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ide hard drive install in dimension 5150 cpu

This is a discussion on ide hard drive install in dimension 5150 cpu within the Hard Drive Support forums, part of the Tech Support Forum category. I continue refurbishment of my old dell dimension 5150 desktop, using mostly parts retrieved from my dell xps-r450. I have

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I continue refurbishment of my old dell dimension 5150 desktop, using mostly parts retrieved from my dell xps-r450.

I have now removed the ide hard drive from the xps and wish to install it in the 5150 inline with the resident optical drive. The data and power cables are in place.

1. I need to find a way to secure the ide drive in the cpu. At this time it would be sitting loose on the top of the floppy drive casing. I do not feel comfortable with this arrangement. I have seen websites advertising drive "enclosures" or "caddies" but these are for external use or for situations where possible removal of this drive would be required, eg as a backup. I believe I need a hard drive "cage". Does anyone know of a location whence I can find a cage to install this ide hard drive in my dimension 5150 cpu? The drive cover plate may not fit, but at least the drive would be secured.

2. As I understand it, I must configure the first in line as the "boot drive" and the second as the "slave". Is this true in my situation, where the ide hard drive is secondary to the sata drive? How difficult is this? Obviously it must be done in BIOS; a search for a BIOS upgrade would be logical before installation.

3. Do I require another cooling fan to support this extra hard drive?

Thanx again for any input.

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My System

1. The case should have at least one location for a HDD to be mounted. If you are unsure, Dell typically has all documentation for each model on their website. Otherwise, if there is a spare 5 1/4 drive bay, you could use a 3 1/2 to 5 1/4 mounting brackets. Most any computer shop or retailer should have them.

2. If you are using IDE devices with a two connector cable, then the device connected to the end of the cable is the master, and the device on the middle connector is the slave (and the devices must be jumpered as Master and Slave). SATA devices don't have master/slave. Parallel ATA - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

3. Dell cases don't typically have locations for additional fans. In any event, an additional HDD won't make much difference.

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The dimension 5150 has a location for the 2nd IDE drive to be mounted, although the hard drive supplied with this computer was SATA. Dell declares that this computer model has been discontinued on their website and only advertises purchase of a newer model. No help there, not surprisingly.
My location does not have a computer hardware dealer capable of helping me with my problem; one suggested fabricated a support out of styrofoam, apparently unaware of the static electricity associated with this substance.

The older hd from the xps-r450 appears to be a generic IDE drive, with screw holes on each side. The specifics are: IBM DTTA-371010 E182115HG, P/N 03L5264, if this helps with my problem.

The 5150 has a strip of metal extending inward from the metal frame on one side only; it appears to be designed to support a cage in which the hd would be secured. There appears to be no way to secure the hd without this cage.

Any further comments would be appreciated. If my attempts at refurbishment are hopeless, such comments would also be appreciated, although less so.
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