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How to permanently disable 1394 Network

This is a discussion on How to permanently disable 1394 Network within the Networking Support forums, part of the Tech Support Forum category. 1394 Network Connect was disabled by AT&T Unverse but is enabling itself, causing me to lose my internet connect, having

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1394 Network Connect was disabled by AT&T Unverse but is enabling itself, causing me to lose my internet connect, having to restart my computer to get it back.

Computer has Windows XP. In the pass I use peoplepc and always lost my connection, switching to fiber optic connection, I thought would solve my problem.

Little that I have been able to obtain off the net, something to the fact that 1394 is a default setting is the reason it keeps changing itself from disabled to enabled.

How do I fix this 1394 where is will stay disabled permanently until I want it enabled?
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go into device manager and uninstall it

If you have a problem, PM me and I'll respond in the thread you made.
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Actually, the IEE-1394 interface should have no effect on your networking, and I really doubt it is doing so.

If you really want to disable it, you can simply go into the BIOS configuration and disable the device. That will make it disappear totally.

If you want another way, right click on it in Device Manager and select Disable.
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I do not even know what the 1394 does, therefore I would hate to uninstall it, I am not computer smarts enough to mess with the BIOS.

What would be causing my problem with getting disconnected from broadband.

ATT showed me how to disable it, but after losing connectivity, it showed enable again.

We have 2 computers, mine Vista, I can stay connected for 16 hours.
Husband has the XP and if he is not continuously on it, he loses his connection and has to restart in order to get connected again. Trying using Repair on the ATT icon, says IP cannot be established, even though when first connect it shows and IP.
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IEEE 1394 is Firewire. (Apple's name for it) Do you have an external HDD (HardDiskDrive) hooked up to your computer? Newer computers have A LOT of USB ports but usually just one 1394 on the back and maybe another on the front. I use it because throughput is faster than USB in the real world.

If you do have a Firewire HDD hooked to your computer, then that is why the 1394 is getting turned on automatically all the time. When you unplug the HDD and plug it back in, it will turn it back on. When you re-boot, it will turn the 1394 back on too, if I remember correctly.

There are modems that plug into your computer over a USB port instead of using a Ethernet cable. Some modems (I've never seen one that does) use Firewire to connect to a computer instead of an Ethernet cable.

I agree with johnwill in that it is very doubtful your IEEE 1394 Firewire port has anything to do with your dropping connection.

You might go check out Firewire (IEEE 1394) on Wikipedia:


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