Creator version, cannot change IP Address on wireless adapter.

This is a discussion on Win 10 Creator version, cannot change IP Address on wireless adapter. within the Windows 10 Support forums, part of the Tech Support Forum category. Really odd situation. A conflict has developed between our wireless printer and a wireless network built-in card on my wife's

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OS: W8.1, Feb. 2014 Update

Really odd situation. A conflict has developed between our wireless printer and a wireless network built-in card on my wife's PC.

In a nutshell, all was working fine before the Creator update. The wireless printer was 'hard wired' to All PC's and devices could print to it. After the update I could print to it without a problem as I did test it (I got the update before my wife's PC.

Wife's PC used her AC wireless adapter, but the PC also had an N speed wireless adapter on the motherboard but it was disabled. Her AC adapter was using a RESERVED IP Address of on the Router.

Yesterday I discovered I could no longer print to the wireless printer?

Wife said no problem, send me the thing you want to print as she had no problem printing before the update either... and well, you guessed it, since she was updated to Creator she couldn't print either.

I discovered the reason. For whatever reason after she updated to Creator, it enabled her on-board N speed wireless adapter, disabled the AC unit, and SOMEHOW assigned it to her N speed wireless adapter!

OK, did some 'investigating'. Seems since the AC one was always used in the router I only assigned its MAC Address to a fixed IP Address. Once I disabled the N device and enabled and connected the AC device we could both print again.

So I'll be able to fix this. I'll just assign in the router the N adapter's MAC address to be, right? Nope, rebooted her PC with that device enabled and it STILL was set to! Router saw it that was as well?

OK, the other way to do this was to actually SET the IP Address in the NIC IpV4 properties to be and that would override everything. Nope, it wouldn't work, setting never got saved?

Fine, I'll open Device Manager, remove the device and its drivers... worked... and searched for new devices. N adapter came back. Went to connect to it and I needed to enter the Passphrase, good, as I assumed that meant all data for the device was deleted. Checked the IP Address, STILL!!!!

OK, one last thing to try, IPCONFIG /RELEASE... and yes, everything WAS released... IPCONFIG /RENEW... and again came back????

I searched her Registry and it does have some entries but I'm reluctant to delete those.

Anyone have any ideas why this is happening? Did I miss cleaning out something?

This isn't a real problem now as I changed the Printer reserved IP Address and fixed all devices to print to it, but I sure am curious why I can't change that devices IP Address?
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Old 04-20-2017, 10:16 AM   #2
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Join Date: Sep 2010
Posts: 20
OS: W8.1, Feb. 2014 Update

Solved, don't know how, but today the IP Address IS

There was a drop on the modem overnight and when I booted my PC I did connect to the router but no internet. Had to reset the modem (only) and I got the Internet connection. Later when I checked wife's PC, all was well?

Don't know why it didn't work before or why it worked now, but it is solved....
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