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problems starting briggs and stratton 17hp intek

This is a discussion on problems starting briggs and stratton 17hp intek within the Small Engines forums, part of the Tech Support Forum category. Hi, i'm having problems starting my engine, the engine rotates so far and then cuts out, i think this is

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i'm having problems starting my engine, the engine rotates so far and then cuts out, i think this is when the cylinder is the top of it's stroke. the battery gauge on the mower shows a full charge but shoots down to zero when it's cutting out, afterwards it will just keep clicking unless i manually rotate the engine.

i don't know if it's related but we recently had a cold spell here and temperatures went down to -15 C, other equipment in my garage has been affected ie seals damaged on pressure washer etc.
any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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The starter would be my first suspect.
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Along with bozodog's suspicion of the starter you may want to have a look at the oil, also. With temps like that the oil may a little "thick"... check OEM's reccomendation for oil viscosity in cold temps.
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Pull the spark plug(s) how does it cank now? I am thinking valves.


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took off the spark plug last night, engine rotated a number of times but no spark.
after that i was back to the same issue with it stopping at top of stroke and ignition making clicking noises.

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have you charged the battery fully and load tested it , it sounds like the battery
has got voltage but no capacity to supply correct current under load

check valve clearance should be 0.003 " inlet and 0.005" ex
also check starter solenoid for burnd contacts , make sure all earths are clean and tight

pull the kill wire from the magnetron units and se if got spark if spark wire grounding

if vee twin could be a diode problem see below

if ignition on & engine operates on 1 cyl - shuts off ok cause 1 closed diode

if igniton on & engine runs both cyl - 1 cyl shuts off - cause 1 open diode

if ignition on & engine does not operate - no spark - 2 closed diodes

if igntion on & engine runs on both cyl - engine does not shut off - 2 x open diodes

is there any excess resistance in the starter circuit ? ie rust , bad conns

have you run a heavy ground wire from starter motor frame to engine ground test ground ?

have you run a heavy bypass lead from battery post to s/motor terminal test starter cranking

if all thses check out could be s/ motor problem ?

cheers mstpops
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