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Hardware Error Message-"The Data Is Invalid"

This is a discussion on Hardware Error Message-"The Data Is Invalid" within the Other Hardware Support forums, part of the Tech Support Forum category. I am having a hardware issue I cannot figure out. First some history. I had a totally out of the

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I am having a hardware issue I cannot figure out. First some history. I had a totally out of the blue system crash a few weeks ago. Since then I have been battling this problem, and others, trying to restore the functionality of my computer back to its original state before the crash. I have no idea what caused the crash. Just turned on my computer one day and it said something like 'sorry for the inconvenience but Windows did not shut down correctly...and you probably know the rest. It said for me to restart with the option "Last Known Good Configuration". It did not work, it just kept resetting and restarting. I then tried "Start Windows Normally". Same thing. I then did a reinstall of XP last week. This restored most of the functionality to my computer. However, 32 files(I counted them, mostly .dll files, some .sys files, and other files) refused to install. When I clicked retry, they still would not install, so I was forced to skip them. I was told a couple of these files were mouse related when examined by someone in the know later on. Keep this in mind as I explain my problem, as I think it may be relevant. All my hardware will download. My printer, my external CD/DVD writer, and my webcam...no problems. However, my mouse refuses to install. I tried out every port on my coimputer just to rule out a port problem. Every time I try to install the mouse, it says 'cannot install this hardware...the data is invalid". I then went out and bought a cordless mouse thinking I might get around it. No dice...same message. The mouse simply will not install, and I have to use the tab and kepad to maneuver and believe me, that is no fun. Now as to flags in Device Manager, I have several, which may give some clues: 1) A question mark under 'Driver Interface'(yet when I just did a full test, it said all of my drivers were okay) I open it up and it says 'Logitech Driver Interface'(Logitech is the manufacturer of my mouse, no other hardware). Then to add to the confusion is says 'This device is working properly'. Then it says 'no driver files are required or have been loaded for this device'. By the way, my mouse is listed under Human Interface Devices and not under 'mice and other pointing devices' where you would think it would be listed under. And the mouse under Human Interface Devices has no flag by it and says it is working properly. 2) Under 'Mice and other pointing devices' there is an exclamation mark by 'unknown device'. It says 'the drivers for this device have not bee installed(Code 28) 3) Under 'Other Devices" I have a question mark by PCI Simple Communications Controller. I was able to locate the driver for my particular device but have not been able to install it, for some reason(probably due to lack of knowledge on how to do so, not a system problem). That sums up what is appearing in my Device Manager.
When you go into the Mouse Properties on the Control Panel it says 'unknown device' NOT the Logitech Mouse that is 'apparently' installed on my system under Human Interface Devices. I do not understand why the mouse is not listed here, but the 'unknown device', which I have no idea what it is.
Another error message I got when I tried to reinstall Windows XP was that a needed .dll files was missing and was needed. It was windows root>system32>hal.277. I have since learned this is a very necessary .dll file to the proper functioning of your system. I mention it as another piece of the puzzle.
I also have no sound, my visuals are all messed up. There are no flags in Device Manager for sound...only under Sound in Control Panel it says 'no audio device'. Very strange.
Also in my full test I got flagged on the craplet scan with the result 3 craplets, and also on 'Change Internet Receive Buffer' with the result 'default'.
First off, I am wondering my 32 files failed to install during the reinstall of XP. My hard disk and CD-rom are good, I checked them out, to rule them out as possibilities. The problem could be in the motherboard right now, but I don't want to cross that bridge until I have to. And, of course, it could be some sort of corrupt registry problem or incorrect setting.
Also, remember I said two of those 32 files were 'mouse related'? I understand you must have all of your Windows mouse files installed properly or you won't be able to install any mouses. That could be at the root of the problem.
And then there's that 'the data is invalid' message I keep getting when I try to install the mouse. I did some googling on that phrase and it seems to have something to do with the registry..something to do with 'permissions' or insufficient writing priviliges or something similar to that. It seems others have also experienced this 'data is invalid' error, and the usual advice is to manually go into the registry and make some changes. I am hesitant to go into the registry, because I do not want to make a mistake and possible make things worse, but I will if I HAVE to, to correct this problem. But I would much prefer correcting this problem without having to go into my registry, naturally, if it is possible.
And finally, all of the 'services' in that section are enabled, automatic and running. I undisabled everything just to make sure. Strangely, though, there is ONE service that REFUSES to stay on once I set it to run. It is the Microsoft Net Framework NGEN service. Sounds like a pretty important one to me to have running. It stays on for about 5 seconds, then always goes back to stopped, no matter how many times I try to turn it on. This could be another clue as to what is going on.
So I believe I have covered most everything you need to know to hopefully help me fix this problem. There are a lot of issues going on here, but if I could just get my mouse installed I would be joyful, lol. Navigating around the Internet and web pages using your tab key and keypaid is NO FUN!
So please advise me as to what you think is going on and some possible things I can try to correct this problem. Thank you.
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those Dll are ur reason why not reformat?
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