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Motherboard going bad???

This is a discussion on Motherboard going bad??? within the Motherboards, Bios & CPU forums, part of the Tech Support Forum category. Hi I was wondering what is going on. I had a 450w PSU and everytime I would play bf3 pc

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Hi I was wondering what is going on. I had a 450w PSU and everytime I would play bf3 pc would crash. So I decided to upgrade my PSU to a corsair tx750w PSU.after installing the new 750w PSU I plugged in the computer and nothing started. No fans would spin or no lights. Like starting a car without a battery. Completely dead. I tried the same PSU on another pc and it worked fine. So I know it is not the PSU. The weird thing is that this happened 3 days ago. I messed with it today and it booted up and worked(I had it in another room now where my computer normally goes). Then after this happened I turned it of correctly and unplugged it and put it where it normally goes in my computer desk. Same problem again. It wouldn't start up again. Any suggestions.....

Specs are-
Amd Phenom II 940 quad @ 3.0
4 gb ddr2 patriot ram
Gtx 260 video card
Corsair tx 750w PSU
gigabyte m68m-s2 mother board
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Sounds like you got a PSU with an intermittent fault. I would return it for either a refund or an exchange.
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My System

Check the outlet that the PC plugs into. Was the other PC you tested in using the same outlet?

Check all power connections to the motherboard to make sure secure.
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Yea I checked the outlet. Both power supplies work fine. What is making me doubt is the fact that it turned on once.
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The other computers j have left the PSU connected for a while and they turn on perfectly.I was thinking maybe I short circuited the board when I installed the psu.
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Your old PSU was considerably underpowered and I'm guessing not very good quality so it may have done some damage.
Try removing the GTX 260 and use the Onboard graphics. If no joy, try using the old PSU with the Onboard Graphics.

All PC's are not the same. Posting your PC specs will help us to assist you quicker and effectively.
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