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[SOLVED] SATA drive keeps disappearing

This is a discussion on [SOLVED] SATA drive keeps disappearing within the Hard Drive Support forums, part of the Tech Support Forum category. apologies if anyone has already this issued, i checked, but could not find an identical thread. I have recently installed

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apologies if anyone has already this issued, i checked, but could not find an identical thread. I have recently installed a Seagate 500GB Barracuda 11, MB Asus A8N-SLI, BIOS is phoenix award. At 1st i could not get the thing recgnised when trying to install windows (replacing old IDE hard drive), but got that sorted by removing the 150mb/s to 300mb/s jumper.
Since i have managed to get windows installed however, sometimes the drive works and other times it disappears from BIOS and boot menus, leaving the DISK READ FAILURE error. When i enter the BIOS the drive is no longer there. My IDE drive is still installed, and when i do manage to get the SATA drive back up, the IDE drive becomes the 1st one so i have to change that around. All drive settings in BIOS set to Auto.

I tried testing the drive when having windows installation probs, by having it as 2nd drive and booting from IDE, everything worked fine, but i want the SATA as my C Drive.

I am a bit freakin confused since one minute it is there and everything working fine, but next time i turn my PC on it has gone again...any ideas would be greatly appreciated????????
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i think i may have found something causing my issues, but still don't know why. In order to get the SATA drive recognised, it appears i have to change the HDD smart monitoring settings in BIOS. What doesn't make sense is that this is not consistent. If when i last turned my PC off the setting was enabled, then i have to enter BIOS and enable, then exit and save, to detect the drive. If it was disabled when last turned off, i have to enable.

I tried to update my BIOS last night, but could not get my floppy drive to recognise it had a disk in!!!!!!!!!!!!! thats a separate issue
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The sata connectors that attach to the sata drives have NO locking mechanism on them, just a little friction.
Just working around inside your case, you can loosen the data or power cable. Then the drive will sort of come and go.
Usually its the drive end of the data cable that's the real bugaboo.

I've taken to securing those data cables to the drive with HOT GLUE.

In some cases, I've even had to replace the sata data cable to get a good connection.

Secondly, I'd remove all power from the system and then take out the cmos battery for about a half hour. That completely resets the bios.
Then replace the battery and restore system power.
Reset your date and time and boot order.

Somewhere along there, you should have the problem fixed.

Good Luck,
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Thx TheShadwoFL, unfortunately no joy. cables were all well and truly fastened, and removing CMOS made no difference. Tried to flash my BIOS last as well, but for some reason, after 3 hours it was still going so turned my PC off. not sure where to go from here???
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FIXED IT. apologies for delay in getting this info up, i fixed the problem, then proceeded to get a cr*p load of viruses...a few fun days trying to remove those.

To fix this issue i flashed my BIOS to the latest one available on ASUS website. I had previously tried to do so, but flash disk i created from ASUS website did not work. Looking at Major Geeks i ascertained that the Asus Update utility i had downloaded actually came bundled with a tool to flash the BIOS from Windows (not stated anywhere on ASUS website that i could see).

The Update tool found new BIOS, saved old one and flashed the new one into CMOS.

I had tried doing F6 during windows install to install SCSI/SATA drivers, but that didn't work either.

My advice is, if your SATA is having issues on WINXP, FLASH YOUR BIOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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