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two routers, NAT, static IP and Minecraft

This is a discussion on two routers, NAT, static IP and Minecraft within the Networking Support forums, part of the Tech Support Forum category. Hello all available gurus. First off, I've never posted on any forum before, so I apologize in advance if I

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Hello all available gurus. First off, I've never posted on any forum before, so I apologize in advance if I have any forum faux pas. I've spent literally hours over the past two days reading and learning about setting things up so my son can host a Minecraft server (non-public) for his friends. Two things I found out: 1) this is a lot to learn for an art major, 2) there's no place for me to nominate myself for mother of the year. I want to make sure I'm thinking this all through completely before I mess anything up. My particulars:

Linksys WRT160N router behind a Qwest DSL ActiontecM100 modem/router with DHCP. I turned the DHCP setting OFF on the Qwest unit, so the Linksys router is assigning the IPs. We have 3 PCs (two wireless laptops and a wired PC used for online gaming) and a Mac (OS X 10.6.3) on our LAN. Son has already set up his game server on the Mac. I went into Mac Network and set up a static LAN IP, then went into Linksys settings and set up a port forward to the Mac's IP. I realize having the two routers isn't ideal for what I'm trying to do, as the two routers together will not allow the port to forward. I want to make sure I don't enable/disable anything that will put my system at risk just because of some goofy game.

What next? Should I a) enable DMZ hosting on the Qwest unit, which, as I understand it, would allow ALL traffic to get through to the Linksys, which would then then use its own firewall to block everything except the port I opened to the Mac, right? And EVERYTHING else on our LAN would be safe? or b) set up the Linksys as a WAP? or c) set up one of the units to act as a bridge? or d) just tell son to go outside and play basketball instead? If it makes a difference, I think the Linksys user setup controls are easier for me. Also, do I need to do anything with NAT?

Then should I set up a static external IP through Dyndns or no-IP? Before yesterday I never even checked my IP, so I have no idea how often it changes. Couldn't son just check what our IP is on any particular day he and his buddies want to get on his server together and tell them what it is on that day?

Thank you all in advance. My brain is getting full....
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You could just put the Mac which is hosting the game server onto the DMZ of the LinkSys. That would allow all traffic to the MAC and keep your LAN safe and nothing would get through the Linksys either.

I have something similar setup at home for my webserver.

PS: playing basketball outside is way better since the summer is here :)

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You might need to port forward on the modem/router Qwest unit to the Linksys ip address.
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Thanks for the input. What I ended up doing was to set the linksys IP to static, DNS as (the Actiontec) plus the two from Qwest. DHCP enabled starting at Then on the Actiontec setup turn off DHCP and set the dmz to The Mac is already static at and the Lynksys is set to port forward 25565 to that IP. Both firewalls are turned off. So son and his friends can now play together, but there are some concerns. Will NAT serve effectively as the firewall? Also, I now have problems with some web sites either no or slow loading. So I think there must be some other setting that's bogging things down. I use Avast Antivirus, but the free version with no firewall. Could it be a setting in Avast I need to change?
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