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internet connectivity issue - have to keep manually disconnecting and reconnecting

This is a discussion on internet connectivity issue - have to keep manually disconnecting and reconnecting within the Windows 7 , Windows Vista Support forums, part of the Tech Support Forum category. I apologize if this has already been posted, but I couldn't find it. It's an odd issue so I wasn't

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I apologize if this has already been posted, but I couldn't find it. It's an odd issue so I wasn't entirely sure how to search.

Here's the problem - there are a lot of "new" factors here. I recently got a new laptop (Lenovo ThinkPad with Windows 7) and I'm still in the process of setting it up.

Now just today, we changed internet service providers. We have digital cable and I'm connecting via wireless. This is what we had before, but with a different provider, different cable modem and different (brand new Apple) wireless router. When it runs, it runs fast. However, between every 30 seconds and every five minutes (approximately), the internet stops working. It still says "connected" but when I run diagnostics, it says it cannot connect to the internet. Then, through the Lenovo Access Connections tool, I disconnect from the network and then connect again and it works fine....for another 30 seconds to five minutes....

I checked the firewall and everything looked right (all the relevant programs were permitted, etc.) and I tried different browsers, so it's not a browser issue. Here's what the diagnostic tool says:

Adapter Details
Adapter name 11b/g/n Wireless LAN Mini-PCI Express Adapter II
Adapter type Wireless LAN
Adapter speed 72 Mbps
Driver/Firmware version 2017.1.628.2010/ N/A
Adapter status Enabled
Connection Status Connected
Disable unused cards? Yes

TCP/IP Settings
DHCP enabled? Yes
Append parent suffixes of the primary DNS suffix? Yes
Register connection's DNS suffix in registration? Yes
Register connection's DNS suffix in DNS registration? Yes
Enable LMHOSTS Lookup? No
NetBIOS setting "Default"

Wireless Settings
Network name (SSID) NetworkName
Connection type Access point
Wireless mode Auto
Security encryption WPA2-PSK/AES

Internet Settings
IE Settings
Home page
Proxy settings

System Information
System model 2516CTO
BIOS version 6IET74WW (1.34 )
Operating system version Windows 7
Access connections version 5.72

Global Settings
Allow Windows users without administrator privileges to create and apply location profiles ->No
Allow the wireless LAN radio to be turned off when inactive -> Yes
Enable autodeletion of unused profiles -> No
Disable the Peer to Peer community feature -> Yes
Enable SMS feature -> Yes
Allow selection of location profiles with Fn+F5 On Screen Display menu -> Yes

Show ThinkVantage Access Connections status icon in task tray -> No
Show wireless status icon in task tray -> No
Display the progress indicator window when a profile is being applied -> Yes
Show Access connections Gauge in task bar -> Yes

Enable sound effects -> No
Do not show balloon tips from the Access Connections system tray icon -> Yes
Do not show balloon tips from the Access connections Gauge -> Yes
Show WiMAX page as default on Main GUI -> No

Automatic location profile switching list

Include Ethernet connections in automatic switching and prompt me to save Ethernet ports -> Yes
Preferred Location Of WLAN -> No
When no other connections are available, connect through Wireless WAN or WiMAX -> No
Wireless priority list
Selection Priority Location profile name Connection order Connection details

Yes 1 OldNetwork Ethernet 1 saved port(s)
Yes 2 OldNetwork2 Wireless LAN SSID: OldNetwork
Yes 3 NetworkName Wireless LAN SSID: NetworkName

I am a total computer dunce so would really appreciate any help. I can't make heads or tails of it.
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by chance does event viewer show anything
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Is there anything between your computer and the router that could block the signal?
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well, not much, but i'm also remaining connected to the network and the wireless signal is very strong even when it's not letting me online.
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Doh, Laker_Fan, didn't see your reply!

Well, there are a bunch of events in there that look like this:

Name resolution for the name mail.google.com timed out after none of the configured DNS servers responded.

Log Name: System
Source: DNS Client Events Logged: 4/1/2011 9:15:12 PM
Event ID: 1014 Task Category: None
Level: Warning Keywords:
User: NETWORK SERVICE Computer: Gretrude

And under details it says:

- System

- Provider

[ Name] Microsoft-Windows-DNS-Client

[ Guid] {1C95126E-7EEA-49A9-A3FE-A378B03DDB4D}

EventID 1014

Version 0

Level 3

Task 0

Opcode 0

Keywords 0x4000000000000000

- TimeCreated

[ SystemTime] 2011-04-02T01:15:12.733476600Z

EventRecordID 7418


- Execution

[ ProcessID] 1120

[ ThreadID] 6064

Channel System

Computer Gertrude

- Security

[ UserID] S-1-5-20

- EventData

QueryName mail.google.com

AddressLength 16

Address 020000350A0001010000000000000000

Does that mean anything? Sorry for the slow reply. My roommates said the internet was working fine for them so it sounds like it's something with my computer. I get cut off from the internet but not the network.
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Send a message via Yahoo to smit@india

if there is any option to disable "Lenovo Access Connections tool",disable it & use windows "wireless zero configuration"..this should solve your issue..after you have disabled "Lenovo Access Connections tool"....to use Wireless zero configurationgot to run & type services.mscsearch for wireless zero configuration & check the statu of the serviceif it is started restart it,if not started,start it
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