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WiFi/Router Problems in Medium Size Network

This is a discussion on WiFi/Router Problems in Medium Size Network within the Networking Support forums, part of the Tech Support Forum category. I've been put in charge of sorting out what the issue is with the WiFi network at my work. The

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I've been put in charge of sorting out what the issue is with the WiFi network at my work. The network is pre-existing so I'm not 100% familiar with how its been setup. My networking skills are fairly limited so I haven't been able to figure out what is causing the conflict.

Here is how our network is wired:

DSL > DI-604 Router > WBR-1310 & LinkSys 8-port Switch

The LinkSys Switch is connected to the DI-604. The DI-604 ( provides 2 computers with internet access, a Windows XP machine and a Mac OS9 machine as well as access to the printers via the switch.

The WBR-1310 ( exists only to provide WiFi connections for clients. We want this router to be password protected.

Here is where the confusion starts. We have a Windows Vista laptop that I used to setup the WBR-1310. The laptop can connect wirelessly to the WBR-1310 without any problems using WPA2-Auto and TKIP.

However my laptop, which is Windows XP, cannot connect at all. The WBR-1310 is setup for Dynamic IP DHCP, with the primary DNS being the DI-604 ( I can't figure out for the life of me why our Vista laptop can connect, but nobody else can.

My thoughts are that A: Dynamic IP isn't the right protocol or there is some kind of MAC address problem I'm not aware of or (I don't quite understand MAC address') B: The WBR-1310 needs to be the primary router with the DI-604 chained to it, or I need to do something else with DHCP I'm not aware of.

Below is a image to help conceptualize how the network is setup. Hopefully someone can set me on the right track to solving this! It is a rather confusing jumble of cords and I'd like to find a solution that doesn't involve me rewriting everything.

Thanks to all in advance.

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I'd try two things:

1) Assign the 1310 a static IP number. You will have to get on the 604 and pick an IP number that the DHCP server won't allocate. That will mean that for the 1310 the default gateway is (604) and the network mask is See if you can connect now. If you "tracert" from the vista, you should see two hops (I think).

2) Turn off the security on the 1310 and try go get the machines to connect. When machines are connecting, incrementally turn the security back on. You are not going to leave it off, just long enough to get everything working.

Make sure that the firewalls are off for the machines that can't connect to the 1310.

What is the Default gateway for the Vista machine that can connect? It should be If it isn't the 1310 is giving out DHCP requests and shouldn't be. The default gateway for the 1310 should be

Good luck. An interesting problem to say the least.
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