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[SOLVED] External USB 3.0 HDD (exFAT) Problem

This is a discussion on [SOLVED] External USB 3.0 HDD (exFAT) Problem within the Hard Drive Support forums, part of the Tech Support Forum category. Greetings. Story: I formatted my WD Passport 1TB drive to exFAT before making use of it. The issues with it

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I formatted my WD Passport 1TB drive to exFAT before making use of it. The issues with it appeared to come after my friend used it to transfer some files to it (it has worked fine for a month). I've also recently used it to back up my entire OS drive on the computer, because I was switching HDDs on my Laptop (Asus N55sf). I didn't make use of it though so I ended up just installing Win7 from scratch (I had already made a "format" folder on the exFAT drive anyway). Anyhow, I played around with Fedora (linux) as well but later deleted it. The drive has been in and out during the whole process, which might be the reason why it's kind of screwed.
More about that process: I failed using other external HDDs formatted to NTFS to just clone the OS and use that clone; I did that using native Win7 solutions. The last thing I did was to take a complete backup of the system and OS drive using Win7 over to the exFAT drive. Although backup worked it didn't have the desiresd results which is why I just decided installing from scratch.

Nature of the problem:
I can't delete or move files already in the drive. Copying works fine, also writing files to disk. It's the same on other computers.

What I've tried:
Win7 native check disk utility; it can't even start the process. I've also tried testdisk following instructions (both) from this site. It didn't help. "Takeownership" gave back the following: "ERROR: File ownership cannot be applied on insecure file systems;. there is no support for ACLs.". The files on the disk seems to all have either "Read-only", "Archive" or both ticked on properties. When removing the tick there's an immediate error which says that the action cannot be completed because the disk is dirty.

Not Ideal Solution:
The only solution seems to be formatting, which is fine although not ideal. I'll have to wait to be able to do that until I'm back home from my business trip, which is 2 weeks from now. Then I can copy all the files on a 2TB drive and format the ones with the issue.


Is there any way for me to fix the issue without having to format the drives and lose the files?
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I suppose I should bump this seeing as the problem persists. It seems to be a permissions problem, but permissions can't be fixed because the disc is dirty. Does that leave formatting as the only viable solution to my problem?
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No response yet...

It seems I was mistaken about being able to write on the disc. An error comes up saying the disc is dirty.

Um, this is really awkward. I tried using Win7 CheckDisk again and now it worked. Problem solved it seems?
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Originally Posted by spunk.funk View Post
If this solved your problem, please mark this thread solved in the Thread Tools at the top.
Whoops! Should have done that a long time ago, lol.

Thanks for the support though.
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