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Bad to put page file on SSD?

This is a discussion on Bad to put page file on SSD? within the Hard Drive Support forums, part of the Tech Support Forum category. I got an SSD this week which made a night and day difference in the speed of my PC (while

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I got an SSD this week which made a night and day difference in the speed of my PC (while a 2 to 8 GB RAM upgrade was barely if at all noticeable).

With the SSD it went from taking 15 seconds to load the Windows calculator (from my WD Black "high performance hard drive") to instant with the SSD installed.

Anyway I think I remember reading about putting the page file on a mechanical hard drive, to me this would completely defeat the point of getting an SSD. I got an SSD in part so access to the paged data is nearly as fast as if it was in RAM, so putting the page file on my hard drive would defeat the purpose.

Is the reason for putting the page file on a hard drive to not reach the 3000 rewrite limit of SSDs? I can only imagine the page file must replace data very, very often. How long can I expect the SSD to live if I leave the page file on it? I'd much rather have it die in 2 years and have a fast PC, than have it last 10 years but with slow as molasses paging on the hard drive.

How long can I expect my SSD to last with the page file on it?

Or should I get a smaller low cost SSD (I got the top of the line Corsair Force 3) for the page file so that it costs less to replace it if having the page file on it would cause it to fail very fast?

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Wait a minute, do people put their page file on their hard drives to save space on the SSD? If so that makes no sense as what would benefit the most from the SSD is the page file.

My SSD is 3 times the capacity I will ever need on it, so capacity is the least of my concerns, and even if it was the page file is the last thing you want to remove from the SSD as you'll loose most of the performance improvements an SSD provides.

So now I'm confused, are people putting the page file on a hard drive to save storage on the SSD, or because the endless rewrites will cause the SSD to die in no time at all by reaching the 3000 rewrite limit before drive failure?

Edit: I should mention my system is ridiculously low on RAM (2 GB when I need about 8 GB, so my page file is used more than my actual RAM).
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I think people move the pagefile off the SSD to save disk space. I'm not saying it makes sense.

There is no continuous reading or writing to the same blocks of the pagefile. The way the pagefile is used means that that won't happen, at least not unless your system was desperately short on RAM and your computer would be essentially useless long before that level was reached. The pagefile is used only for data that isn't accessed very often, relatively speaking. Frequently accessed data will remain in RAM.
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