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Coloured blocks and weird symbols on boot... DON'T Have and leads!!!

This is a discussion on Coloured blocks and weird symbols on boot... DON'T Have and leads!!! within the Video Card Support forums, part of the Tech Support Forum category. Okay, so I have a problem. A big problem, First, I don't know the cause, I think it is the

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Old 01-03-2009, 10:44 AM   #1
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Okay, so I have a problem. A big problem,

First, I don't know the cause, I think it is the HDD, but I can't find the problem.

First I'll give you my computer specs to help you guys:

Intel inside Pentium 4 3.2 GHz
1 Gigabyte RAM
320 Gigabyte Hardrive
Windows XP Pro Service Pack 2

If you want/need anything else just ask.

Okay so when I try to boot up my PC, it gets through everything fine. Up until the BIOS tries to communicate with my hardrive. Then what occurs, is very, psychedelic if you may.

It changes everytime (this points toward software/Video Hardware); I get coloured blocks (one terminal sized character (DOS sized)) and letters/numbers or strange characters (including greek letters, and even smiley faces O_O.) Sometimes the characters or blocks will flash.

Nothing else happens after that. The computer will get stuck "thinking" (flashing bar underneath the blocks and symbols).

That is the problem I have, now I'll list the things i have tried, and what I have ruled out.

First thing was to rule out each individual pieces of hardware:

Checked video card for any faults such as being fried, or fan not working, anything that could cause the computer to do what it did.

I spent an hour and a half, no problem. Not the Video card or Motherboard.

I also ruled out the monitor (like that would cause it *rolls eyes*)

so as for hardware I ruled out everything EXCEPT the DVD Drive, and the HDD.

Wasn't the DVD.

It booted (minus getting to XP) just fine without the hard drive.

So that left me with a few options: critical error in my WINDOWS directory, my hard drive was fried, or I had a major Virus causing this.

I ran a Scandisk through a PE (I have 3 - 4 pe recovery kits). It didn't find anything wrong except some corrupt files in the WINDOWS directory. Okay.

I re-installed XP and tried to boot. Nothing. I got that psychedelic screen again. So I went back to one of my PEs and ran Mcafee Virus scanner. No problem.

Ran the scandisk again. No problem.

I have tried a LOT of things, But I'm next going to try scanning for a virus again, making sure the scanner is up to date (to the second instead of to the year. lol).

So, this is PROBABLY in the wrong section. Moderators, please move if necessary.

I'm not sure if I missed something, but I might upload a picture, unless I can find one on google.

So, any ideas?
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Have you tried booting from a different HD, it seems to me like your HD has failed because you was able to load up a CD and reinstall Windows? However you can't seem to boot Windows up, if it was a corrupt or missing file in the windows system file it would say so by either BSOD or some other sort of notification.

Hopefully i didn't miss anything when i read your post, but try booting from another HD which has an OS on it.
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I have thought of it, but yet to do it. I have heard of the coloured squares being a side-effect of a nasty virus. Hence why I have not done that yet. I am thinking of copying the files i need and completely wipe the drive. s all I have done is re-format my "C" partition and not the entire drive.

After I have done that I will be trying another hard drive. But yes I have thought of it. nd altough I need my computer, my house.. has about 11 - 12 computers total. I am currently using my mac at the moment. So for e-mail and oter important stuff like that, I'm okay.

My PC is a priority but is not on the top at the moment, as I am currently studying for my mock exams that are in a week from now.

But thanks for the advice. I will try that soon.
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Had almost the same, seems fixed now by Bootcfg & Fixboot "XP Recovery console" commands I ran. But I wonder if my HDD is failing.
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what psu

usual causes
power supply
bad ram on card
dust buildup on the fan and h/sink causing temp to rise
corrupt video drivers

in the device manager uninstall the video card
reboot tapping f8 and choose vga mode
when windows finishes rebooting
disable a/virus
install your drivers
reboot the computer
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if you can take a picture of it... or a video and put it on youtube.. or something...

We had a old p2 that did that.. We were able to flash the bios and it fixed it.
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