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router and switch setup question

This is a discussion on router and switch setup question within the Networking Support forums, part of the Tech Support Forum category. I have a Nettalk Duo voip device that is having issues. What I am trying to do is move the

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I have a Nettalk Duo voip device that is having issues. What I am trying to do is move the Nettalk out from behind my access point's firewall. It is already in the DMZ with all the proper port forwarding done, but the Nettalk still has issues. Any help is appreciated.

I am trying to keep this short, so if I need to clarify anything please ask.

SB6120 cable modem with Comcast (~32Mbps down, ~5Mbps up)
USR5461 wireless AP with DD-WRT micro build
Nettalk Duo
Unknown gigabit switch

Current setup:
SB6120 -> USR5461 -> Nettalk and computer

Desired setup:
SB6120 -> Gigabit switch -> Nettalk and USR5461 -> computer (to AP)

Basically I want to know if this desired setup will work (i.e. puting a switch between the modem and router and hooking the router and nettalk to the switch).

If it doesn't work, I would appreciate any low-cost suggestions. Thank you in advance.
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it will only work if you get two public ip addresses from the ISP. Otherwise one but not the other will work.
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Thanks for the reply.

New question: Since Comcast now supports ipv6 in my area would I still need to pay Comcast for a second ip address?

Also, if Comcast does allow it now, I assume all of my devices need to support ipv6, or can I have some legacy ipv4 devices connected?

For example, I would still like to have the nettalk duo device connected between the modem and router, and I assume the modem, router, switch and nettalk devices would all need to support ipv6, but would devices behind the router need to support it was well, or could the router us NAT for legacy devices?

I hope my questions make sense.

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Sorry for the double post, but I have a piggy-back question.

If I have a router with an ipv6 address from my isp, can i have some devices behind the router using ipv6 and others ipv4 (i.e. one device using ipv6, another using ipv4, both of which connected to the routers lan switch)? I assume this is not possible.

Thanks again!
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