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Rattling noise coming from catalytic converter...

This is a discussion on Rattling noise coming from catalytic converter... within the Automotive Support forums, part of the Tech Support Forum category. First off let me say I am no mechanic...I know how to check my oil, fill my tires with air,

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First off let me say I am no mechanic...I know how to check my oil, fill my tires with air, maybe change a bulb, but that's about it.

I have a 2002 Mitsubishi Galant...a few months ago I noticed something hanging off the bottom of my car, it turned out to be the heat shield. The place I took it to just removed it, said it wouldn't be a problem. A couple days later, there was more flapping around under my car, took it back and they said it was more heat shield that didn't fall off the first time so they took that off too.

Everything was all good until a week or two ago, when I started noticing a quiet knocking coming from somewhere up front/under the car. It recently got a little worse, kinda sounding like something again was flapping around and needed to be removed. This time though when I took the car in, the guy told me there's something in the catalytic converter and it'd have to be completely replaced if I want the noise to go away. He told me if it was his car, he'd just ignore it because its over $1000 to fix. He said maybe in a few thousand miles the check engine light might turn on, but it's really nothing to worry about.

So now I ask you guys...Is it really nothing to worry about? Would it really cost that much to swap it out? Does it seem weird that stuff was falling off around it, and now it's going too? Will there be some performance decrease because of this problem? Will it eventually get worse enough that I should get it fixed?

I just want to hear some other opinions...if anyone has any thoughts I'd appreciate hearing them. Thanks in advance!
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Does that price cover both converters?? I'm showing a price of $340 for direct fit from my source. It's best to replace them to prevent future problems.
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check with a independent muffler shop and see what it cost there ... here in Dallas we have triple a muffler with great prices on after market converters
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