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Need way to combine multiple broadband connections on single network.

This is a discussion on Need way to combine multiple broadband connections on single network. within the Networking Support forums, part of the Tech Support Forum category. Okay so here is the situation. A couple of guys i know plan to open a LAN center as soon

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Okay so here is the situation. A couple of guys i know plan to open a LAN center as soon as they get everything worked out with an investor and I'm trying to help them with a lot of the technical details. Now under normal circumstances I would have no problem setting up a simple internet plan for a place, but a LAN center needs crazy fast internet, faster than most large enterprise class offices that take up an entire floor or two. Otherwise there is too much lag in games like first person shooters. We are expecting to have 60 computers, plus people bringing their own gaming rigs from home and laptops as well, xbox, ps3 and other consoles, all accessing the internet at the same time to varying degrees, with no room for lag. There is a LAN center in california that has 200 or more computers and they pay for 9 t3 lines, which is thousands and thousands of dollars per month. Plus the initial equipment to set that up from what I can find on cdw is many thousands of dollars also. Something like 10,000 for a router with 4 expansion bays, and 4000-6000 dollars for a t3 expansion card, bringing the total to around 22-28,000 for equipment to do just 4 t3's. Plus the monthly cost. Since we don't need all of the traffic to be secured like a high end business class line like a t3, I was considering what it would be like, and how one would set up, having multiple cable internet lines coming in. They make cable wic cards for cisco routers. 4, 50meg cable lines would give us 200 down and 40 up but I don't know how to make that work without having multiple public ip's. I was thinking that if I did have multiple public ip's on the network I could just divide the computers up so that they are in groups, using all of the public ip addresses for gateways, so that the load is split pretty evenly, but still, there should be a more seamless way to do this, I just don't know what it is. At the rate for business cable internet, 4 lines would probably only cost around 700 dollars a month, which is much better than probably 5 grand a month for several t3 lines. Any ideas?

I know with t1's and t3's the phone company usually does some bonding or trunking on their end to make the multiple connections function like one connection with a larger pipeline(though still possible to have multiple public ip's) I just don't know how to do this with cable or fios.
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Bump. I really need to get a plan laid out for this soon.
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You will need a router that will connect multiple broadband connections. There are alot out there and mostly exspensive. I'm using one now that I found at Xtreem Networks I paid a little over a $1,000 but now the same one I bought is selling for $600. Its been working strong for me now for 2 years. My torrents download extremely fast.

Theres alot of information on theor site that may help you.
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You cna't use multiple public ip on the inside. No nat,lan if that were the case.
T1 bonding doesn't give you the expected thruput. We expected 3mbps and found at best we were getting 2mbps

T1 is 24 channels and provides 1.5mbps
T3 is 672 channels and provides 44.736mbps
T3 can go up to [DS5] 400.352 Mbit/s with 5760 channels.

Cable on the other hand, at least in my area, can only provide 100/20 mbps max

If you are serious about this project you need to work with the cable and telephone company's directly to see what max bandwidth in your affordable range that they can supply.

The rest will fall into place after that has been decided.
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