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Wrong amount of RAM shows after upgrade: SOLUTION

This is a discussion on Wrong amount of RAM shows after upgrade: SOLUTION within the RAM and Power Supply Support forums, part of the Tech Support Forum category. I thought I would post an informational thread for people having the same problem as I did. I recently upgraded

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My System

I thought I would post an informational thread for people having the same problem as I did.

I recently upgraded RAM on two laptops, one xp and one vista, and after installation both computers still showed the old amount of RAM in task manager, system specs, and msinfo32. I tried everything to fix it; reseating the ram, switching sticks to every configuration, etc. (I never found a solution on the internet either.)

I finally realized that on both laptops I had set maxmem and maxprocessors in msconfig previous to the upgrade. So I went into msconfig (go to 'Run', type msconfig, hit enter) and unchecked those two boxes in the advanced settings under the BOOT.INI tab. I then restarted and VOILA, the correct amount of RAM now appears. You can now go back into msconfig and recheck the maxmem and maxprocessors.

My system can now utilize ALL of my RAM!

Note: this may not be a solution to ALL problems where the wrong amount of RAM shows.
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Thanks for that, but those options in msconfig are only intended to be changed from their defaults for troubleshooting a specific problem. Therefore, I doubt many people will have meddled with it to change anything like you apparently did.

If there isn't a problem, you simply leave it at the default settings.
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My System

Those settings are not just for troubleshooting. If you have a multi-core computer or an extremely large amount of RAM those settings help speedup boot time A LOT. Don't listen to that guy ^
Any advanced Windows user know that the "default" settings are almost never the "correct" settings.

But like I said, this is only a problem that would probably show up with advanced users only. So it's very rare that this might happen. But, anyone who does now knows the solution.
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pip22 is correct, as he usually is.

For the large majority of people there will be no legitimate reason to change any of the boot options, advanced or otherwise. They are primarily for testing purposes but could also be useful to software developers. They may also be useful in some very unusual situations which I will not speculate on. That is why most options are provided, to deal with unusual situations.

But unfortunately, some people do make changes to these or other system settings. In many cases this will be for the wrong reasons. They either misunderstood the function of a setting or were misled by a well meaning but misguided Internet article. I have seem many of these.

Microsoft has done an enormous amount of research and testing on all versions of Windows. If there was any setting that would improve stability or performance (even if only by a few percent) and had no adverse effects, it would be the default. The default settings are almost always going to be correct. The option to change them is provided to handle unusual situations.

Calling these boot options is somewhat misleading. Most are in effect for the entire session, not just during the boot process. This includes all of the advanced settings. They are boot options in that they are set during the boot process and do influence it but the effects are permanent. I have seen many article that have this wrong.
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Thread closed, no reason for it to continue.
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