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Cpu fans get faster after monitor turns off

This is a discussion on Cpu fans get faster after monitor turns off within the Motherboards, Bios & CPU forums, part of the Tech Support Forum category. I have a DELL PowerEdge Server SC430 that a friend gave me. I installed XP SP3 on it and got

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OS: XPsp3, Windows 7 SP1

I have a DELL PowerEdge Server SC430 that a friend gave me. I installed XP SP3 on it and got it set up for my wife to replace her aging socket A computer. It had a Celeron D 2.53GHZ CPU and onboard graphics. The graphics were struggling to play YouTube Vids. I bought a PCI-E X1 to X16 adapter and a cheap Radeon X1300 to upgrade the Video. ( only has a X1 and X4 PCI-e slots that work) It still wasn't that great so I bought a Pentium D 945 3.4GHZ Cleaned the thermal paste off the heat sink and put new artic silver and installed it. Now it is a lot faster! The only thing now is I have the screen saver set for 10 min and 15 min to turn the monitor off. When the monitor turns off the CPU fan ramps up very loud. This did not do this with the Celeron. I checked the bios and ended up turning on SpeedStep and that helped some. That is weird , to have the fan speed up when the computer is basically idle. When the monitor is off I can wiggle the mouse and the screen comes back on the fan gets slower!
Any Ideas? I did see a used replacement heat sink has heat pipes and thin fins whereas the original on here is a big block of aluminum with fins. I have a Used heat pipe one and another fan on order to try to see if there is a difference.

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CPU fan increases in speed when more heat is detected. Did you properly apply the thermal paste?
Try another CPU heatsink/fan and see if it helps.


All PC's are not the same. Posting your PC specs will help us to assist you quicker and effectively.
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OS: XPsp3, Windows 7 SP1

Thanks for the reply, I have a newer heat-sink on order,And maybe a less noisy fan. I may have solved the problem,I changed the screensaver to a windows standard flower box and it is OK now after the monitor goes off.I know the fan is supposed to ramp up during heavy usage but not when it is idle. very strange. Also the 1GB ECC ddr2 memory runs a 533mhz but the new Pentium D 945 runs at 800mhz. Can this cause problems? I am thinking about getting so 800mh for it.

Dell PowerEdge SC430 P4 Prescott processor at up to 3.0GHz; Pentium® D processor
at up to 3.2GHz
Front side bus 533MHz or 800MHz
Cache Up to 2MB
Chipset Intel E7230
Memory 256MB/4GB2 DDR2-533MHz (single DIMM config)
I/O channels Five total: three PCI Express™ slots (1 x 8, 1 x 4, 1 x 1);
two PCI slots (32-bit/33MHz), 5v
Drive controller Embedded 4xSATA channels; optional Adaptec U320 (PCI)
RAID controller OS-Based RAID 0-1
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