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Boosting FPS for Call of Duty games

This is a discussion on Boosting FPS for Call of Duty games within the Gaming Discussion forums, part of the Tech Support Forum category. Ello puppets, I've found some special commands for CoD WaW, CoD4, CoD MW2/MW3, and possibly Black Ops. You have to

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Ello puppets,

I've found some special commands for CoD WaW, CoD4, CoD MW2/MW3, and possibly Black Ops.

You have to have console enabled to use these commands.

First, you have to start a map (I suggest mulitplayer map).
You'll need the name of the map you want to load, so I made a list of all COD map names to make it easier:

Call of Duty- World at War-

Nacht der Untoten - /devmap nazi_zombie_prototype
Aslylum - /devmap nazi_zombie_asylum
Shi No Numa - /devmap nazi_zombie_swamp
Der Reise - /devmap nazi_zombie_factory

(You should get the idea)

Airfield - /devmap mp_airfield
Asylum - /devmap mp_asylum
/devmap mp_bgate
/devmap mp_castle
/devmap mp_courtyard
/devmap mp_docks
/devmap mp_dome
/devmap mp_downfall
/devmap mp_drum
/devmap mp_hangar
/devmap mp_kneedeep
/devmap mp_kwai
/devmap mp_makin
/devmap mp_makin_day
/devmap mp_nachtfeuer
/devmap mp_outskirts
/devmap mp_roundhouse
/devmap mp_seelow
/devmap mp_shrine
/devmap mp_stalingrad
/devmap mp_suburban
/devmap mp_subway
/devmap mp_vodka

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare-

/devmap mp_backlot
/devmap mp_bloc
/devmap mp_bog
/devmap mp_broadcast
/devmap mp_carentan
/devmap mp_cargoship
/devmap mp_citystreets
/devmap mp_convoy
/devmap mp_countdown
/devmap mp_crash
/devmap mp_creek
/devmap mp_crossfire
/devmap mp_farm
/devmap mp_killhouse
/devmap mp_overgrown
/devmap mp_pipeline
/devmap mp_shipment
/devmap mp_showdown
/devmap mp_strike
/devmap mp_subway
/devmap mp_vacant

Call of Duty- MW2

/devmap mp_afghan
/devmap mp_boneyard
/devmap mp_brecourt
/devmap mp_checkpoint
/devmap mp_derail
/devmap mp_estate
/devmap mp_favela
/devmap mp_highrise
/devmap mp_invasion
/devmap mp_nightshift
/devmap mp_playlists
/devmap mp_quarry
/devmap mp_rundown
/devmap mp_rust
/devmap mp_subbase
/devmap mp_terminal
/devmap mp_underpass
/devmap mp_oilrig

Call of Duty: Black Ops

/devmap mp_cairo
/devmap mp_cosmodrome
/devmap mp_cracked
/devmap mp_crisis
/devmap mp_duga
/devmap mp_firingrange
/devmap mp_hanoi
/devmap mp_havoc
/devmap mp_mountain
/devmap mp_nuked
/devmap mp_radiation
/devmap mp_russianbase
/devmap mp_villa

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

/devmap mp_alpha
/devmap mp_bootleg
/devmap mp_bravo
/devmap mp_carbon
/devmap mp_dome
/devmap mp_exchange
/devmap mp_hardhat
/devmap mp_interchange
/devmap mp_lambeth
/devmap mp_mogadishu
/devmap mp_paris
/devmap mp_plaza2
/devmap mp_radar
/devmap mp_seatown
/devmap mp_underground
/devmap mp_village

Use any of the /devmap commands (depending on the game) to load a dev map. Reason doing so is for unlocking dvar commands which are naturally categorized as cheats and are disabled.

If you happen to load the game using the commands given:
Enter the following via command console

/fx_enable 0
/fx_draw 0
/sm_enable 0
/r_fog 0
/r_detail 0
/r_fullbright 1

These are the ones that give more FPS and are very noticeable.
I've tried these commands on Call of Duty 4, MW2, WAW, MW3, but I couldn't try them on Black Ops. If you have Black Ops, please try these out and tell me how much FPS you gotten.
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