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Where do all these cables go?

This is a discussion on Where do all these cables go? within the Motherboards, Bios & CPU forums, part of the Tech Support Forum category. I just installed all the pieces in my new pc. Now I have a bunch of loose cables and I

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I just installed all the pieces in my new pc. Now I have a bunch of loose cables and I need your help.

Where do these HDA and AC'97 plug into? Also, do I need F Audio?

And my case comes with two built in fans. Where do I plug those? They have very large pins and nothing on my Mobo or PSU seem compatible.

Then there's the L shaped SATA cords. My LG DVD player has a small L shaped socket and a larger L shaped socket. It came with the small L (SATA) chord and I'm assuming that goes into the motherboard. Question is, do I use the GSATA (1 of 2) or the SATA port (1 of 6)?

Sorry, I know that's a lot to ask.


edit- I have an EP45-UD3R motherboard and a TX650 PSU
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i can help you with some of your questions......

sata devices, like your lg dvd drive, have 2 connectors. the larger one is power supply and get connected to a sata power cable from the psu. the smaller one is the data cable and is to be connected to the sata port of your motherboard. just use one of the 1-6 sata ports. the gsata ports are more suitable for connecting to e-sata adaptors, if you have any.

your psu obviously do not come with "molex" plugs, the large 4-pins power plug for older ide devices like ide hdd or ide dvd drives. so you'll need to buy sata-to-molex power adaptor cables from the pc shops for the case fans.

as for the audio cables, i'm not sure as i haven't built system for a while and these only exist for modern systems. but i presumed they are to be connected to the case. the f audio you're refering to, is that the front audio you're talking about? you know....modern cases have front audio, usb and firewire ports?
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hey thanks!

I have a better understanding now.

The manual says something about those two audio chords. I'll try and figure it out. I always glance over the manuals btw... it's just kinda jibberish until someone (like yourself) sheds some light.

So I connect the 2 fans to the "Sys Fan 1 (and 2)" ports on my mobo? They are both similar, but there's a 1 pin difference. Hopefully I can find those two converters.
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