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Wifi not working for my gateway laptop.

This is a discussion on Wifi not working for my gateway laptop. within the Networking Support forums, part of the Tech Support Forum category. So here is what happened, it started two days ago. I use a wifi connection at work, it's an unsecure

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So here is what happened, it started two days ago. I use a wifi connection at work, it's an unsecure wifi and I don't know where it comes from. But I am able to get on here at work and do stuff... two days ago I tried and it let me on like normal, but then I couldn't get on websites, it said local access only...

so I was like mmm that's odd and the little CD looking thing wasn't there it was just two computers on the bottom right hand corner of the screen. So I restarted after attempting a few times... same problem, finally after a while it let me online but it was very slow and kept kicking me off. When I would try to reconnect sometimes it wouldn't let me and it would give me the option to diagnose the problem or try a new network, I'd move around and finally get on.

I restored back to a day when it was working fine, I did a disc clean up, I used my CCleaner, I defragged my laptop. Still the same problem, my laptop is a Gateway computer running on Windows Vista... so today at first my wifi wouldn't work unless I was standing and holding it... which I found the higher in the air the better it stays connected it seems sometimes.

I chatted with gateway and they gave me a few links to download which failed to download once they got to like 30% or so, so I am all out of options I downloaded the wifi link here Download free driver for notebook Gateway ML3109 (Windows 7, XP, Vista) - DriverPack Solutio since that is my laptop

So far I don't think it worked, but I may have to restart to see... right now if I move my computer it will kick me off, I have to keep it perfectly still hanging over the edge a little off the desk here. I am all out of options, can it really be my laptop or did the wifi I get the signal from mess up?

Also another thing that crossed my mind, if the bandwidth went over the limit, could it make it slower and harder to get on?

Any help? thanks
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No replies? :( I thought I'd add this, if I move my laptop I lose all connections and when I go to reconnect it shows the wifi I get on, and I click connect and it says it can not so I refresh and it is gone and there are no signals around that can be picked up so I keep refreshing, same message. Then if I close out of it, and open it back up it shows the signal I always use as being there unless I refresh again then it goes away again. So I keep playing with it until I find the perfect spot for it to connect, but then again if I even move it one inch it disconnects and sometimes it won't stay connected long even if I don't move it.

Also it runs very slowly compared to before, This all started Friday before that it was perfect.

Last thing to mention, it always had 1 bar and still does... so it is a weak signal to connect to, but once connected it usually goes up to 2 or 3 even now that it is broken... please someone, any advice?
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Do you have access to the wireless router? From your 1st post it seems that you dont access to the router. If thats the case then there is not much you can do to troubleshoot.

Have you tried updating your wireless network card drivers?

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