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Philips TV turns off randomly

This is a discussion on Philips TV turns off randomly within the Home Theater forums, part of the Tech Support Forum category. Hello, This is my first post here, I hope I'll nail everything that it should contain :) Anyway, lately I've

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This is my first post here, I hope I'll nail everything that it should contain :) Anyway, lately I've been experiencing major problems with my 37" Philips LCD TV. It started to turn off just by itself at irregular intervals (although the interval seems to be the shortest on average when the TV is running in 1080i, a bit longer on 576p and only once in a few hours on EXT inputs). And when I say irregular, I really mean that - sometimes the TV turns off three times in ten minutes, and sometimes only once in three hours. It should perhaps also be noted that the LED isn't solid red, which would be the normal behaviour when the TV is turned off via the remote, but rather a sequence of alternating long and short red lights, at a rate of approximately seven times a minute. I tried all possible variations of connection with other devices in order to eliminate them, but to no avail - it's definitely the TV. The first suspect, bearing in mind that the 1080i seems to be the most punishing mode for the TV, was that it was somehow overloading and/or overheating, but I have no visible evidence of that, since all sides of the TV are just as warm as ever. The TV is supplied with electricity from a high-quality APC UPS, which eliminates voltage problems.

That's as far as my knowledge goes, I was hoping that maybe someone experienced a similar problem and perhaps knows the solution. The folks at Philips customer care could offer none, and taking a 37" TV to the official Philips repair centre would be a drag in this big a city :)

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We are having the same problem. Philips 42" LCD. 2 1/2 years old. It didn't have any issues until it turned itself off yesterday. We try to turn it back on and it immediately shuts itself off. The little red light near the sensor blinks one long followed by two short. Then repeats. Any suggestions what the issue may be?

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Here's what I have found. The problem only happens after I put the TV on standby using my Sky TV remote control. Then the TV randomly turns off / on etc. This has happened to me twice and has been fixed the same way. Make sure the TV is on before starting the process below...
-Turn off the TV using the Philips remote (so it is in stand by) and wait for the normal click noise from the TV (a double click from mine).
-Turn the TV back on with the Philips remote. Wait for the click to confirm it's on and wait for any lights to stop flashing.
-Turn off the TV again with the remote so it's in stand by again.
-Then turn off the power to the set by unplugging it. Leave unplugged for at least a minute.
-Plug the TV back in, wait for it to settle down then turn on using the 'on' button on the TV (don't use the remote).
This reset process is direct from Philips UK and works on my set every time. Finally - don't put the TV into standby using a remote control (especially any non-Philips remote) and it should not happen again!
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The CRT circuit board(picture tube), which is a 10 ohm 1/3w resistor. The location of the resistor is printed on the bottom of the ckt board. It is burned open, replace with a 10 ohm 1/2w resistor. This will solve your problem. The original resistor was sized too small, should have been a 1/2 watt. This resistor is mounted standing up on ends. Mount the replacement resistor the same way. You can probably get the resistor at your local Radio Shack. You will probably have to buy a package of 5, but what the hey . . . they are cheap.
Be careful and don't get the circuit trace too hot and damage the circuit trace. (it's very small)

The reason that resistor failed, is because it was designed undersized. Duh, like a 1/2w resistor costs more than a 1/3w resistor. The real culprit is a picture tube arch, but not to worry, as the set gets more playing time, these minor archs will decrease and the 1/2w resistor will usually handle the surge.

Good luck!
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There are other fuses, in the secondary of the power supply. They are what are called pico fuses and are soldered into the board. The first step would be to determine if the power supply is running at all. This requires finding a test point for the standby supply voltage. If it is dead, the power supply would need repair. If the set is in a shutdown mode protecting itelf, you can pull a diagnostic code by pressing the INPUT and MENU buttons simultaneously for 5 seconds. The LED will flash a 2 digit code and repeat several times. Sounds like you need to let a pro troubleshoot the set. When you get an estimate, if they cannot fix in in one trip, report the details here and I will advise whether it sounds like you are dealing with a professional or a yahoo. The leakage mentioned probably refers to coolant leaks from a CRT. IIRC, your set has a tray to collect any drips from the CRTs to protect the boards, so this is rarely an issue. It more commonly affected the signal board, not the power supply when it did happen on earlier models.

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