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wake on lan wan, portforwarding, arp, NAT help!

This is a discussion on wake on lan wan, portforwarding, arp, NAT help! within the Networking Support forums, part of the Tech Support Forum category. Hi, my network setup is like this; I have a verizon fios supplied Westell 9100em primary router, with 1 desktop,

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Hi, my network setup is like this; I have a verizon fios supplied Westell 9100em primary router, with 1 desktop, 1 laptop, and one ip camera connected to it. Also connected to it is a WRT-54GS secondary router running DD-WRT that is in DHCP forwarder mode. It feeds 3 other desktops.

I have wake-on-LAN working fine, however wake-on-WAN is giving me issues. I am focusing on getting 1 (windows machine) of the 3 desktops on the secondary router working first, as once I can do that, the others should fall into place. I have set a static arp type for this windows 7 PC, on both the primary and secondary router, and have made a portforwarding rule on the primary router to send UDP Any > 7 to this PC's IP address. I've also tried making a portforwarding rule on secondary router, forwarding UDP 7 > 7, but this seems to have no bearing. Now, when the PC is on, and I am using WOL Magic Packet Sender in Receive mode, it gets the magic packets just fine. It also gets the magic packets and turns the machine back on within about 10 seconds of being turned off, but after more than a minute or so, the machine can no longer be woken up. When using broadcast IP of 255, the machine can be woken up no matter how long it's been off, but only from LAN. The router will not allow broadcast packets from WAN, apparently. I've read some things about arp flushing and suspect this may be an issue, but not sure how to fix it? Can anyone help me figure out where I've gone wrong? Or what a better setup/configuration would be to get this functioning? I'm trying to be able to turn my PC on from anywhere with my android smartphone using WOL Wake On LAN WAN app. Thanks for your time

P.S. I have looked at this thread but it's hard to understand and not much help, but his problem seems similar, as I have double NAT [SOLVED] port forwarding help
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OS: windows 7 and 8

Somewhat solved this by forwarding UDP any > 80 to my secondary DD-WRT routers IP address. So now when I browse to my main routers IP address at home, it forwards to the DD-WRT router. From there I can log into DD-WRT administration, and make the router broadcast packets from the LAN using .255. Works, but I think it's not the correct way of doing wake-on-wan? There must be a way of sending the packet directly from the WAN? I'm not sure how secure it is being able to log into my router from the internet either. I think it's not good security wise.
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