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Help with recovering data from a Barracuda 7200.12(Possible pcb problem)

This is a discussion on Help with recovering data from a Barracuda 7200.12(Possible pcb problem) within the Hard Drive Support forums, part of the Tech Support Forum category. Hi guys, I have a problem with an ST31000528AS. S/N: 9VPO4NLM P/N: 9SL154-568 FW: CC35 Data Code: 09447 Site Code:

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Hi guys,

I have a problem with an ST31000528AS.
P/N: 9SL154-568
FW: CC35
Data Code: 09447
Site Code: TK

image from pcb & drive

Sometime ago a friend of mine used it as an external drive and while it was working it fell down(about 1m height) :/

Surprisingly, the drive kept working fine after that(with no clicking sound or somethng).
But suddenly about 2 months later the drive couldn't be recognized.
I took it and plugged it in a sata port of my desktop's mobo.
Sometimes the drive could be recognised sometimes not.
(also tried on other sata ports + different signal cables)

When it was, i had problem accesing it.
When trying opening it from "my computer" sometimes the pc kept loading with no result and sometimes the hole pc froze and i had to press the reset btn to restart.

I tried to recover the data using a variety of data recovery apps but most of the times when every program launched it froze and couldn't recognize any drive.

suddenly while using Seagate's data recovery software
the drive was recognized by the program and it started recovering some data till it froze after having recovered ~25GBs :(

Same situation on bios.
When trying to check the disk for errors using some dos apps, the procedure stuck during the scan.

What i noticed from various scans is that it kept stucking on the same point everytime.

Anyway, as i dont have something else in my mind, I thought i could give it another try and change the pcb on the drive(I guess that's all left to do from my side).

I found exactly the same pcb but while searching for more info i heard that its not enough to just change the board on the drive.

I heard something about moving first the FW from the old board to the new one and after place it to the drive.

After that im confused.
If I just change the board(with no FW replacement or something else) is it possible to lose the data once for all?

What would you suggest?
Any suggestions/advices are welcome.

Thanks in advance.
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If you just change the board and not move the rom chip you wont get access to the data. I have heard stories of bad of things happening just changing the boards and not the rom chip. the rom is one of the 8 leg chips google each number to find out which one is a serial rom flash chip. However this is not the problem with your drive. The fall damaged the drives heads and possibly an area on the platters. We see this all the time and sometimes the drive works for an hour or a few days then stops. Pro recovery is the next step. Always have a backup much cheaper than pro recovery
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Thanks for replying.

I know it's stupid that he didn't took a backup despite the fact that the drive kept working fine even after falling down.

Unfortunately the data recovery company option might not be affordable at this time due to the cost :/

Google says this must be the rom(eeprom) chip : 25FW406A

So im thinking of:

1.)Buy the same pcb board for the drive
2.)Swap the EEPROM chip from the old pcb to the new one
3.)Place the new pcb with the old rom chip on it, to the drive

Hope after that i can be able to save at least some more data :/

If nothing happens after all that i might visit some pro recovery company to see what it could cost to recover.

Any other advice would be appreciated.
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