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Xbox 360 running super slow, hardware or hardrive problem?

This is a discussion on Xbox 360 running super slow, hardware or hardrive problem? within the Console Gaming Support forums, part of the Tech Support Forum category. Xbox 360 running super slow, hardware or hardrive problem? So a couple months back my 360 got the RROD for

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Xbox 360 running super slow, hardware or hardrive problem?

So a couple months back my 360 got the RROD for the second time. First time I sent it to Microsoft and they fixed it. Well I didn't want to pay $110 dollars so I fixed it using the x-clamp method. After I repaired it my 360 wouldn't boot up with my hardive in, it just kept giving me a E68 error. So my friend gave me a 120 GB hardrive and presto, the hardrive was the problem. Anyway now the 360 runs slower than dirt.

Examples...It takes about two full minutes from the time I push the power button to make it to the 360 menu.

When I put a disc in it takes about a minute to make it to the main game screen.

It freezes a lot, when I push the xbox button on my controller its very delayed.

I can play games fine, I can play online fine, but like when I play a match on COD and the game ends, the time it takes to get back to the lobby its considerably longer than usual.

The RROD hasn't come back and I don't have any problems with overheating. Is this a hardware or a hardrive issue?
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try it without a hard drive to see if it helps.

If it does not change a thing without the hard drive, check the x-clamp if the mainboard is completly straight.

somtimes before the x-clamp is applied the mainboard is not straigt anymore due to the heat.

If so then the contacts are not that good anymore.

but first just try it out without the hard drive, or check the hard drive connectors for proper seating in the system.
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I checked the xbox with no hardrive in it and it works perfectly fine. The 120 GB hardrive my friend gave me came from a broken xbox that fell out of his backpack on the interstate when he was driving his motorcycle. I guess game stop told him the xbox was junk but the hardrive was still working.

I guess what threw me off was that after the xclamp fix my original hardrive didn't work and now this one stopped working, figured it must be a hardware issue.

Guess I need to find a cheap hd somewhere...
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Try and buy a new one since it seems you aren't having any luck with a used one.
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Hey all,

It may not be the hard-drive at fault here but I recommend you try another before considering what I have to say.

You may have somehow damaged the hard-drive interface whilst repairing your 360, which meant that it partly worked but not enough to play your 360. If this is the case, you may have to get it repaired by Microsoft or a certified xbox repair facility (e.g. shop).

I hope this helps,

Games & Articles Team

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