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I keep getting DDoS'ed. What can I do about this?

This is a discussion on I keep getting DDoS'ed. What can I do about this? within the Networking Support forums, part of the Tech Support Forum category. I've never had this problem in the past. All of this is very new to me. So I play call

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I've never had this problem in the past. All of this is very new to me.

So I play call of duty black ops 2 on the PS3 . In the league play mode of that game, there seems to be a lot of "booters" or people who will boot your internet offline in order to win the game. At first, this was a minor issue. I only got booted offline once or twice and all I would have to do is reset my router and i would be fine.

Recently however, I've been getting DDoS'ed a LOT more. Everytime I play black ops 2, I will get booted AT LEAST 5 times a day. Its getting more and more frequent and quite annoying that some random person on the internet has the ability to shut my internet down.

Is there anything I can do about this? I've found a DDoSing prevention and solution guide on the internet. It talks about getting a VPN, but that costs money. The guide says that if I get a program called "tcpview" or something, I can get the IP of whoever is booting me.

What do you guys suggest I do? How should I prevent these attacks? More importantly, is there anything I can do to get the people doing this in trouble? Once I get their IP should I call Comcast and tell them about it? Any advice you guys have would be great.

I find it pretty pathetic that this is so common now. Why is nothing being done about this?
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That would be hard pressed to find something you can do yourself from at home. This would be a ISP level problem. One thing you might look into is seeing if you have ICMP echo requests enabled on your router (if you are using one). A ddos attack continiously sends these ping requests to your IP. If that is a router, turning off echo requests will significantly redude the amount of traffic going through, but of course if there are too many requests for the router to process, nothing will go through and of course your "internet," will be shut down temporarily until the traffic ceases. Call your ISP and inform them of the issues you are having, they have expert network technicians that will be able to help you more than this forum.
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There isn't much a home user can do. Unless you are willing to spend a few bucks a month on DDos protected VPN's and routing your xBox or PS3 connection through your PC you are somewhat out of luck. Most people that "run xBox live" use booters they find on online marketplaces. These use either CHARGEN or DNS attacks from servers not owned from them so you can't find out who is booting you.

The only chance you have is to find the person who is raging (After routing your connection from xBox > PC > LIVE or whatever it is for PS3) and give them a call. Check TCPView for incoming packets and take note of their IP. You can ring them up if you think that they will be persistent on attacking you.
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