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[SOLVED] A confusing audio problem

This is a discussion on [SOLVED] A confusing audio problem within the Sound Cards forums, part of the Tech Support Forum category. Hey. Firstly I'd like to state I have very little knowledge of Audio hardware or software so highly technical answers

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OS: Windows 7

Hey. Firstly I'd like to state I have very little knowledge of Audio hardware or software so highly technical answers won't be too helpful.

Yesterday, my computer worked perfectly fine, ran as normal, perfect sound and my microphone was working. Today however, I turn my computer on in the morning, and a problem has come up...I have an irritating buzzing sound coming from my left speaker...I amused my speaker had blown, so I tried my headset, nope, that had the same problem. I then tried my Ipod earphones, same problem. Tried the the jacks on the rear panel instead of the front...Problem gone..or not, the problem has switched from the left to the right, and the buzzing is a slightly different tone.

I've tried updating drivers and checking everything is plugged in fine, it all is, the only way I can get sound is by using by speakers and unplugging the one which the buzzing is coming out of. I thought that would have to do for a while, but the problem didn't stop there...On TeamSpeak 3, the buzzing sound would somehow go through my microphone for everybody to hear, and of course, they couldn't hear me. If I plug the jacks directly into the soundcard, I get no sound at all.

The odd thing I found was that if I insert the jack ever so slightly into the computer, I get perfect sound and no buzzing, yet that means holding a cable perfectly still while trying to use my computer...as soon as I move the jack further into to the PC, the buzzing starts.

I've tried everything I can think of, there is no physical damage to any of the hardware or peripherals, I've tried reinstalling all the drivers, cleaning out my PC including the ports, I've taken my PC apart and put it back together, but the issue remains.... :(

As far as my knowledge goes, this means I need a new computer part, be it the soundcard or motherboard, the latter being tough luck as I don't have the money to replace it.

I'd really like some help/information as to any fixes there may be or what I need to replace and why it just happened over night with my pc being turned off, I'll post my system spec below.

Windows 7 Professional 64-bit
Intel Duo Core CPU - 3.16GHz
Gigabyte GA-73PVM-S2H Motherboard
ASUS Xonar DG Sound Card
Razer Carcharias headset
[Speakers are some old Packard Bell AC-3 DTS, haven't much more info on them than that]

NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTS Graphics Card - 2.4GB GRAM
Acer x193W Monitor - 1440x900
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OS: Windows 7

I found that having a massive clean out of the computer and carefully taking it apart till it's just the case left, then putting it all back together neatly, fixed it. The computer is also running alot smoother and quieter, amazing what a big autumn PC clean can do...I recommend anyone who is having buzzing sounds similar to mine should clean out their computer and desk space if they haven't already, it's amazing what a good clean can do when all technical fixes fail...

EDIT: It may seem obvious but I should also point out not to use any polish or liquid based cleaning materials or wipes/clothes to clean the computer components, I used a clean cloth and disposable dusters.
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Hi Atrixer and welcome to TSF

It's great that you cured your problem with the sounds and I bet you learnt a lot about your PC's insides too

It's worth getting a can of 'Compressed-Air' for just such PC-Cleaning sessions, it shifts the dust-bunnies out like nothing else known to man, especially from between the heatsink-vanes on the CPU, GPU etc.

It's also worth checking the PC's internals about once a month or so, just to see how fast/slow the dust builds up again, not only can a clump of dust prevent plugs connecting, as with your speakers, it also acts like the lagging around a hot-water tank and can cause random shut-downs (or worse permanent damage), if the temperatures get too high.

Live, Laugh, Hope - If that don't work Load, Aim and Fire....
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