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'new' build won't post

This is a discussion on 'new' build won't post within the Motherboards, Bios & CPU forums, part of the Tech Support Forum category. So I just ordered a new mobo BIOSTAR A880G+ . I have an old HP ProLiant ML115 case that I

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So I just ordered a new mobo BIOSTAR A880G+. I have an old HP ProLiant ML115 case that I wanted to put it in.
I also ordered some ddr3 mem and a new am3 socket proc. I assembled everything, hit the power button, and...nothing. I know the psu is good because I had to put the old build back together to post this. I also know the proc and mem are good. I'm thinking that it might have something to do with the front panel connector. The ProLiant has a 18 pin connector for it. The BIOSTAR only has a 16 pin connector. Would that be a problem? And I don't know if it makes a difference but there is a pin missing on both, only it's on the opposite side comparing the two. But both have it 3 pins back from the opposite side of where the power/reset pins are. Another thing is that when I had the new build together and plugged in the power cord, normally, the yellow HD light shines very bright, but it was very dull with the new build. Also, the last 2 slots (9 & 18) on the end of the cord coming from the ProLiant made it so I couldn't plug it into the BIOSTAR's connector. There were no wires in those slots so shaved it off. That shouldn't make any difference should it? Anyway, if the yellow HD standby light is coming on, if only dimly, that means it's getting some kind of power I suppose. And if the board is not DOA shouldn't at least the fan start to spin when I hit the power button? Or is the cord coming from the Proliant just not compatible with a 16 pin front panel connector and can't close the circuit for the board to power on? I was thinking maybe because the missing pin was on the opposite side of the two that maybe the power/reset where opposite as well. So I tried flipping the cord so the reset slots connected to the where I know from the BIOSTAR's manual the power pins are. Still nothing. I'm about to RMA the board unless you guys can tell what I'm missing. Thanks.
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This is a problem which often springs up when trying to update an OEM system with aftermarket parts. Your problem may well be associated with the non-standard wiring of the OEM case.

I suggest you take a step back and benchtest your new parts outside the case. This will tell you if the parts themselves are functional or not.


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Thanks for all the helpful advice. It was the connectors. I played with the pins for about 2 hours and everything is working correctly now. I never want to go through that again lol.
Thanks again!
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