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Question... logging on

This is a discussion on Question... logging on within the Networking Support forums, part of the Tech Support Forum category. Im having trouble with this question. Any care to test their skills? As a consultant for the First National Bank

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Im having trouble with this question. Any care to test their skills?

As a consultant for the First National Bank of Monroe, you have been asked to solve a problem on the bank's network that began on Monday. According to the bank manager, one of the tellers has been unable to log on to the network. The teller sees an error message that says something like "that address is in use by another computer." When you arrive at the bank, the college intern who has been settin up the machines tells you that he is usiing a program called Ghost to clone all PCs from a single disk image. In other words, an exact copy of one machine's software, operating system, and properties has been copied to all of the computers. After copying each machine, he has been modifying its TCP/IP properties. All of the PCs are brand new, are running Windows XP, and use the same hardware and software. First National Bank's network consists of two servers running Windows Server 2003 and the TCP/IP protocols.

What might be preventing the teller from logging on to the network?

What information about the server and network will help you to determine the problem's cause?

What do you look for on the teller's computer?
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There is also a second part to the question....

First National Bank's president congradulates you on quickly solving the problem. She then shares the information that she's about to make an offer to buy Monroe's other bank, Metropolitan Savings. She's worried that the two banks' networks won't integrate easily. She isn't sure what kinds of servers or workstations are used by the other bank, but the IT manager at Metropolitan Savings mentioned something about a network that relies on the Internet. He also mentioned that they use UNIX servers and Windows clients.

What can you tell First National Bank's president about integrating the two networks?

What protocols would you recommend that she use or continue to use to facilitate the integration process?
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so how did you go? I now have the same questions to answer.
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